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Episode Information

"Raw Deal" is the forty-second episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln becomes a hypochondriac when Lucy predicts his day will "end in tragedy" for him.


The Loud Family is going to be spending a day at a national park called Grand Venture State Park. To pass the time on the drive, Lucy suggests that they play with her fortune-telling cards. She predicts that Lori will go on a long trip (Lori thinks that fortune means she'll go to Italy with Bobby), the universe will open doors for Lola, Luan will get blown away (causing her to make pun, resulting in her siblings' annoyance and father's laughter) and Lisa will make a scientific discovery before entering the park, although Lisa doesn't believe it. When Lucy gets to Lincoln, however, she's too horrified to reveal his fortune. Desperate on what his fortune is, Lucy tells Lincoln that his day will end in "tragedy". Almost immediately, Lincoln becomes scared.

When the family takes a break at a gas station, all except Lincoln exit the van. Suddenly, Lori slips on some oil, and crashes onto a pile of garbage. As Lori contemplates on how embarrassing that was, Lucy stated that Lori would go on a "long trip", thus making her prediction true (much to Lori's disappointment). As Dad fills the tires with air, he accidentally "blows away" Luan with the air hose. As the Loud kids enter the store, a man named Mr. Universe leaves the door open for Lola. These two turn of events prove that Lucy's predictions are real. Inside the store, Lynn struggles to hold her pee in, Leni falls in love with a pair of hiking boots, Lana finds a dollar in the toilet, and Luna gets two bags for the price of one from a vending machine. These events only lead Lincoln to become more scared, but Lisa tells him that all these events are just pure coincidence. Lincoln realizes that Lisa's fortune hasn't happened yet, and theorizes that if her fortune doesn't come true, his fortune won't happen.

The family arrives to Grand Venture State Park, and Lincoln tries to hurry his sisters into going into the park so Lisa doesn't make a scientific discovery. Before Lisa can enter the park, a giant egg falls in front of her and it immediately hatches. What Lisa finds inside is an owl with deer antlers. This happens to be Lisa's "scientific discovery", causing Lincoln to feel disoriented and become more panic-stricken. Lisa then proceeds to show the park ranger her newest discovery.

Throughout the day, the family enjoys the visit at the park, and partake in fun activities like exploring a cavern, swimming in the lake, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, fishing, and having a picnic. Throughout all these activities, Lincoln refuses to partake in any of them, giving over-exaggerated and over-the-top reasons as to what might happen to him.

Later on in the day, Lisa has set up a press conference to show off the owl with antlers (which she labeled as "the Dowl"). As the family and several news stations watch Lisa show off her latest discovery, the antlers on the owl suddenly fall off. Lisa examines the antlers and notices that the antlers say "Made in China". Suspicious, Lisa demands the Park Ranger to spill the beans. The park ranger admits that it was all a hoax. He did this because nobody has come to the park in years ever since the signature geyser stopped erupting, and thought a little publicity would bring people back. When Lisa tells everybody that the "Dowl" was nothing but a scam, Lincoln realizes that Lucy's fortune for Lisa hasn't come true, and all his worrying made him miss out on all the fun. Lincoln believes that his day really did end in tragedy, though Lisa still doesn't believe it.

S1E21B The end fortune card

"The cards don't lie."

As the family is about leave, Lincoln, saddened that he didn't have fun, tells the viewers that the lesson he learned was that you should never live your life in fear, because that would be a tragedy. Suddenly, Lincoln feels the ground vibrate, and hears a loud boom in the distance. He looks through a bush and notices that it's the signature geyser erupting for the first time in years, and he's the first to witness it. Lincoln tries to tell his sisters about his amazing discovery, but they're too tired to listen. When Lincoln proclaims that he did have the best day ever, Lisa, still in a state in disbelief, asks Lucy if she's going to toss her cards away, since her and Lincoln's fortunes never came true. Lucy says that there is only one card left, and uses it to prove that her fortunes are true. She pulls out the card and says that "the end is near". When Lisa tries to disapprove of this, a "The End" card pops up, making Lucy's fortune come true.


