This page shows all Rusty Spokes' different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E10A Rusty introduces himself "Hand-Me-Downer" Like Papa Wheelie and Flat Tire, he only wears a blue helmet on his head.
S1E19A angry boys chasing "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" He was wearing a band aid on his right hand right after he got hurt riding White Lightning.
S1E22A Rusty and Polly dancing "Dance, Dance Resolution" He was wearing a blue helmet and roller blades.

Season Two

S2E07B Rusty appears "The Whole Picture" Rusty dresses as Lucy Loud, when Lincoln and Clyde are recreating Lincoln's childhood photos.
S2E15A Zach and Rusty assuming "Back Out There" and "Shell Shock" During dodgeball, Rusty wears a red shirt, with horizontal black stripe, a yellow collar, and red shorts.
S2E15A Have fun! "Back Out There" Rusty was wearing a white suit, white trousers and white shoes.
S2E15A New hairstyles Rusty, as with his friends, gives himself a new hairdo to go with the above-mentioned outfit.
S2E15A Rusty riding a go-kart And in this shot, Rusty wears his blue helmet on top of the aforementioned white suit.

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