This is a complete list of recurring gags throughout the Shorts, and from Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the series.

Frequent Running Gags

  • Lincoln: Breaking the fourth wall to explain what's happening in each episode, and coming up with long operation names.
  • Lori: Texting/calling Bobby with her phone, or saying "literally".
  • Leni: Having ditsy moments.
  • Luna: Speaking in a British accent, or quoting song titles, and lyrics.
  • Luan: Telling bad puns and jokes for every situation.
  • Lynn: Always engaging in sports, or rough activities, turning everyday things into a sport, and roughhousing with her siblings (particularly Lincoln).
  • Lucy: Always appearing suddenly, and scaring her siblings, or other people.
  • Lana: Either having gross habits, or eating gross things.
  • Lola: Being bratty, and performing mean acts towards her siblings.
  • Lisa: Talking in technical terms and making a creepy smile.
  • Lily: Saying "Poo-Poo".
  • Clyde: Talking about how beautiful Lori is, and how he wishes to have a date with her, or acting like a robot, and bleeding from his nose when he's around her.
  • Rita and Lynn Sr.: Not showing their faces. (This gag ended after of Season 1, as their faces were finally revealed in the Season 2 premiere "11 Louds a Leapin'".)
  • All Louds: Saying "Dang it."

Fourth Wall Breaks not by Lincoln

S1E10A Linc talks to audience
Main article: Lincoln Loud/Fourth Wall Breaks

Although Lincoln speaks to the viewing audience in most episodes, characters in bold have been observed doing so as well while others look at the fourth wall, not speaking to the audience, but breaking the fourth wall nonetheless.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Lincoln's long operation names

Season 1

  • Left in the Dark: Operation Distract My Sisters So That I Can Get to the TV First and Watch the Special Live Season Finale of ARGGH and Think of a Shorter Name For This Operation.
  • Come Sale Away: Operation Pretend You've Never Met Me And Are Really Interested In My Stuff So Other People Will Buy It And Also Think Of A Shorter Name For This Operation.
  • Homespun: Operation Paint The Peeling House To Give Mom And Dad The Greatest Anniversary Gift Ever And Also Think Of A Shorter Name For This Operation.

Season 2

  • 11 Louds a Leapin': Operation Scale the Fence and Retrieve Big Red Before Mr. Grouse Finds It and Takes It Into His House Forever and Also Think of a Shorter Name For This Operation.
  • The Whole Picture: Recreate All My Most Cherished Memories & Think Of A Shorter List Title, List.
  • Out of the Picture: Operation Sneak Into a Yearbook Group Photo So We're Not Forgotten Like Marty What's-His-Face. / Operation Get Coach To Hire Us So We Can Edit Ourselves Into The Yearbook Photos.
  • Fool's Paradise: Operation Find Our Family and Get Back at Luan for Causing Years of Emotional Damage and Also Think of a Shorter Name for This Operation. (Lynn Sr. made this long operation name, not Lincoln.)
  • Health Kicked: Operation Get Mom and Dad Out Of The House and Into Shape.

Other media

  • Promotional video for Lost Control: Operation Track Down Which Of My Sisters Has The Remote So I Can Watch My Favorite Show And Think Of A Shorter Name For This Operation.
  • Commercial bumper for Lincoln Loud's Ultimate Year End Countdown-a-thon: Plan Count Down This Year's Top 3 Mission Fails and Hope That This Plan I'm Making Right Now Doesn't End Up on the List.
  • Kids' Choice Awards 2017 Instagram post: Operation Let's Win a Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Cartoon While Keeping Slime Out of My Hair and Also Think of a Shorter Name For This Operation.

Lucy asking Lincoln for rhymes

Season 1

  • Project Loud House: Lucy asks Lincoln for a word that rhymes with "choose".
  • Project Loud House: Lucy asks Lincoln for a word that rhymes with "stuck".
  • Project Loud House: Lucy is about to ask Lincoln for another rhyme for another word in her poem, he replies "Same! Blame! Game! Fame!"

Season 2

  • Baby Steps Lucy asks Lincoln for a word that rhymes with "tomb".

