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S1E11B Bobby next to the Mona Lisa Hey, Lincoln! Hola from France!
This episode has so far only aired in German. Quotations from the episode are thus roughly translated from that language and are not necessarily accurate representations of the English-language dialogue. This episode will air in English eventually.

"Robot Sitcom" (translated from Roboter Sitcom) is a German-exclusive short, based on The Loud House.


Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, and FriendBot 1000 decide that they no longer want to live with Toaster in Lisa's bunker.


Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, and FriendBot 1000 live in Lisa's underground bunker together and watch TV. Suddenly, the TV turns off, because Toaster, their other roommate, needs the TV's plug socket to bake a bagel. After having a secret conversation, Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms and FriendBot 1000 decide that they no longer want to live with Toaster.

Later, Todd shows the other robots their new roommate: Teddy Bear. But the moment he's welcomed, Teddy Bear sits on Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms' place on the couch, and wants to have a squirt gun fight (much to the robots' chagrin). Sometime later, it is revealed that Teddy Bear released the robots' pet, Tentacle, leading Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms and FriendBot 1000 to find him in the Loud's garden.

Unsuccessful at finding Tentacle, the robots go back to the bunker, where they see that Toaster is also back, and he has found Tentacle. Todd asks Toaster if he can forgive him and the other robots, because they admit that he is a better roommate then Teddy Bear. Toaster spits out a piece of toast with a smiley face, meaning "yes". When FriendBot 1000 asks what had happened to Teddy Bear, Toaster spits out one of his eyes, making the other robots see again why Toaster is a good roommate.


Lisa, Toaster, and Tentacle have no lines in this short.


  • This is the first short to not be directed by either Chris Savino or Kyle Marshall. It was instead directed by storyboard artist Jordan Koch.
  • This short so far has only premiered in Germany, and it is unknown if it will be shown in the US in English.
  • This is the first short where Lincoln is absent. However, as tradition, Lincoln is still present on the title card.
    • This is also the third time where Lincoln is completely absent, the first two being "Net Gains" and "Fandom Pains".
  • This is the first short where only characters who had one appearance in the show is centered entirely around them.
  • Four of the main characters in this short are callbacks to previous episodes:
  • This is the third piece of Loud House media where Lisa's Underground Bunker is shown, the first two being "April Fools Rules" and "No Place Like Homeschool", and like the latter, the interior of the bunker was shown.
  • Innuendo: When FriendBot 1000 asked where Teddy Bear was, Toaster spat out of one of his eyes, revealing that he straight up killed Teddy Bear.
  • Irony: Teddy Bear wants to have a squirt gun fight with the robots, despite the fact that robots hate water, as it will make them short circuit.


  • TV sitcoms - The entire setup of this short is based around TV sitcoms, and features many elements from said type of programs, from the interlude music, the laugh track, and the cast listing at the beginning.

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