Not to be confused with Sergei.

Sergio is a minor character in The Loud House, and the pet parrot of the Casagrande family.


He is a parrot, with a body mostly made up of red feathers, light orange head feathers, as well as having some light orange in the middle of his wings, blue feathers on the tips of his wings, yellow feet, a yellow upper beak, a black lower beak, grey eyelids, black eyebrows, and oval shapes over both his eyes, that have a tan color on the inner part, a darker tan in the middle, and a reddish pink color at the end.


He appears to be kind of a smart beak, as he seems to tease the members of the family, and it is implied that Bobby doesn't get along with him, that is until he falls for Bobby, due to the love potion.


  • Sergio is the first animal in the show that talks like a human.
  • Sergio is the third named avian/bird animal after Walt and Petey.
  • Like every pet in the show, Sergio is named after a famous comic artist. Sergio is named after Sergio Aragonés, who is known for his work on MAD Magazine, and a comic called Groo the Wanderer.
  • Sergio is similar to Paco from Maya & Miguel because they are pet parrots of Mexican families and are both voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

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