Renee is a minor character that made her debut in "Back Out There".


She first appears in "Back Out There" when Zach asked Renee to meet with Lincoln. He expected them to become friends due to their interest in Ace Savvy. She enjoyed Lincoln's company at first because of their common interests, but they both argued for the last available copy of a rare comic.

In "Pasture Bedtime", she was one of Girl Jordan's guests.

In "Scales of Justice", she and her mom were buying a swamp monster t-shirt from Flip.


Renee likes comic books and is a big fan of Ace Savvy.


She has long, brown hair that is tied up into a ponytail by a red scrunchie, two pairs of eyelashes, eyebags, and freckles. She wears pearl earrings, a red t-shirt with a green collar and cuffs, an Ace Savvy logo on it, a yellow skirt, red socks, and white shoes.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Her name is French for "rebirth".
  • Her earrings look similar to Lola's.
  • Renee is another fan of Ace Savvy, apart from Clyde, Lincoln, and Principal Huggins.
  • Her appearance looks slightly similar to Lynn.
  • Her hairstyle also looks similar to Clare, Katherine, and the unnamed brunette woman.
  • It wasn't shown on screen if it was Renee punching Lincoln, or him punching her. Clyde mentions needing an ice pack, implying Lincoln was hurt. After a time lapse, when the group attends a film, Lincoln has no visible injuries.
  • Her Polish name is Renata.

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