The Chortle Portal is a comedy club located in Royal Woods. So far, it only appeared in the episode "No Laughing Matter", as Luan was having a comedy gig there.


The Chortle Portal is a comedy club where it was hosting a junior comedian contest on Saturday. Luan was eager to attend, but when she overheard her siblings complaining how annoying she can be with her jokes, she decided to forfeit from the contest, and give up comedy altogether. The other siblings, shocked at this revelation, decided they needed to make Luan get back into comedy. When two of their plans didn't work, Lincoln suggested in participating in the contest. However, he screwed up most of the punchlines, and Luan, who was watching with the remaining sisters, was unable to take anymore of Lincoln's slip-ups, and decided to go onstage, and correct Lincoln's mistakes. Suddenly, the audience begins laughing, meaning that Luan's humor is funny. Realizing that she is funny, Luan decides to do her comedy routine, which is met with overwhelming success, and results in her winning the contest.


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