S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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[Lincoln is in his room dressed like a cool biker gang member]
Lincoln: [talking to the viewers] You might be wondering who's the cool guy in the Loud House. It's me, Lincoln. And I can't wait to tell you why I have this stuff on, you see... [Lincoln is interrupted by Clyde]
Clyde: [on the walkie talkie] Lincoln are you ready to introduce yourself to the new girl today?
Lincoln: Or Clyde can tell you [On walkie talkie] that's formative all set, got my threads, [camera looks at temporary tattoo] got my temporary tatt, and a list of slang I got from a teen magazine.
Clyde: That's great buddy, but, do you really need all that? You're already cool. You jumped that puddle on your bike the other day.
Lincoln: Well the way she wears her bow in her hair, the new girl seems super cool. So I've gotta up my game.
Clyde: I hear ya, and you only get one chance to make a good first impression, if you blow this you'll have to wait for another girl to move to town, and who knows when that'll be.
Lincoln: Thank You for that added pressure.
Clyde: Don't mention it! So what's the plan?
Lincoln: I'm gonna catch her on the bus this morning so I can have some 1 on 1 time with her.
Clyde: Good thinking! You need a wingman?
Lincoln: Thanks, but there are some things a man must do alone.
Clyde: I get that, I said the same thing to my dads the first time I used a public restroom. Good luck buddy! [Gets off walkie-talkie]
Lincoln: [gets off walkie-talkie] And now I have just one less obstacle, to get out of the house before my sisters figure out what I'm up to. [tries to sneak out of the house but fails]
Sisters: [Off-screen] Hold it!
Lincoln: Hey, mornin' ladies.
Lisa: Did you really think we wouldn't notice that you're dressed like a stereotypical Hollywood representation of a 1950's greaser?
Lincoln: This is gel, not grease, and besides can't a guy wear something different to school for a change?
Luan: Not in this house.
Luna: What's the sitch, bro?
Lincoln: There is no sitch!
Clyde: [on the walkie-talkie] Lincoln? Come in! I thought of some topics for you to discuss with the new girl.
Sisters: New girl?!
Clyde: Like corn nuts, are they corn, or are they nuts? Discuss!
Lincoln: [in the walkie talkie] Not now Clyde, I've gotta call you back. [turns off walkie talkie]
Lori: So you thought you'd impress the new girl by wearing this?
Lincoln: No, no no no no! I don't need your help. I've got it all planned out. [backs up and smashes into Lola]
Lola: Lincoln.
Lincoln: No, I'm sure you have your own plan and want to tell me what to do. But the last time I took your advice I got a black eye. [flashback to "Heavy Meddle" where Lincoln gets punched by Ronnie Anne]
Leni: But, Lincoln!
Lincoln: No I've only got one chance to make a good first impression, and I want to do it my way!
Sisters: Lincoln!
Lincoln: Look, free pizza!
[Lincoln runs off to the forest were there is a bunny habitat]
Lincoln: Whew! Hope I didn't stink up the jacket. I'll hide here until the bus comes. [Looks at bunny] Hey there little guy! [Counts the rabbits] 23, 24, 25! [To the viewers] Man, that's a lot of sisters, I can't even imagine what that would be like.
Lynn: [Off-screen] Hey Lincoln!
[Lincoln gets startled by this and jumps up, hitting a branch causing him to fall unconscious]

[Lincoln, Now as a rabbit sneaks up to the door, only to fail once again]
Rabbit Sisters: [Off-Screen] Hold it!
Warren: Hey, mornin' ladies.
Nerdy Rabbit: Why are you dressed like a hoodlum from the wrong side of the forest?
Bippa: Yeah, what's the sitch?
Warren: There is no sitch!
Danny: [on the walkie talkie] Warren, I 've come up with some topics for you to discuss with the new girl.
Rabbit Sisters: New Girl?!
Danny: [on the walkie talkie] Butter lettuce. Is it butter, or is it lettuce? Discuss!
Warren: Danny, I'll call you back. [turns of walkie talkie]
Betty: Tell us everything about her.
Warren: There's nothing to tell Betty. It's a just new girl at school.
Brenda: I hate her already.
Warren: You don't even know her, Brenda.
Cupid Rabbit: Neither do you, that's why we're helping. Ohhh I love matchmaking!
Bella: What's the use? Life's just an endless stretch of misery. Occasionally brightened by despair.
Peace Rabbit: I think your Chakras need some like realignment, Bella.
Bianca: [Paints a picture] Look guys, I captured the moment in oils, I call it "Portrait of a clueless boy being saved by his Sisters".
Warren: [Pushes his sisters back] Guys, I don't need your help!
[Warren gets a text from Bridget saying "YES YOU DO!"]
Warren: No I don't, Bridget!
Nerdy Rabbit: Yes you do, by my calculations, the chances of you successfully chording said new girl without our help are an abysmal 25 to 1.
Warren: Yeah, I'm quite used to those odds.
Brooke: [in a state of panic] But what if your plan doesn't work!? What if you ruined your chance to make a good first impression?! What if you grow old and alone?! What if I grow old and alone?! What if the world ends tomorrow?! What if... [Interrupted by Warren]
Warren: Guys, I'm running out of time! Now if you excuse me, I'm leaving.
Bippa: Oh yeah, mate? And just 'ow do you plan on gettin' past the 25 of us?
Warren: Well I plan to... Run!
Betty: Get him!
Guitarist Rabbit: This calls for some chase music!
List Rabbit: [Checks her list] I didn't have this on my to-do list for the day, but what the heck?
Megaphone Rabbit: Warren, you stop running this instant or I'm telling Mom!
Warren: Look! Shiny object!
Pink dress Rabbit: [confused] Oooo where? Huh.
[Betty tries to grab Warren, but missed]
Betty: Grab him, Beth!
Beth: Huh, what? [snoring]
[Bailey blows her whistle]'
Bailey: Ugh! Beth, get in the game!
Beth: Go... [Falls back to sleep on the couch]
[Warren heads for the door, when suddenly...]
Cowgirl Rabbit: Yee-haw! Rope them doggies!
[She twirls her lasso, catches Warren before he could escape and hogties him]
Bertha: Gotcha! [Starts to bench press him]
Warren: Put me down, Bertha!
[Bertha carries Warren back and drops him on the floor]
Bebe: What a hare-rasing development! [Laughs] Get it?
[The rabbit sisters groan]

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