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The Loud House The Loud Family

The Loud Family (or Louds) is composed of the main characters of the show.

In the Polish version they are named "Harmidomskis", meaning "Noise House".

Family members



Other Louds



Character Inspirations

  • Lincoln - Chris Savino himself, and the street he grew up on as a child
  • Lori - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Leni - Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men
  • Luna - One of Chris Savino's two pet dachshunds
  • Luan - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lynn - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lucy - Chris Savino's daughter
  • Lana - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lola - One of Chris Savino's two pet dachshunds
  • Lisa - One of Chris Savino's five sisters
  • Lily - Chris Savino's daughter

About the Family

  • Each of the Loud siblings have a specific color which identifies them:
    • Lincoln - Orange
    • Lori - Light blue
    • Leni - Turquoise
    • Luna - Purple
    • Luan - Yellow
    • Lynn - Red
    • Lucy - Black
    • Lana - Blue
    • Lola - Pink
    • Lisa - Green
    • Lily - Lavender
  • Also, each of the Loud siblings has their own running gag:
    • Lincoln - Breaking the fourth wall in almost each episode.
    • Lori - Saying the word "literally".
    • Leni - Having dumb moments.
    • Luna - Making song and music references.
    • Luan - Telling bad jokes.
    • Lynn - Practicing sports.
    • Lucy - Popping out from nowhere and scaring someone.
    • Lana - Doing gross things.
    • Lola - Threatening someone.
    • Lisa - Doing strange experiments and creating new inventions.
    • Lily - Pooping in her diaper. 
  • Each of the Loud siblings has their own hobbies and tastes (aside from helping each other and stay together):
    • Lincoln - Reading comic books, playing videogames, creating plans.
    • Lori - Texting, spending time with her boyfriend, being bossy (sometimes).
    • Leni - Everything related with fashion, like designing new outfits.
    • Luna - Everything related with music (specially rock genre).
    • Luan - Everything related with comedy (that include telling jokes, being a clown, making funny videos).
    • Lynn - Practicing any type of sport like football, basketball, baseball, etc.
    • Lucy - Writing poems, reading gothic novels.
    • Lana - Doing tomboyish activities, like playing with mud and animals, working as a plumber.
    • Lola - Doing feminine activities like making up, and participating in beauty pageants, scheming plans.
    • Lisa - Making experiments, doing mathematics problems, studying science.
    • Lily - Being naked, pooping her diaper, playing with some of her siblings. 
  • The Loud parents are the only adults in Season One whose faces are never shown. Their faces are later revealed in Season Two.
  • Rita is the only Loud member whose name doesn't begin with "L".
  • All the Loud pets are named after a famous cartoonist:
    • Charles - Charles M. Schultz
    • Cliff - Cliff Sterrett
    • Geo - Geo McManus
    • Walt - Walt Kelly
  • So far only the Loud siblings have two alternate versions of themselves: Linka and the Loud Brothers, and Ace Savvy and the Full House Gang.


NOTE: This gallery is for pictures of all members of the family. Pictures of them individually belong in their respective galleries.


Behind the Scenes

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