This page shows all of Rita Loud's different attires she has used throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E04B To Lincoln!
"A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown up table, Rita, like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. She wears a blue evening gown.
S1E17B Notebook
"A Novel Idea" She wears a surgical mask while performing her dental duties.
S1E18A Mom and Dad confused
"April Fools Rules" She wears a hockey goalie mask, umpire padding, shin guards, and gloves to protect herself from Luan's pranks.
S1E18B Rita's spa fantasy
"Cereal Offender" Rita wears a white robe and a white towel on her head. She also has cucumber slices on her eyes, and aging cream on her face.
S1E21A Exercising
"The Loudest Yard" When Rita is doing a workout with Lincoln, she wears a white tank top, red and white wrist bands and socks, blue shorts, and white sneakers.
S1E21A Linc is sorry
When the Loud family goes to Lincoln's football game, Rita wears a Royal Woods Roosters T-shirt.
AU Mom
"One of the Boys" In the dimension where Lincoln has 10 brothers instead of sisters, Rita is wearing Lynn Sr.'s clothes.
S1E25B Infected Mom closes the door
"One Flu Over the Loud House" When Rita got the flu like everyone in the Loud House, she wears a purple blanket.
S1E26B Rita reading book
"Homespun" In a flashback, Rita wears her pajamas. It looks like her regular outfit, but with white buttons.

Season Two

S2E01 Loud Parents face reveal
"11 Louds a Leapin'" Rita wears a Santa hat.
S2E04A I'm so sorry "Suite and Sour" Rita wears a mint and white bathrobe.
S2E04A Sneaking to the pool at night At the pool, she wears a coral one-piece swimsuit with white straps, and a lavender sarong. She later wears a blue bathrobe.
S2E07A The Loud parents are excited
"Lock 'N' Loud" Rita is seen wearing a coral dress, and white heels.
Young rita
"L is for Love" When Rita was younger, she wore a coral T-shirt, brown cargo shorts, and has a green crossing guard vest over her outfit. She also has her hair fixed up into a ponytail, with a light blue scrunchy, and had white hoop earrings.
S2E16A Someone toss me my checkbook "Fool's Paradise" Rita and Lynn Sr. were wearing and testing the Prank-Me-Not Poncho.
S2E18B Parents stuck "Health Kicked" Rita wears a pink sweatband, a pink tracksuit, and white tennis shoes.
S2E18B Twins playing Double Dutch with Rita Rita wears a white sweatshirt, pink sweatpants, and white tennis shoes.
S2E18B Lynn Sr. and Rita lazing on the sofa When lazing around the house, Rita wears a gray sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, and a pair of white slippers.
S2E18B Lisa is showing her parents Tai Chi When practicing Tai Chi, Rita is dressed in a traditional, white-colored Tai Chit outfit.
S2E18B Lynn adjusting her helmet When rock climbing, Rita wears a pink helmet, blue elbow pads, dark blue sweatpants, a white tank top, and gray climbing shoes.
S2E18B Not tonight! Rita wears a light purple spaghetti strap tank top, purple pants, and black shoes.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.36.44 PM "Future Tense" Rita wears a yellow traffic vest and has Lily strapped to her back.
S2E24 Zombie Rita "Tricked!" Rita's outfit is the same, but with fake blood and her clothes messed up.