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The Yates Family is a family in The Loud House, that will make their first appearance in the upcoming episode, "Future Tense".

About the family

Not much is known about the family (due to their premier episode not airing yet), but Rita and Lynn Sr. are aware of how successful the Yates children are, and fear that their own children aren't doing many activities that will lead to a more successful future.

Family members

  • Jancey
  • Beau
  • Beatrix
  • Belle
  • Beau Jr.
  • Bumper Yates Sr.


  • Like the Loud family and Casagrande family, each member of the Yates family have names that start with the same letter. In this case, it's the letter "B".
    • The Dream Boat also shares this fact, as all the love interests on that show have names that start with "B".
    • This could allude to the fact that in the original pitch for the series, Lincoln was going to be a rabbit named Warren, and have 25 sisters, whose names all start with "B".
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