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"Potty Mouth" is the seventy-fourth episode of The Loud House.


When the kids hear Lily curse, they are terrified they have been a bad influence on her, and decide to change their behavior for the future.


Rita and Lynn Sr. are heading off to the mall, because Dr. Shuttleworth of the daycare academy, is coming to interview Lily, and Lynn Sr. needs a more appropriate tie. Once they head out, Lynn changes the TV channel because Dessert Storm is on right now, and Lily suddenly exclaims "dannit". This causes the siblings to gasp in horror, because they think that Lily had just said the "D" word. The siblings fear that Lily learned the word from them, because in past experiences, the kids have gotten into some predicaments that lead them to crying out the "D" word in anger, and Lily was there to witness them saying it. The siblings realize that if Lily were to exclaim that word in front of Dr. Shuttleworth, Lily won't gain access into the academy Rita and Lynn Sr. have signed her into. Lincoln says he has an idea on how to make Lily forget she ever said that word.

The plan is set into action. Each of the siblings are tasked on reenacting the action that led them into saying the word. Throughout all of these, their faces would turn red, and are on the verge of saying the word, but they would say something else in hopes that Lily would mimic them. After nearly an hour of doing these actions, the siblings believe that Lily has forgotten all about the word. At that moment, Rita and Lynn Sr. arrive back, and begin prepping things up for Dr. Shuttleworth's arrival. One of the things they do is set a tray of snacks on the table. Lily tries to get one, but the siblings tell her not to eat them, causing her to exclaim "dannit" again, making the siblings realize that the plan didn't work.

Dr. Shuttleworth arrives, and is ready to interview Lily. Dr. Shuttleworth gives Lily several things to play with, such as a hardware set, a guitar, and a ball, but the siblings fear that Lily would do something that lead to her yelling out the word, prompting them to confiscate the toys. When the kids become too bothersome with their meddling behavior, the parents tell the kids to leave, but Dr. Shuttleworth tells them that they should leave too, as she just wants to be with Lily. The siblings huddle up, and says that they need a plan to get Lily out of the room. Lincoln suggests on making Lisa take Lily's place, because of the fact that she wears a wig after a nuclear experiment gone wrong, and wearing dentures. The siblings take Lily away under the guise that she spoiled her diaper, and put Lisa, disguised as Lily, in Lily's place. However, Lisa begins displaying some of her smart aleck attitude, like painting complex formulaic equations, doing an impressive xylophone solo, and able to tell Dr. Shuttleworth what type of condition her eyes are in, just by looking at her glasses. This prompts Luna to tell Lisa that she needs to act more like a 1 year old, which she does by intentionally soiling her diaper.

S2E12A Bleep

Now Lily curses.

Later, Dr. Shuttleworth is done interviewing Lily, and concludes that due to the things Lisa did, she's allowed into the academy. Just before Dr. Shuttleworth leaves, she takes the snacks on the table with her, causing Lily to exclaim "dannit". Everybody is left horrified at this action, and the kids begins pleading to Dr. Shuttleworth that Lily didn't mean to say that word, and say that they've been a bad influence on her. Dr. Shuttleworth, however, laughs at this, saying that Lily didn't say the "D" word, she was actually saying "doughnut". Dr. Shuttleworth gives Lily a doughnut, and leaves. While Rita and Lynn Sr. begin cheering at the fact Lily got accepted into the baby academy, the kids begin cheering at the fact that they weren't a bad influence on Lily. However, as they cheer, Charles comes by, and snatches Lily's doughnut, causing Lily to cry out an actual curse word (which is bleeped out) in fury, causing the family to look on, and gasp in sheer horror.



