Renee is a minor character that made her debut in "Back Out There".


Renee likes comic books, and is a big fan of Ace Savvy. She enjoyed Lincoln's company at first, because of their common interests, but they both argued for the last available copy of a rare comic.


She has long, brown hair, that is tied up into a ponytail, by a red scrunchie, two pairs of eyelashes, eyebags, and has freckles. She wears pearl earrings, a red t-shirt, with a green collar and green cuffs, an Ace Savvy logo on it, a yellow skirt and red socks.


  • Her name is French, and means "Rebirth".
  • Her earrings look similar to Lola's.
  • Renee is another fan of Ace Savvy, apart from Clyde, Lincoln, Principal Huggins, and Lily.
  • Her appearance looks slightly similar to Lynn.
  • Her hairstyle also looks similar to Clare, the news reporter, and the unnamed brunette woman.
  • Her feet and shoes were never shown.
  • It wasn't shown on screen if it was Renee punching Lincoln, or him punching her. Clyde mentions needing an ice pack, implying Lincoln was hurt. After a time lapse, when the group attends a film, Lincoln has no visible injuries.
  • Her Polish name is Renata.
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