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The Twin Sisters from "Raw Deal" are unnamed minor characters in The Loud House.


They disliked Lynn when she was cutting in line, and told her "Back of the line, sister".


Both girls have blonde hair, lavender sweaters, purple skirts, with square patterns on them, purple shoes, and white socks worn high. The one on the left is wearing a bunny logo sweater, with her hair more open, so you can see her forehead. The other one on the right is wearing a kitten/cat logo sweater, with her hair more closed, which makes it hard to see her forehead.


  • Liliana Mumy and Lara Jill Miller (the twin sisters voice actresses) also provide the main voices of Leni and Lisa.
  • Like Lana and Lola, they are both blonde, and they are both twins.
  • Their mother has a different hair color.                 
  • Their hair resembles Leni's, as well as Lola's.
  • They resemble Sherri and Terri Mackleberry from The Simpsons.

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