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The Loud Family (or Louds) is composed of the main characters of the show.

Family members



Other Relatives (Lynn Sr.'s side)

Other Relatives (Rita's side)

Other Family members



Character Inspirations

  • Lincoln - Chris Savino himself, and the street he grew up on as a child
  • Lori - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Leni - Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men
    • Leni is the only one that was not based on Savino or anyone associated with him.
  • Luna - One of Chris Savino's two pet dachshunds
  • Luan - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lynn - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lucy - Chris Savino's daughter
  • Lana - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lola - One of Chris Savino's two pet dachshunds
  • Lisa - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lily - Chris Savino's daughter

About the Family

  • Each of the Loud siblings have a specific color which identifies them:
    • Lincoln - Orange
    • Lori - Light blue
    • Leni - Turquoise
    • Luna - Purple
    • Luan - Yellow
    • Lynn - Red
    • Lucy - Black
    • Lana - Blue
    • Lola - Pink
    • Lisa - Green
    • Lily - Lavender
  • Each of the Loud siblings has their own running gag:
    • Lincoln - Breaking the fourth wall in almost every episode.
    • Lori - Saying the word "literally".
    • Leni - Having dumb moments.
    • Luna - Making song and music references.
    • Luan - Telling bad jokes.
    • Lynn - Practicing sports.
    • Lucy - Popping out from nowhere and scaring someone.
    • Lana - Doing gross things.
    • Lola - Threatening someone.
    • Lisa - Doing strange experiments and creating new inventions.
    • Lily - Pooping in her diaper.
  • Each of the Loud siblings has their own hobbies and tastes (aside from helping each other and being together):
    • Lincoln - Reading comic books, playing video games, and creating plans.
    • Lori - Texting, spending time with her boyfriend, and being bossy (sometimes).
    • Leni - Everything related with fashion, like designing new outfits.
    • Luna - Everything related with music (specially rock).
    • Luan - Everything related with comedy (telling jokes, being a clown, making funny videos, etc.).
    • Lynn - Practicing any type of sport like football, basketball, baseball, etc.
    • Lucy - Writing poems and reading gothic novels.
    • Lana - Doing tomboyish activities (like playing with mud and animals) and working as a plumber.
    • Lola - Doing feminine activities (like make-up), participating in beauty pageants, and scheming plans.
    • Lisa - Making experiments, doing mathematics problems, and studying science.
    • Lily - Being naked, pooping her diaper, and playing with some of her siblings.
  • Each of the Loud family's main pets are named after a famous cartoonist:
    • Charles - Charles M. Schultz
    • Cliff - Cliff Sterrett
    • Geo - Geo McManus
    • Walt - Walt Kelly / Walt Disney
  • Siblings who used to be middle children: Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn. Lincoln is the current middle child.
  • Siblings with bean-shaped heads: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn.
  • Siblings with round heads: Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, Lily. Lori used to have a round head.
  • Siblings who can drive a car:
  • Siblings attatched to inamimate objects like to real people:
  • The Loud parents were the only adults in Season 1 whose faces were never shown. Their faces are later revealed in Season 2, though there are a few episodes in the first few episodes of Season 2 where they are still hidden.
  • Rita is the only family member whose first name does not begin with "L".
  • The Loud Family is also a name of a power pop band active in the years 1991–2006.
  • So far, only the Loud siblings have alternate versions of themselves.


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