Who Is Your Super Sidekick? is a quiz game.


What's your superpower?

-Super planning
-Shape shifting
-Super smarts
-Super speed

What inspires you?

-Ninja in a Lab Coat
-19050s Cool Dude
-A Rainbow
-Suave Detective

Pick a super vehicle:

-Toy sports car

What's your super weakness?

-Grouchy Neighbors

Who is your nemesis?

-Man Ray
-Derek Smalls
-Amanda Killman
-Wild Card Willy

Why do you fight crime?

-For friendship
-For science
-For justice
-For fame

Pick a super pet:


What is your costume color?


What is most useful in a fight?

-Positive attitude

Pick your crime-fighting accessory:

-Detachable body parts
-Victory undies
-Sandy's helmet
-Alvin's cap

Where do you battle?

-Skate park

What does the Mayor give you as thanks?

-Ice cream
-Stack of comics
-Lab equipment

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