The Latin American Spanish dub of The Loud House retains the original name in English. This dub is managed by SDI Media Mexico (the same studio where other Nickelodeon shows are dubbed, like Game Shakers and School of Rock).


The series premiered on Nickelodeon Latin America on all three of its feeds on May 16, 2016, two weeks after its premiere in the United States.

The dub was advertised on the Latin American MundoNick site prior to its premiere.

Opening theme song

El pasillo hay que cruzar (Got to cross the hallway)
A las niñas esquivar (Got to dodge the girls)
Si al baño quiero llegar (If I want to get to the bathroom)
Ropa sucia hay que saltar (Got to jump over dirty clothes)
Los pañales huelen mal (Diapers that smell bad)
Sobrevivir requiere agilidad (Surviving takes agility)
¡Esto es Loud House! ¡Esto es Loud House! (This is Loud House! This is Loud House!)
Con un choque o empujón demostramos nuestro amor (With a crash or a shove, we show our love)
¡Esto es Loud House! ¡Esto es Loud House! (This is Loud House! This is Loud House!)
Un chico, diez chicas, jamas lo cambiaría (One boy, ten girls, I would never change it)
¡Loud! ¡House!, ¡Loud!, ¡Loud House!
Lily: Poopoo!

The theme was performed by Luis Leonardo Suárez. Gaby Cardenas is the musical director.

Closing theme song

Poco espacio y tantos hay, pero no está del todo mal (Little space and there are so many, but it's not that bad at all)
¡Esto es Loud House! ¡Esto es Loud House! (This is Loud House! This is Loud House!)
Con un choque o empujón demostramos nuestro amor (With a crash or a shove, we show our love)
¡Esto es Loud House! ¡Esto es Loud House! (This is Loud House! This is Loud House!)
Tanto hay que lavar, ropa que era de alguien más (So much to wash, clothes that were from someone else)
Para el baño fila hacer, privacía, ¿eso qué es? (Wait in line to use the bathroom, privacy, what's that?)
Once chicos es el caos, siempre es y así será, ¡esto es Loud House! (Eleven kids is chaos, it always is and that's how it will be, this is Loud House!)


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Mexico José Luis Piedra
Lori Flag of Mexico Fernanda Robles
Leni Flag of Mexico Lupita Leal
Luna Flag of Mexico Alicia Barragán
Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara (Dance, Dance Resolution)
Luan Flag of Mexico Leyla Rangel
Lynn Flag of Mexico Monserrat Mendoza
Lucy Flag of Mexico Mireya Mendoza
Lana Flag of Mexico Karen Vallejo
Lisa Flag of Mexico Alondra Hidalgo
Lily Flag of Mexico Abril Gómez (Season 1)
Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara (Season 2)
Clyde Flag of Mexico Emilio Treviño
Lynn Sr. (Papá) Flag of Mexico César Garduza
Rita (Mamá) Flag of Mexico Cecilia Gómez
Bobby Flag of Mexico Víctor Ugarte
Ronnie Anne Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara
Howard Flag of Mexico Miguel Ángel Ruíz
Harold Flag of Mexico Tomás González
Agnes Johnson Flag of Mexico Rebeca Patiño
Sr. Quejón Flag of Mexico Alberto Bernal
Chunk Flag of Mexico Erick Selim
Liam Flag of Mexico Alejandría de los Santos (Overnight Success)
Flag of Mexico Laura Torres (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru onwards)
Zach Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara (Overnight Success)
Flag of Mexico Miguel Ángel Ruíz (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru onwards)
Rusty Spokes Flag of Mexico Analiz Sánchez
Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru, Dance, Dance Resolution)
Flip Flag of Mexico José Antonio Macías
Hunter Spector
Additional voices Flag of Mexico Betzabé Jara
Flag of Mexico Emiliano Ugarte
Flag of Mexico Maggie Vera
Flag of Mexico Laura Torres
Flag of Mexico Miguel Ángel Ruíz
Flag of Mexico Alfredo Gabriel Basurto
Flag of Mexico Salvador Reyes
Flag of Mexico José Antonio Macías
Flag of Mexico Pedro D'Aguillón Jr.
Flag of Mexico Alejandro Villeli
Voice-over Flag of Mexico Oscar Garibay


  • The dub is also shown on Nickelodeon USA via SAP (Second Audio Program), and on The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House DVD, as a language option, along with the French dub.
  • Rarely, in the end credits, the Brazilian Portuguese dub credits are shown on screen, despite the series being broadcasted in Spanish language (both TV and This is also happening in other shows on Nickelodeon Latin America (and other Viacom channels like Nick Jr., MTV, Comedy Central, and Telefe).
    • From now on (2017), starting with Bunsen Is a Beast, Nickelodeon Latin America will start accrediting all of its dubs (rarely shown simultaneously with Brazilian dub credits). Possibly, they would start accrediting for this series starting from Season 3.
  • Like in the original version, Lincoln is voiced by a child, and all of his sisters are voiced by professional voice actress.
    • Along with Filip Rogowski (Polish), Guy Reifman (Hebrew), Balázs Ács (Hungarian) and Matěj Macháček (Czech), José Luis Piedra is one of the only kids (according to the known info about the dubs) who voices Lincoln Loud in different languages.
      • José Luis Piedra is hitting puberty on Season 2.
    • Like in the original version, the twins Lana and Lola are voiced by a single actress. However, unlike the American version, she does not voice Lily.
    • Lynn and Lucy are dubbed by actresses with the same surname (Monserrat and Mireya Mendoza), but they're not related.
  • "Overnight Success" premiered in Latin America 20 days before its United States premiere.
  • In some episodes, Lily's crying and other sounds are left in English. Notably, in "Come Sale Away", the scene after Lincoln dismisses having accidentally sold Lily's blanket, has her saying Lincoln malo, ¡quiero mi mantita! (Bad Lincoln, I want my blankie!) instead of merely babbling as in the English version.
  • Like in Polish, Hebrew, Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese dubs, there were small voice changes in some characters.
  • Lily's "Poo poo" line isn't dubbed in the intro on Season 1, but in Season 2, it already does.
  • The Dutch Oven is named in this dub "Horno danés" (Danish oven), which doesn't make sense.
  • Although this series dub is produced in Mexico, some other Nickelodeon and Nicktoons shows dubs for Latin America are produced in Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, and the United States (technically in Miami, Florida).
    • This is the only non-English dub version broadcasted in more than one country along with Arabic and German.
    • This non-English dub version is broadcasted in the biggest number of countries.
  • You can find more info about this dub on Doblaje Wiki (spanish).