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Una casa de locos (English: A House of Crazies) is the European Spanish dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered in Spain on Nickelodeon Spain on May 16, 2016.


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Spain Silvia Gómez
Lori Flag of Spain Lourdes Fabrés
Leni Flag of Spain Yolanda Gispert
Luna Flag of Spain Marta Estrada
Luan Flag of Spain María Romeu
Lynn Flag of Spain Ana Romano
Lana Flag of Spain Ana María Camps
Lisa Flag of Spain Carmen Ambrós
Lily Flag of Spain Ana María Camps
Clyde Flag of Spain Julia Chalmeta
Rita Flag of Spain Marta Estrada
Lynn Sr. Flag of Spain Francesc Góngora
Harold Flag of Spain Toni Astigarraga
Bobby Flag of Spain Francesc Góngora
Ronnie Anne Flag of Spain María Romeu



  • Since Nickelodeon Spain shares feed with Portugal, the titles aren't translated and the dub cast isn't accredited on screen.
  • When the dub premiered in 2016, only half of the first season was premiered that year. The premiere from the remaining episodes was delayed one year.
  • The dub is produced in both Madrid and Barcelona. The songs were recorded in Madrid.
  • The Spanish title of the series, translates to "a house of crazies". This makes sense, considering the house itself is a bit on the crazy side.
  • Althrough the title in Spanish, the surname Loud isn't translated to "Loco/Loca".
  •, a Spanish database of voice actors, has a more in-depth list.
  • Like in the original version, Lynn and Lucy are voiced by the same actress (Ana Romano), and Lana, Lola and Lily are too (Ana María Camps).
  • Lynn Sr. and Bobby are voiced by the same actor, like in the Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Malay, and Greek dubs.
  • As its a common thing, this one like other Nickelodeon shows are also broadcasted on Neox Kidz (children's strand from Neox, youth-oriented series channel from Atresmedia Televisión).

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