Scoots is a minor character in The Loud House.


She first appears in "For Bros About to Rock". She is seen in the mall jail along with Lincoln and Clyde. According to the mall cop captain, she was arrested for speed driving in her scooter. After the captain releases Lincoln, Luna, and Clyde from jail, Scoots takes advantage of the situation, and flees through the open cell. The captain pursues her, but he can't keep up with her, so he calls Bobby to help him, but Bobby can't capture her either.

Her next appearance was in "The Old and the Restless" as a resident in the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home. She seems to be the one who thoroughly hates Sue's bossiness and rules, seeing as how she calls Sue "Shrew". She was first seen speeding in her scooter, which makes Sue take away her pudding privileges. She disobeys and eats pudding anyway. Scoots appears to be a very good friend of Albert since she tells him that she and the rest of the seniors aren't going to let Sue kick him out despite him missing curfew. She helps him and Lincoln sneak back in and stands up to Sue when she threatens to kick Albert out.


Scoots is an old woman with fair skin, and gray hair. She wears a turquoise hat with a pink flower on it, a white sweater, beige pants, white sneakers, and black sunglasses.

She drives a red scooter. The scooter has a small basket in the front side of the handle, and a black seat. It runs through the energy of a battery that is located in the back side.

Alter Ego

Old Maid

Lincoln made a villain for his comic based on Scoots, and named her "Old Maid". She looks like Scoots, but she wears a green spiky helmet with a skull, green spiky pauldrons, and dark green gloves. She moves by a skull-themed four wheel scooter.


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