Not to be confused with Snow Way Out.
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"Snow Way Down" is the forty-eighth episode of the second season and the one-hundredth episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln goes on vacation with Clyde, he realizes just how overprotective Clyde's dads are.


Lincoln and the McBrides go on Winter vacation, Lincoln explains how excited he is for going with the McBrides to their snow cabin, when they past the Ramp of Insanity, when Lincoln ask if the can go there Howard faints, Harold tells both Lincoln and Clyde that going is forbidden. During the trip, Lincoln gets an inside look into how overprotective Clyde's dads are (as they clear the snow and polishing the floor), when trying to have fun with Clyde, his parents dresses them up in warmer winter clothes making them unable to open the handle, when they try to slide on a hill, Lincoln discovers much to his disappointment that Howard and Harold have tied mattresses to the trees, make them wear bubblewrap, asked the groundskeeper to level the hillside, get between them in a snow ball fight and even serve cold hot chocolate. Lincoln tries to tell him about how overprotective his parents are but Clyde admits he knows they're going too far, but just doesn't want to admit it because he knows they mean well. When Clyde becomes convinced of that his dads still won't let go, he stands up to them and decides to prove himself on his own. When he earns their trust, they let go finally, only to discover that his parents were following him and even foolproof the slide where he was sliding with Lincoln with a grappling hook that latches onto the hill, making Clyde finally calls out his dads for being too overprotective, Harold and Howard claim that it's a dangerous world and that they don't think he's ready to face it.

S2E26A Linc and Clyde laughing

Clincoln McCloud can now have real fun.

The following morning, Lincoln wakes up after hearing Howard screaming, after finding both of Clyde's parents in shock, they explain that Clyde left a letter about him going to the Ramp of Insanity to prove himself, Lincoln discovers that's his fault because of encouraging Clyde to stand up for himself, after apologizing over his actions, they find his walkie-talkie in his room, they assume that Clyde has went there already, they go there only to get trapped and discover that Clyde never went there, as he decided against it when he realized it was too dangerous, because of this Clyde goes to the ramp to rescue them, Harold at the beginning forbids Clyde to do that, but allows him after seeing that the ranger is not at work, Clyde climbs the mountain and use his sled to ride the ramp, after having a safe landing thanks to a parachute brought by Clyde's parents, Howard and Harold allows Clyde to be more free about what to do, despite that after Lincoln and Clyde slide through a tall hill, Howard faints again.




  • Lincoln read "Dear Dads," aloud as he looked at Clyde's letter, but a few seconds later, it's shown that "Dear Dads," wasn't on the letter at all.
  • Plot holes:
    • Harold talks about Clyde developing a peanut allergy, despite the fact that he already has one.
    • Lincoln says this is his first vacation with Clyde and his parents, but he forgets that Clyde's parents already took the two of them on a camping trip once in "Roughin' It".
      • It could be possible that this could take place before the aforementioned episode.

Running Gags

  • Howard and Harold overprotecting Lincoln and Clyde.
  • Howard passing out.
  • Clyde explaining Lincoln what he and his dads can't suffer.
  • Lincoln saying "Ah".
  • Harold translating for Howard after he faints.


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