Not to be confused with Snow Way Out.
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"Snow Way Down" is the forty-eighth episode of the second season and the one-hundredth episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln goes on vacation with Clyde, he realizes just how overprotective Clyde's dads are.


Lincoln, Clyde and his dads are on the road going on winter vacation. Lincoln explains to the viewers how excited he is for going with the McBrides to their snow cabin. When they past the Ramp of Insanity, Lincoln asks if the can go there. Howard faints and Harold tells both Lincoln and Clyde that going on that ramp is forbidden. During the trip, Lincoln gets an inside look into how overprotective Clyde's dads are when trying to have fun with Clyde. Such as,

  • Clearing the snow before Lincoln can rush out of their SUV to prevent them from slipping on the ice.
  • Polishing the cabin's wooden floors to keep them from getting splinters.
  • Dress them up in warmer winter clothes so neither of them don't get frostbite.
  • Tying trees to mattresses, wrapping the boys in bubble wrap and asked the groundskeeper to level the hillside to prevent the risk of breaking their necks while sledding.
  • Getting in between them during a snow ball fight so they don't end up in the hospital due to an ice ball to their heads.
  • Serving them cold hot chocolate so they don't scald the roofs of their mouths.

Lincoln tries to tell him about how overprotective his parents are, but Clyde reassures that they mean well and are looking out for him. After Lincoln points out that he's wearing a seat belt on the couch, Clyde realizes they have been going too far and stands up to them, telling them that he can take care of himself and they don't have to worry about him. They both agree to let go a little and Lincoln and Clyde go sledding. However, they discover Clyde's dads rigged their sled to latch a grappling hook onto the hill after Harold pushed a button. Clyde calls out his dads for what they said about letting go. Harold and Howard claim that they aren't there yet and don't think he's ready to face the world on his own.

The following morning, Lincoln wakes up after hearing Howard screaming. After finding both of Clyde's dads in shock, they explain that Clyde left a letter about him going to the Ramp of Insanity to prove himself. Lincoln discovers that it's his fault because of encouraging Clyde to stand up for himself. After apologizing over his actions, Lincoln tries calling for Clyde using his walkie-talkie, only to find his walkie-talkie left in his room and they assume that Clyde had left to the ramp already.

They hurry to the ramp and find him on the very top. They climb all the way to him, only to discover they had mistaken a sign for Clyde, meaning that he was never there and become trapped once the ladder breaks apart. Clyde calls in on his walkie-talkie, explaining he decided against it when he realized it was too dangerous. His dads and Lincoln tell him where they are, Clyde arrives at the ramp and uses the grappling hook to climb to the top of the ramp to rescue them. They then use his sled to ride the ramp as it starts falling apart and Clyde uses a parachute to help them land on the ground safely. An idea that he got from his dads.

S2E26A Linc and Clyde laughing

Clincoln McCloud can now have real fun.

After making a safe landing, Harold and Howard apologize to their son for not believing he can take care of himself and promise to stop being so overprotective. The next day, keeping to their word, Howard and Harold finally allow Clyde and Lincoln to be more free about what they want to do for fun, starting with riding a sled down a tall hill and land in a pile of snow, which caused Howard to faint once more.



  • This is the last episode to air in 2017.
  • This is the third episode to have an onomatopoeia. The other two being, "Get the Message" and "Snow Bored".
  • This is the second episode to have the word "snow" in the episode title.
  • This marks the 100th episode of the series overall.
  • This is the second episode where Harold and Howard have a major role, after "Attention Deficit".
  • Lincoln calls his sled "Big Red II", after his original sled, which got broken in "11 Louds a Leapin'".
  • This is the first episode to have the fewest characters in an entire episode (in this case, only four).
    • This is also the first episode not to feature any female characters (and voice actresses).
    • This is the second time none of Lincoln's relatives appear, with the first being in "Back Out There".
  • This episode marks Clyde's last appearance in Season 2.
  • On TV airings, this episode comes after its sister episode, "Snow Way Out".
    • This also happens in the German, Dutch, and Latin American dubs.
      • In the German dub, the cast of this episode is seen after the cast of "Snow Way Out".
      • This is the first episode (along with Snow Way Out) where the Latin American dub cast and crew is accredited on screen (technically the first one aired).
  • In Israel, this episode aired on Christmas Day.
  • Howard's hair is brown as opposed to his usual red in this episode, just as it was in "11 Louds a Leapin'".


  • Snow Way Down - The title of this episode is a pun of "no way down".
  • Jurassic Park - The line, "Hold onto your butts." is famously said in this 1993 film by Samuel L. Jackson's character, Ray Arnold.
    • Kong: Skull Island - The line is also heard in this film by another character played by Jackson named Preston Packard.


  • Lincoln read "Dear Dads," aloud as he looked at Clyde's letter, but a few seconds later, it's shown that "Dear Dads," wasn't on the letter at all.
  • Plot holes:
    • Harold talks about Clyde developing a peanut allergy, despite the fact that he already has one.
    • Lincoln says this is his first vacation with Clyde and his parents, but he forgets that Clyde's parents already took the two of them on a camping trip once in "Roughin' It".
      • It could be possible that this could take place before the aforementioned episode.

Running Gags

  • Howard and Harold overprotecting Lincoln and Clyde.
  • Howard passing out.
  • Clyde explaining Lincoln what he and his dads can't suffer.
  • Harold translating for Howard after he faints.


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