Lori saying "literally"

S1E16A Literally, right?

This list recounts all the times Lori says the word "literally".

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Leni's dumb moments

S1E06A Leni doesn't know what "hypothetical" means

This list recounts all the times Leni says or takes things the wrong way.

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Luna's song references

S1E10A Love is all it needs

This list recounts all the times Luna's dialogue references a song title or song lyrics.

Main article: Luna Loud/Song References

Luan's jokes and pranks

S1E09B Mr. Coconuts delivers the punchline

This list recounts all the times Luan has delivered a joke or pulled or a prank to her siblings or to others.

Main article: Luan Loud/Jokes and Pranks

Lynn's sports

S1E05A Lynn playing soccer

This list recounts all the times Lynn has been playing a sport of some kind.

Main article: Lynn Loud/Sports

Lucy's pop-ups

S1E05A Lucy scares Lincoln

This list recounts all the times Lucy popped out of nowhere and causing her siblings to get jumpscared.

Main article: Lucy Loud/Pop-Ups

Lana's gross moments

S2E08B Lana in a trash container

This list recounts all the times Lana has done something that is considered unruly.

Main article: Lana Loud/Gross Moments

Lola's mean moments

S1E14A Wrath of Lola

This list recounts all the times Lola has done something horrid, directly towards her siblings or not.

Main article: Lola Loud/Mean Moments

Lisa's experiments and inventions

S2E05A Lisa working on the antidote

This list recounts all the times Lisa has created a new invention or try to test her experiments on her siblings.

Main article: Lisa Loud/Experiments and Inventions

Lily saying "Poo-Poo"

S1E14B Lily goofing around

This list recounts all the times Lily has uttered "Poo-poo".

Main article: Lily Loud/Poo-Poo

Clyde's Lori moments

S1E11A Lori with Clyde

This list recounts all the times Clyde swooning over Lori.

Main article: Clyde McBride/Lori Moments


S2E06B I'm not allowed to watch R rated movies I'M NOT ALLOWED TO WATCH R-RATED MOVIES!
WARNING: This article or section contains mature content. If you don't feel comfortable with what you're about to see, we advise you not to continue forward.

Season 1

  • "Making the Case" - Lynn's sports certificate reading "Kicks A+", a subtle reference to the phrase "kicks a**".
  • "A Tale of Two Tables" - Clyde says "Don't worry beautiful, I'll share my buns with you" to the cardboard cutout of Lori.
  • "In Tents Debate" - When Lincoln wanted to have another day to decide, Lola was about to yell at him. She was on the verge of swearing.
  • "Space Invader"
    • Lynn: "You know, I'm noticing a complete lack of balls in this room." [Lincoln makes a discomforted face at that remark]
    • Lincoln and Lynn (attempt to) share one bed, and in the morning, it's shown that neither was wearing pants.
  • "Changing the Baby" - When Lincoln was trying to take Lily from Luan and Lynn, he puts his hands on their chests.
  • "Ties That Bind" -
    • Lori finds out Leni is wearing one of her shirts, and angrily demands her to take it off. Leni responds she can't, as there are boys present. The only "boy" present is Mr. Coconuts, who raises its eyebrows causing Luan to cover its eyes.
    • Lynn Sr. talks about getting rid of "the one with the white hair" which he doesn't even know if it's his. He's actually talking about a tie that's designed like a rabbit (hare), but Lincoln thinks he's talking about him.
  • "Butterfly Effect" - Luna was about to say that the family is on a highway to hell, but before she said "hell", she got interrupted, and said "hello" instead.
  • "Two Boys and a Baby" - The scene where Lily's dirty diaper is flung into the ceiling fan is a subtle visual pun on the phrase "sh*t hits the fan".
  • "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln: "I can see Uranus from here, and boy, is it gassy."
  • "A Tattler's Tale" - When Lindsey Sweetwater tells Lincoln Lola's secret, he almost says "Holy s**t" but it switches to Luan saying "shamoley".

