S2E1 The Loud House Characters Cast Singing

That's What Christmas is All About is a song sung by the the Louds and the McBrides in the episode "11 Louds a Leapin'". It was sung to lift Mr. Grouse's spirit, since he's always grouchy during the holiday season. The song's instrumental version is heard over the end credits for the episode.


I used to think that Christmas was
About the wish list filled with stuff
I never really needed, anyway
But as long as we're together, it's a holiday
It's not what you get, it's what you give
We've got the spirit, clear and loud
Ditch the list, hug who you're with
'Cause that's what Christmas is all about!
It's what you give, not what you get
We've got the hard part figured out
This year will be the best one yet
'Cause that's what Christmas is all about!
Merry Christmas from the Louds!


  • An instrumental version of this song plays in the end credits of the episode, with a special winter themed background, instead of the show's usual end credits.