News Anchor has no lines in this episode.


  • While in the van was heading to the park, Lisa was sitting in "The Sweet Spot", but on the return trip, Lincoln got it.
  • This is the second time the Loud siblings are in their swimsuits as a group, the first being "Linc or Swim".
  • A cartoon depiction of storyboard artist Kyle Marshall appears at the Gas Station, as a cashier.
  • This is the third time Lisa is seen without her glasses, after "Picture Perfect", and "Cover Girls", and before "Making the Grade".
  • Lucy breaks the fourth wall at the end by saying "The end is near", and literally, a second later, the episode ends.
  • Lily is Lucy's only sibling who she did not give a prediction for.
  • Pop-Pop is mentioned in this episode, but doesn't appear physically.
  • This is the first story where the Loud House is never seen.
  • Lisa's prediction was the only prediction that was fake, while Lincoln's prediction was half-true (he made the day end in tragedy by skipping all the fun).
  • On the title card, Lincoln looks like the Grim Reaper (which is a reference to the death tarot card).
  • This is a very special episode, since fortune telling is for entertainment purposes only, and can't be taken too seriously.
  • At the top of Lucy's cards, there's a Roman numeral on each of them.
    • Interestingly enough, the numerals on everyone's card corresponds to their birth order, with the exception of Lana and Lola's cards.
  • Lucy's predictions and results:
    • Lincoln - "Your day in the park will end in tragedy." (He missed out on all the fun, though seeing the geyser erupt made everything up)
    • Lori - "You will go on a long trip." (She slips on some oil and falls, making the "long trip")
    • Leni - "You will fall in love." (She falls in love with a pair of boots)
    • Luna - "You will be rewarded double." (She gets an extra snack from the vending machine)
    • Luan - "You will soon be blown away." (She gets "blown away" by the air hose Lynn Sr. was using)
    • Lynn - "Your patience will be tested." (She has to wait in line for the restroom)
    • Lana - "You will become filthy rich." (She finds a dollar in the restroom)
    • Lola - "The universe will open doors for you." (A man named Mr. Universe leaves the gas station door open for her)
    • Lisa - "You will make an amazing scientific discovery before entering the park today." (She discovers the "dowl" before entering the park, which later turns out to be a hoax)
    • Final prediction - "The end is near." (The episode ends)
  • Moral: You should never live your life in fear, because that would be a tragedy.


  • Raw Deal - The episode's title itself is an idiom that means "a situation in which someone receives unfair, or harsh treatment".
  • Ray Henderson - Luna's remark "The best things in life are free, bros!" is a reference to the song "The Best Things in Life Are Free".
  • The Yogi Bear Show - The Park Ranger resembles Ranger Smith.
  • Smokey Bear - The Park Ranger references Smokey' famous line "only you can prevent wildfires" when he talks about preventing fires.
  • Star Wars - The sound of Lincoln breathing through the gas mask is similar to that of Darth Vader's.


  • When Lana tries to get Lincoln to get in the lake, she is drawn differently.
  • When Lola thanks Mr. Universe, part of her arm disappears when Lisa walks behind her.
  • After Lynn throws her football at Luan's head, Luan says "Ow!" and rubs her arm instead of her head.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the Louds pass by a sign that says "MI 2014". Later, when Lynn throws her football, they pass by that same sign again.
  • After Lisa holds up two fingers and says "second logical conclusion", her hand appears to have five fingers instead of four.
  • In this episode, Lola has no issue with using worms as bait for fishing, but in "Patching Things Up", she got sick upon seeing a worm.
  • In this episode, Lisa does not believe superstitions, but in "No Such Luck", she believes in superstitions and, also believes Lincoln brings bad luck.

Running Gags

  • Lucy making predictions that are coming true.
  • Lincoln overreacting about what's going to happen to him.
  • Lisa disbelieving Lucy's fortunes.
  • Lynn Sr. listening to the music sting radio station.



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