Season 3 is the third season of The Loud House, which was renewed by Nickelodeon on October 19, 2016, and will consist of 26 half-episodes. Season 3 premiered on January 19, 2018 with the episodes "Roadie to Nowhere" and "A Fridge Too Far".



Chris Savino has created a very engaging and relatable world through the animated series ‘The Loud House,’ which is a proven hit with our audience, said James Stephenson, senior vice president, animation and games, at Nickelodeon. The season three order is a demonstration of Nickelodeon’s continued commitment to bringing fresh stories to our viewers, it will then be a thing to love between Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters.[2]


No. overall No. in season Episode Airdate Production code Broadcast order
53 1 "Road Tripped"

Everyone in the family has worked hard to save for family vacations. But as they drive to their destination, almost everything goes wrong that can go wrong for the family.

54a 2a "White Hare"

When Lincoln tries to come up with a plan to introducing himself to a new girl at school, his sisters catch him, so he tries to avoid them.

February 2, 2018 105 106
54b 2b "Insta-gran"

When Pop Pop introduces his new girlfriend to the family, she starts showing up uninvited.

February 2, 2018 107
55a 3a "Roadie to Nowhere"

Luna learns Chunk was like her in high school, and worries her ambition to be a rocker is unrealistic.

January 19, 2018 106 102
55b 3b "A Fridge Too Far"

Lincoln wages war after his food is filched from the refrigerator.

January 19, 2018 110 103
56a 4a "Selfie Improvement"

When Carol Pingrey's photograph gets more "likes" on social media than Lori's, she tries to one-up her.

January 26, 2018 111 104
56b 4b "No Place Like Homeschool"

Thinking it looks like fun, the other kids try to get in on Lola's home-schooling.

January 26, 2018 112 105
57a 5a "City Slickers"

When Lori and Lincoln visit the city, Lori struggles to be a city girl, while Lincoln finds out that Ronnie Anne has changed.

February 9, 2018 108
57b 5b "Fool Me Twice"

In order to avoid Luan's relentless April Fool's Day pranking, the Loud family hire stunt doubles.

February 9, 2018 113 109
58a 6a "Net Gains"

Lynn is desperately trying to win a basketball championship, but unfortunately she is assigned to a terrible team.

58b 6b "Pipe Dreams"

Mom and Dad are tired of standing in the long queue in front of the bathroom all the time. That's why they are building a secret bathroom.

59a 7a "Fandom Pains"

Lucy is upset that Lori and Leni started watching her vampire series just because a new character was introduced.

59b 7b "Teacher's Union"

To make physical education more enjoyable for them, Lincoln and Clyde pair up teachers Mrs. Johnson and Coach Pacowski.

60a 8a "Rita Her Rights"
60b 8b "The Mad Scientist"
61a 9a "Head Poet's Anxiety"
61b 9b "Missed Connection"
62a 10a "Friendzy"

Lincoln realizes he can get extra privileges at home if he has a friend over, but when his sisters catch on and each invite one friend over, Lincoln invites more friends, then the sisters do the same.

62b 10b "Deal Me Out"
63a 11a "Pasture Bedtime"
63b 11b "Shop Girl"
64a 12a "Gown and Out"
64b 12b "Breaking Dad"
65a 13a "Ruthless People"
65b 13b "What Wood Lincoln Do"
66a 14a ”Scales of Justice"
66b 14b "Crimes of Fashion”
67a 15a "Absent Minded"
67b 15b "Be Stella My Heart
68a 16a "Sitting Bull"
68b 16b "The Spies Who Love Me"
69 17 "Really Loud Music”
70a 18a "House of Lies"
70b 18b "Game Boys"
71a 19a "Everybody Loves Leni"
71b 19b "Lesson Plan”
72a 20a "Udder Terror”
72b 20b "Tea Tale Heart"


  • According to Chris Savino, Lincoln will be absent in a few episodes of Season 3, thus making this the first season to do so.
  • Haiku will return this season.[3]
  • Unlike Season 2, there will be three or four half-hour specials, including a "rock opera" and a "Halloween" special. However, there's already an episode concerning the latter in Season 2.
    • These new full-length episodes includes the aforementioned "rock opera" special, and "Road Tripped", which is a road trip-plot special.
  • This is the last season being directed by Chris Savino due to him being fired by Nickelodeon on October 19th, 2017 for sexual misconduct allegations. So starting later in the season, the series will have to continue without him after being fired.
  • According to The Loud House Writers in the Nickelodeon Animation Podcast, Season 3 will feature episodes about more emotional topics. Savino says that they have covered everything, except for death.[4]
  • The Casagrande family makes another appearance in "City Slickers".
  • Carol Pingrey, Lori's rival-turned-friend, returns in "Selfie Improvement" and has a color redesign, and is voiced by Ashlyn Selich.
  • This is the last season where Caleel Harris voices Clyde. Andre Robinson later takes over the role.
  • Ronnie Anne gets yet another redesign this season.


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