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Willkommen bei den Louds (English: Welcome to the Louds) is the German dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 16, 2016 on Nickelodeon Germany.


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Germany Daniel Kirchberger
Lori Flag of Germany Katharina von Keller
Leni Flag of Germany Daniela Reidies
Luna Flag of Germany Angela Quast
Luan Flag of Germany Julia Fölster
Lynn Flag of Germany Daniela Reidies
Lucy Flag of Germany Arlette Stanschus
Lana Flag of Germany Chloë Lee Constantin
Lisa Flag of Germany Emily Seubert
Lily Flag of Germany ¿?
Clyde Flag of Germany Lotta Doll
Ronnie Anne
Lynn Sr. Flag of Germany Oliver Böttcher
Rita Flag of Germany ¿?
Bobby Flag of Germany Johannes Semm
Albert Flag of Germany Eberhard Haar

List of episodes


No. overall Episode Airdate
1 "The Loud House" (Pinkelpause!) November 8, 2016
2 "Slice of Life" (Ein Stück fürs Leben) November 6, 2016

Season 1

No. overall No. in season Episode Airdate
1a 1a "Left in the Dark" (Allein im Dunkeln) May 16, 2016
1b 1b "Get the Message" (Nachricht für dich) May 16, 2016
2a 2a "Heavy Meddle" (Der Schul-Rowdy) May 17, 2016
2b 2b "Making the Case" (Auf Trophäenjagd) May 17, 2016
3a 3a "Driving Miss Hazy" (Die Fahrprüfung) May 23, 2016
3b 3b "No Guts, No Glori" (Feldwebel Lori) May 24, 2016
4a 4a "The Sweet Spot" (Der Premiumplatz) May 20, 2016
4b 4b "A Tale of Two Tables" (Die Geschichte der zwei Tische) May 20, 2016
5a 5a "Project Loud House" (Das „Loud-House“-Projekt) May 19, 2016
5b 5b "In Tents Debate" (Die Urlaubs-Debatte) May 19, 2016
6a 6a "Sound of Silence" (Der Klang der Stille) June 2, 2016
6b 6b "Space Invader" (Der Eindringling) June 3, 2016
7a 7a "Picture Perfect" (Das perfekte Foto) May 25, 2016
7b 7b "Undie Pressure" (Der Unterhosen-Wettkampf) May 26, 2016
8a 8a "Linc or Swim" (Der Swimming-Pool) May 31, 2016
8b 8b "Changing the Baby" (Die Baby-Buhler) June 1, 2016
9a 9a "Overnight Success" (Der Übernachtungs-Besuch) June 7, 2016
9b 9b "Ties That Bind" (Familienbande) June 6, 2016
10a 10a "Hand-Me-Downer" (Das Secondhand-Fahrrad) May 27, 2016
10b 10b "Sleuth or Consequences" (Der Meisterdetektiv) May 30, 2016
11a 11a "Butterfly Effect" (Der Schmetterlings-Effekt) June 8, 2016
11b 11b "The Green House" (Das Öko-Haus) June 9, 2016
12a 12a "Along Came a Sister" (Im Netz der Schwestern) May 18, 2016
12b 12b "Chore and Peace" (Der Haushalts-Streik) May 18, 2016
13a 13a "For Bros About to Rock" (Für Jungs, die rocken wollen) October 17, 2016
13b 13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" (Ein echt, echt, echt lautes Haus) October 17, 2016
14a 14a "Toads and Tiaras" (Kröten und Diademe) October 18, 2016
14b 14b "Two Boys and a Baby" (Zwei Jungs und ein Baby) October 18, 2016
15a 15a "Cover Girls" (Einer für alle) October 19, 2016
15b 15b "Save the Date" (Rette dein Date) October 19, 2016
16a 16a "Attention Deficit" (Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit) October 20, 2016
16b 16b "Out on a Limo" (Die Limousinen-Fahrt) October 20, 2016
17a 17a "House Music" (Hausmusik) October 21, 2016
17b 17b "A Novel Idea" (Eine Idee wie aus dem Buch) October 21, 2016
18a 18a "April Fools Rules" (Die Aprilscherz-Königin) October 24, 2016
18b 18b "Cereal Offender" (Der Müsli-Rabauke) October 25, 2016
19a 19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" (Der Mädchen-Guru) October 26, 2016
19b 19b "Come Sale Away" (Alles muss raus!) October 27, 2016
20a 20a "Roughin' It" (Harte Jungs) October 28, 2016
20b 20b "The Waiting Game" (Das Geduldsspiel) October 31, 2016
21a 21a "The Loudest Yard" (Sport ist Mord) November 1, 2016
21b 21b "Raw Deal" (Die Karten lügen nicht) November 2, 2016
22a 22a "Dance, Dance Resolution" (Der turbulente Tanzball) November 3, 2016
22b 22b "A Fair to Remember" (Jahrmarkt der Eifersucht) November 4, 2016
23a 23a "One of the Boys" (Einer von den Jungs) November 7, 2016
23b 23b "A Tattler's Tale" (Die Tratsch-Tante) November 8, 2016
24a 24a "Funny Business" (Ein Clown für alle Fälle) November 9, 2016
24b 24b "Snow Bored" (Der Schneefrei-Horror) November 10, 2016
25a 25a "The Price of Admission" (Der Preis des Grauens) October 29, 2016
25b 25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" (Eine Grippe kommt selten allein) October 29, 2016
26a 26a "Study Muffin" (Der Nachhilfe-Lehrer) November 11, 2016
26b 26b "Homespun" (Vom Winde verweht) November 11, 2016