Season 2

  • "11 Louds a Leapin'" - During the third song Luna was singing, she was about to say "p***ed".
  • "Suite and Sour" - The Louds were actually kicked out of the resort due to Rita and Lynn Sr. skinny dipping in the pool. However, it is implied that they did much more than skinny dip.
  • "Back in Black" - Lincoln: Did you bring Uranus?, Rusty: Never leave home without it.
  • "Lock 'N' Loud" - When Lucy imagines the burglar stealing her bust of Edwin, the burglar is shown turning the bust around before stealing it. The way the burglar does this resembles someone snapping someone else's neck.
  • "Cheater by the Dozen" -
    • When Lincoln and Clyde were viewing the footage from the dog, Bobby is seen taking off his pants, and Clyde quickly shielded his eyes. The way this scene plays out is that Clyde was given the implication that he was watching an erotic film.
      • In addition, Pam's line, "Why don't you slip out of those clothes and we'll get started!" implies that something inappropriate will occur.
    • Lincoln and Clyde watch as Bobby goes with different girls, then with an older woman, with a dog, and then with a man; thus implying they thought Bobby was a gerontophile (sexual preference for the elderly), a zoophile (sexual preference for animals), and a homosexual (sexual preference for the same gender).
  • "Frog Wild" - When one of the classmates asks what two of the frogs are doing, Mrs. Johnson quickly covers them with a map of the United States, which implies they were doing something really inappropriate.
  • "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" - Sergio says that he's naked.
  • "Back Out There" - The bird flies over and poops on the suits.
  • "Job Insecurity" - Mr. Grouse: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with two hot dishes..." [the siblings become disgusted] "...of lasagna, for Pete's sake!"
  • "Change of Heart" - When Lola heard Lori talking to herself in the bathroom, Lola, who was horrified at what she heard, remarks "I don't think I need to tinkle after all.", which seems to imply that she wet herself.
  • "Health Kicked" - Lori and Leni witnessed their father's skinny jeans slip off, they quickly shielded their eyes in disgust, giving the implication that they were exposed to his private areas.

Season 3

  • "Pipe Dreams" - After Rita, and Lynn Sr. installs a security measure that locks in whoever breaks into their secret bathroom, Rita says "they'll catch them with their pants down".
  • "Head Poet's Anxiety" -
    • The first poem Lucy tried to recite the elders began with "The end is near. Give up all hope." The elders being aghast to this make sense, since elder are close to death.
    • Possible: When Lucy scares Luan in the kitchen, Luan's gag flower, which is attached to her chest, goes off.
  • "Friendzy" -
    • When the fight between the siblings pauses, Lola and Luan find themselves in an awkward position.
    • Possible: When the siblings are discussing Lincoln's "playing the friend card" during a meeting, Lola says "During guard charge, I'll sneak up in the shower!", implying that she would try to attack Lincoln naked.

Characters Saying "Dang It"

Season 1

  • "Left in the Dark" - Lincoln, after he accidentally cut off the power when he was trying to plug in the old T.V.
  • "The Sweet Spot" - Lincoln, when he realizes he forgot about the broken lock on the van.
  • "Space Invader" - Lynn, when she tries to playfully punch Lucy, and Lucy doesn't flinch.
  • "Undie Pressure"
    • Lana, when Lincoln informs her that she can't play in the mud.
    • Lucy, after she gets eliminated.
  • "Linc or Swim" - Lincoln, when the bee stings a hole in is pool.
  • "Changing the Baby"
    • Lincoln, when he's in Lily's room, after saving her from Lisa's experiment, and realizes she's gone.
    • Lana, when she has Lily and runs into their other sisters.
  • "Sleuth or Consequences" - Lucy, when the poster falls off her wall exposing Princess Pony.
  • "Butterfly Effect" - Lisa, when Leni corrects her on aloha's meaning.
  • "A Novel Idea" - Lincoln, when he sets off the 'laser grid' after seizing 'The President's Tooth'.
  • "Cereal Offender"
    • Lincoln, when Luna starts rocking out over the stores intercom.
    • Lincoln, when he sees that his doppelganger escaped.
  • "Come Sale Away"
    • Lincoln, after he knocks over his stand.
    • Leni, whenever she realizes that she didn't have Lily's blankie.
  • "Dance, Dance Resolution" - Lincoln, after Rusty knocks over the table he's hiding under.
  • "One of the Boys" - Lincoln, after a second line forms for the bathroom.
  • "Snow Bored"
    • Lola, after the ice she's skating on breaks.
    • Lisa, after she realizes she was one second off about when the ice was going to break.
  • "The Price of Admission" - Lincoln, after Lynn fell asleep while playing basketball with him.
  • "One Flu Over the Loud House"
    • Lincoln, when he sees Lucy in the hands of the sick.
    • Lisa, when Lucy sneezes on her.
    • Lincoln, after he sneezes on Leni.
  • "Homespun"
    • Whenever somebody breaks a knob.
    • Leni, when she was plugging all the leaks in the walls, and her phone started vibrating.

