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"Ties That Bind" is the eighteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln overhears his parents having a conversation, and mistakenly believes that they're planning to get rid of him and his sisters.


One typical Saturday morning at the Loud House, in which Lincoln maneuvers and dodges his sisters' destructive antics on his way to the bathroom, he hears his parents having an argument through the air vent. His mother is demanding that her husband get rid of "all eleven" by tomorrow for garbage day. Lincoln, believing that she's talking about him and his sisters, and runs out of the bathroom to tell them. What he doesn't know is that Mom is really telling Dad to get rid of his collection of novelty neckties, even though he loves ties.

The girls refuse to believe him, believing it to be paranoia, only to become convinced when Lincoln brings Lori into the bathroom, and has her listen to the argument out of context. Believing their wild and crazy natures are to blame, they decide to work together, give up their vices and clean the house up. Afterward, they hear their parents again through the vent, and it appears that Mom has decides that she won't get rid of them all...instead, she will only let Dad keep one. As they decide which ones to get rid of, they single the kids out one by one until it apparently leaves Lincoln as the one they'll keep.

S1E09B There's nothing wrong with his white hair!

The girls angrily defend Lincoln from his parents, thinking he is getting kicked out

Lincoln is ecstatic that he'll finally get to be an only child, much to his sisters' offense. As they leave to pack up their things, Lincoln hears Dad saying that he'll get rid of "the one with the white hair" (in reality, it's a "white hare" tie from Easter). Believing that he's getting kicked out, Lincoln sadly goes to pack up his belongings and prepares to give his sisters his most prized possessions.

Feeling sorry for their brother, the girls decide to confront their parents about the issue. When they go into their parents' room, the kids finally find out that they were really talking about ties. They confess to their parents them about their assumptions, and they reassure their children that they wouldn't think of getting rid of them. The next Saturday, Lincoln and his sisters resume their usual antics, having learned never to eavesdrop again. However, when Lincoln hears his father complaining about his wife having "a bun in the oven", he assumes the worst, and runs out to tell his sisters (not knowing that Dad meant it literally, as he can only eat gluten-free foods).



  • After "Picture Perfect"
  • Before "Homespun"
  • Saturday
    • 8:00 AM: Lincoln talks to his sisters about their parents getting rid of all of them.
    • 8:45 AM: Leni give Lori's shirt back to her.
    • 12:15 PM: Lincoln and her sisters enter their parents' room.
  • Next Saturday
  • The family portrait from "Picture Perfect" appears in Lincoln's imagination sequence.
    • This could mean that this episode takes place after the events of "Picture Perfect".
  • This episode shows how Leni is truly accepting of Lincoln's white hair, making their relationship even closer.
    • In "Homespun", the siblings mentioned a hole in the bathroom, so they didn't need an air vent to hear their parents. However, it's possible it didn't form until after this episode. It could be possible that "Ties That Bind" takes place before "Homespun".
  • When Rita says they have 10 children instead of 11, and Dad reminds her, she said nervously, "Yep, right". This would suggest that not all eleven Loud children are the biological kids of her and her husband--meaning that that at least one of their kids was adopted. However, it's also possible that she might have been counting the twins birth as one instead of two by mistake.
  • At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Lynn Sr. can only eat gluten-free foods. This suggests that he has a gluten-intolerance, which prevents people from eating foods with gluten in them.
  • Luan spends much of the episode dressed like a mime, and doesn't speak a word after she puts away Mr. Coconuts, but she speaks at the end of the episode (also having gotten Mr. Coconuts back, and she's back in her regular clothes).
  • This is the first time Luan is wearing pants.
  • This is the second time where someone (Rita) say that there are only 10 kids. (The first was Leni in "Linc or Swim").
  • This episode marks the first time we see Leni wear something other than a dress.
  • Clyde only appears in Lincoln's "only child" fantasy.
  • This episode rarely broadcasts in the Philippines.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Loud's descriptions of the former's ties which relates to something about each of their children:
    • Lincoln - The one with the white hair
    • Lori - The first one
    • Leni - The dumb one
    • Luna - The musical one
    • Luan - The funny one
    • Lynn - The one with the hockey sticks
    • Lucy - The dark one
    • Lana - The filthy one
    • Lola - The pink one
    • Lisa - The gifted one
    • Lily - The littlest one
  • Lisa's only individual line in the whole episode is "I believe it leaves you with Lincoln. But what do I know? I'm just the gifted one."
    • However, she does say "We are!" with the rest of her sisters and can be heard gasping in some scenes.
  • Innuendos: Lori finds out Leni is wearing one of her shirts, and angrily demands her to take it off. Leni responds she can't, as there are boys present. The only "boy" present is Mr. Coconuts, who raises its eyebrows causing Luan to cover its eyes.
    • Lynn Sr. talks about getting rid of "the one with the white hair" which he doesn't even know if it's his. He's actually talking about a tie, but Lincoln thinks he's talking about him.
  • Moral:
    • Don't eavesdrop on the conversation of others.
    • Never jump to conclusions.
    • Ask a question before you react.


  • Ties That Bind - The title is based on the 2015 show of the same name.
  • ABBA - Dad's musical tie plays a tune similar to the band's song "Dancing Queen".
  • The Lion King - The scene of Lincoln walking down the hallway with a large, transparent image of him superimposed over the shot parodies the 1994 film.
  • The Powerpuff Girls - The premise of this episode is similar to the episode "Little Miss Interprets", where Bubbles mistakenly assumes that the Professor is planning on getting rid of the girls.
    • Chris Savino was also a staff member (and showrunner for seasons 5 and 6) on the aforementioned show, writing, storyboarding, and directing a couple of episodes.
  • Muppet Babies - This is also similar to an episode of this show "Eight Take Away One Equals Panic".
  • Calvin Harris - The song that plays while the siblings are acting well-behaved is similar to his song "Feel So Close".


S1E09B It was all a misunderstanding
  • Lisa says that the only one left was Lincoln to stay in the house after Mr. and Mrs. Loud explained who to keep and who to toss. However, they also left out Lori, as they didn't say anything about a tie that is equal to her, yet Lisa did say I believe that leaves us with Lincoln, but what do I know? I'm just the gifted one.
    • However, Rita said earlier that she didn't like the "first one", when Lori was listening in on their conversation, when she didn't believe Lincoln at first. When she heard it, she was scared and crushed.
  • The kids could hear their parents speaking normally, but the parents couldn't hear the kids.
  • In "Picture Perfect", the family portrait's picture frame was gold, but in this episode, the picture frame is brown.
    • It's possible that they bought a new frame as a replacement.
  • In the scene where Lincoln and his sisters find out that Rita and Lynn Sr. were talking about their ties, Rita's lipstick isn't shown.
  • When Lincoln was in the kitchen the clock said it was 5:00 PM, but later when every child go to the parents room, the clock says 12:15 PM.
  • Lincoln is surprised that Lola can read, yet in "No Guts, No Glori" she was able to read Lincoln's note.
  • In this episode, Rita and Lynn Sr. state that they will never kick out any of the children. However, they kick out Lincoln when they believe he is bad luck in "No Such Luck".
  • In one scene, Luan was as tall as Lynn.

Running Gags

  • The siblings listening to their parents' conversation through the air vents.
  • The parents talking about ties, while the siblings think that they are talking about them.
  • Luan being a mime.