Sunset Canyon Retirement Home is a nursing home located in Royal Woods. It is the current residence of the Loud siblings' maternal grandfather Albert.


It first appeared in the Season 2 episode "The Old and the Restless". Lincoln came to visit Pop-Pop, and he finds out that it is run by the overly strict nurse, Sue. She sets up really strict rules for the home's residents, and she has a curfew, in which if they are outside after 6 o'clock, they get kicked out.

When Lincoln and Albert go out for a fun day together, they hurry back only to find that they're too late, and Sue has already locked up. But Albert's friends refuse to let him get kicked out, and Sue reluctantly lets Albert stay, and stops treating the others like little kids, letting them do what they want around the home.

In "Insta-gran," Albert's latest love interest Myrtle becomes an inhabitant here.

In "Fool Me Twice," Luan was entertaining the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home inhabitants at the time when the rest of the Loud family were coming up with a plan to not get her April Fools' Day pranks on them.




  • The rule in which a resident can get kicked out of the nursing home for missing the 6:00 curfew is very unrealistic. In real life, residents are forced to stay in the nursing home and if they miss their curfew, they will be taken back.
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