Season 2

  • "11 Louds a Leapin'" - Lynn, after Lucy sees that there are no presents under the sofa.
  • "The Old and the Restless"
    • Lincoln, after Sue locks the door.
    • Albert, after he hears that it's time for room check.
  • "Brawl in the Family" - Lynn Sr., after he boards himself, Rita, and Lily the their room, and Rita asks him if he remembered the bucket.
  • "Suite and Sour"
    • Lincoln, when he was last from "Nose Goes".
    • Lynn Sr., when he didn't get a chance to pee.
  • "Back in Black"
    • Lincoln, when he drops his solar system after Fangs scares him.
    • Lincoln, when Rusty faints at the end of the episode.
  • "Cheater by the Dozen" - Clyde, when Bobby closes the curtain at Pam's house.
  • "Lock 'N' Loud" - Bobby, after Rita points out that he said her and Lynn Sr.'s names and business, which he was asking them for.
  • "The Whole Picture" - Lincoln, when his sisters decided to head to the mall instead of helping him.
  • "No Such Luck" - Lincoln, after he runs into Lynn, and she asks him if he'll be at her softball game.
  • "Fed Up"
    • Lynn Sr., when he sees that all his goulash ingredients are missing.
    • Lynn Sr., when Lola knocks the power out.
    • Lincoln, after Lynn Sr. discovers meat in his shoes.
  • "Pulp Friction" - Lincoln, when he realizes that Principal Huggins locked him and Clyde in the detention room.
  • "Potty Mouth" - Lincoln, when he loses "Nose Goes" and has to change Lisa.
  • "L is for Love"
    • All the Loud siblings who did not have brown hair (except Lily and Lori) when they realized the letter wasn't for them.
    • Lana, whenever she swallows her gum.
  • "Room with a Feud"
    • Leni, when she looks at Lynn's answer on Lincoln's compatibility test, and thinks that she got her answer wrong.
    • Lynn, after she got angry with Lana.
  • "Fool's Paradise"
    • Lynn Sr, after Vanzilla "dies".
    • Leni, when she loses "Nose Goes".
  • "Job Insecurity" - Lynn Sr. whenever he spills his coffee.
  • "Garage Banned"
    • Luan, to Luna, after the latter's fog machine warps Mr. Coconuts' face.
    • Mr. Grouse, after he knocks down his garage.
  • "Health Kicked" - Rita, when she drops her keys.
  • "Future Tense" - Rita, after she and Lynn Sr. see the Yates save a turtle.
  • "Lynner Takes All" - Lisa, after her beaker explodes.
  • "No Spoilers" - Lana, when she runs out of balloons.
  • "Read Aloud" - Lincoln, when he realizes that Lola tricked him.
  • "The Crying Dame"
    • Lincoln, when everyone leaves him for the second time after successfully letting Lily fall asleep without Fenton.
    • All the Loud siblings when they see Fenton get destroyed.
  • "Snow Way Out"
    • Lana, when she opens her wrapper and it's not a winning one.
    • All the Loud siblings when Lana uses the burger warming lamp and the power goes out.

Season 3