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Trashy is a minor character in The Loud House. He's a monster made of garbage, and he first appears in "Chore and Peace", where he was created when the Loud's trash fused with Lisa's chemicals.


S1E12B introducing Trashy

Trashy before his growth.

Trashy is a big monster composed basically of all the accumulated trash of the Loud family. He is dark green, his eyes are yellow with black pupils, and he has a big mouth. He has two arms but no legs, and attached to his body he has some of Lily's feeding bottles, and a flower pot.

Before becoming bigger and stronger, Trashy was smaller with a prominent front tooth.


  • He has some similar characteristics with Muk and Garbodor, two foul smelling Poison-type Pokémon that consist of rotten materials, such as sludge and filth.
  • The gas and trash monsters that appear in the mini-comic "Deuces Wild!" resemble him.
  • He resembles The Appetizer from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Squilliam Returns."
  • His Latin American name is "Basu".
  • He has feelings, like when he was worried because Lily was lost.

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