Rocky Spokes is a minor character in The Loud House, featured in the episode "Back in Black".


Rocky is the younger brother of Rusty Spokes, who is Lincoln's classmate. Rocky is also Lucy's love interest. However, due to Lucy being interested in a boy named Silas in the episode "L is For Love", it would appear that their romantic relationship is nonexistent.


Rocky appears to be a rather quiet kid, with an interest in video games and sports. Despite his indifferent demeanor, he seems to be polite and nice, given his friendly interactions with Lincoln. In contrast to his rather "normal" personality, Rocky also appears to have a liking to the macabre, given his immediate fascination with Lucy. However, he thought she's too cool for him so he avoided her.


  • Like Rusty, he has freckles.
  • Rocky is the first character to pop up and scare Lucy, instead of vice versa.
  • His shirt looks similar to Liam's.
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