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Zombie Bran is a cereal that first appeared in "Cereal Offender". It was located at the Super Mart.

Lincoln saw a commercial for it and instantly wanted to get a box, but his mother told him about their tight budget. So, Lincoln offered to shop wisely and have extra money to buy it himself, to which Rita agreed.

Lincoln shopped as frugally as he could to save the money and have enough to get Zombie Bran, but by the time he was about to grab the last box they had, another kid who looked almost identical to him swiped the box from him and Lincoln chased him down to get it back. Thankfully, after a wild chase through the store, the manager kicked the lookalike out and his mother took the cereal away and Lincoln got it. However, when he revealed it to his sisters, they were displeased that he was getting a treat and tried to deny him of his cereal. When they got into a fight in the store, the manager took the box back and Lincoln left without it. Rita was most upset with her son and told him he couldn't have his cereal.

Feeling guilty for reckless behavior in the store and ruining their brother's chance, the girls all bought him a box of Zombie Bran to apologize for the way they acted. Lincoln was elated and started to have a cereal fight with them where they all acted like zombies.

The cereal also comes with raisins in a flavor that they call "Raisin the Dead". The box it comes in is shaped like a gravestone which fits the theme.


  • The "Raisin the Dead" flavor of the cereal is an obvious pun on "raising the dead".

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