Season 2

No. overall No. in season Episode Airdate
27 1 "11 Louds a Leapin'" (Weihnachten bei den Louds) December 17, 2016
28a 2a "Intern for the Worse" (Der Praktikanten-Schreck) September 18, 2017
28b 2b "The Old and the Restless" (Alter Knochen, junger Hund) September 18, 2017
29a 3a "Baby Steps" (Das Baby-Training) September 19, 2017
29b 3b "Brawl in the Family" (Familien-Zwist) September 19, 2017
30a 4a "Suite and Sour" (Die Spa Hotel-Sause) / (Die Spa-Sause) September 20, 2017
30b 4b "Back in Black" (Liebesgrüße aus dem Sarg) / (Eine ganz normale Untote) September 20, 2017
31a 5a "Making the Grade" (Die Klassen-Streberin) / (Die Verwandlung der Lisa Loud) September 21, 2017
31b 5b "Vantastic Voyage" (Ein Van kommt selten allein) / (Ohne Van und aber) September 21, 2017
32a 6a "Patching Things Up" (Die Abzeichen-Jagd) / (Die Bluebell-Schwestern) September 22, 2017
32b 6b "Cheater by the Dozen" (Der Fremdgeher) / (Bobby geht fremd) September 22, 2017
33a 7a "Lock 'N Loud" (Hinter Schloss und Riegel) / (Keine Chance für Einbrecher) September 25, 2017
33b 7b "The Whole Picture" (Die Fotosession) / (Bitte recht freundlich) September 25, 2017
34a 8a "No Such Luck" (Der Unglücksrabe) September 26, 2017
34b 8b "Frog Wild" (Die Frosch-Befreiung) September 26, 2017
35a 9a "Kick the Bucket List" (Die Ferien-Liste) September 27, 2017
35b 9b "Party Down" (Die Party-Crasher) September 27, 2017
36a 10a "Fed Up" (Der Essens-Aufstand) September 28, 2017
36b 10b "Shell Shock" (Der Eierschalen-Schreck) September 28, 2017
37a 11a "Pulp Friction" (Die Comic-Helden) September 29, 2017
37b 11b "Pets Peeved" (Das Haustier-Komplott) September 29, 2017
38a 12a "Potty Mouth" (Lilys erstes Schimpfwort) October 2, 2017
38b 12b "L is For Love" (Der geheime Verehrer) October 2, 2017
39 13 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" (Familien-Chaos) October 3, 2017
40a 14a "Out of the Picture" (Bitte lächeln) October 3, 2017
40b 14b "Room with a Feud" (Der Zimmertausch) October 3, 2017
41a 15a "Back Out There" (Die Spaß-Therapie) October 3, 2017
41b 15b "Spell It Out" (Fauler Zauber) October 3, 2017
42a 16a "Fool's Paradise" (Das Streiche-Paradies) October 3, 2017
42b 16b "Job Insecurity" (Dads neuer Job) October 3, 2017
43a 17a "ARGGH! You For Real?"
43b 17b "Garage Banned"
44a 18a "Change of Heart" (Wo die Liebe hinfällt)
44b 18b "Health Kicked" (Der Gesundheits-Trip)
45a 19a "Future Tense" (Zukunftspläne)
45b 19b "Lynner Takes All" (Lynn gewinnt immer)

Theme song

Immer sprinten durch das Haus, (Always sprinting through the house,)
nichts als Mädels, welch ein Graus. (nothing but girls, what a horror.)
Auf ins Bad, die Zeit ist echt knapp. (To the bathroom, the time's really scarce.)
Wäscheberg, ich bin bereit, (laundry piles, I'm ready,)
Windeln stinken meilenweit, (diapers stink from miles,)
für den Jungen gar kein Problem, (no problem for the boy,)
ihr werdet sehen! (you will see!)
Bei den Louds! Bei den Louds! (At the Louds! At the Louds!)
Hin und her, drück und schieb, (Back and forth, push and shove,)
Mann, ich hab dich lieb! (man, I love you!)
Bei den Louds! Bei den Louds! (At the Louds! At the Louds!)
Ein Junge, zehn Schwestern, (One boy, ten sisters,)
Langeweile, das war gestern. (boredom, that was yesterday.)
Bei-den-Bei-den-Louds! (At-the! At-the-Louds!)


  • Daniel Kirchberger took Lincoln's role before hitting puberty.
  • Like in the English version, the twins Lana and Lola are voiced by a single actress, although unlike in English, she does not voice Lily.
  • In this dub, the ending theme song isn't dubbed, in fact, it stays instrumental.
  • This is the only non-English dub version broadcasted in more than one country along with Arabic and Latin American Spanish.
  • Info from this dub can be found on German Wikipedia or Deutsche Synchronkartei (German dubbing database).


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