  • This is the second episode that involves swearing. There was a brief joke about it in "Get the Message".
  • This is the first episode of Season 2 written by Michael Rubiner, whose last writing credit was Season 1's "Study Muffin".
  • This is the third episode where one sibling impersonate another. First episode was "Cover Girls", and second was "The Loudest Yard".
  • This is one of the few times that Lincoln doesn't use a long title for an operation.
  • The song Lisa raps to get Lily to mimic her from saying the "D" word is the same song Blarney sang in Lola's flashback to Luna ruining her and Lana's first concert in "For Bros About to Rock".
  • It's revealed that Lisa wears a wig, uses fake teeth/dentures, and has an extra toe on her right foot due to a "nuclear experiment gone wrong."
  • The closed captioning for the episode say that Lily said "Dannit.", before her actual saying is revealed.
  • If you looked at their lips, you could see they weren't saying "Dannit". They were saying the actual "D-Word". Even on this wiki it is forbidden to use cursed words.
  • The Loud kids play Nose Goes to decide who changes Lisa's diaper, which they did in "Suite and Sour". Lincoln lost again.
  • This is the second time Lily has played the drums with Luna. The first time being in "Changing the Baby".
  • This is the second episode to show Lincoln using his yo-yo. The first being in "The Butterfly Effect".
  • Incidents that caused the siblings to openly yell out the "D" word in front of Lily:
    • Lincoln - Broke the TV.
    • Lori and Leni - Ripped a sweater.
    • Luna - Broke one of her guitar strings.
    • Lynn - Baseball hit her on the head.
    • Lana - Banged her hammer against her thumb.
    • Lola - Crashed her Princess Car.
    • Lisa - Rap a song that had the word.
      • Luan and Lucy were the only ones not shown to say the "D" word.
  • It's unknown if the siblings (minus Lily) were grounded for teaching Lily a curse word.
    • It's most likely they did get punished, but were punished off screen.
  • This is the only episode so far to have a bleep sound.
  • This is the first time Lisa has her chest uncovered onscreen.
  • This is the 5th episode where Lisa is seen without her glasses, the other 4 are "Picture Perfect", "Cover Girls", "Raw Deal" and "Making the Grade".
  • This is the fifteenth time Lincoln did not speak to the audience.
    • Episode 12 of Season 2 is the fourth episode where Lincoln does not speak to the viewers in either segment.
  • This episode reunited Mindy Sterling and Liliana Mumy, who previously worked on the Cartoon Network show Chowder.
  • There are clues that Lily meant "Donut", not "Dannit", throughout the episode:
    • When Lynn changes the channel to Operation: Dessert Storm, the cover title has donuts on it.
    • Lily attempted to get a donut from the snack plate meant for Dr. Shuttleworth.
    • Lily wanted a donut that Dr. Shuttleworth placed in her purse.
  • Moral: Watch your language in front of a younger person.


  • Grawlixes - The random characters used to cover up Lily's swearing in the title card are known as grawlixes, which are "typographical symbols standing for profanities, appearing in dialogue balloons in place of actual dialogue".
  • Teletubbies - Lily's appearance on the title card resembles the Baby Sun from this preschool show.
  • Sesame Street - When Lynn Sr. mentions a tie with a bird playing the saxophone, it is a homage to the Sesame Street character "Hoots The Owl."
  • Wii - The game remote Lincoln was was using in his flashback of yelling out the "D" word highly resembles a Wii Remote.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis - After crashing her car again, Lola mentions the Gangs of New York star by name as a euphemism for the "D" word.
  • Yooka-Laylee - There is an anthropomorphic talking pot from the game called "Potty Mouth".


  • Mindy Sterling, Dr. Shuttleworth's voice actress, isn't listed in the credits.
  • While Lily is saying da da da like Lynn during the plan of making Lily forgeting the D word, her eyelashes were missing.
  • While Luna is drumming with Lily, her eyelashes are missing.
  • During the beginning of the interview, Lily has eyebrows that she doesn't normally have.
  • Luan said "swap Lisa for Lily", when she meant "swap Lily for Lisa"

Running Gags

  • The Loud siblings saying the "D" word.
  • The Loud siblings trying to prevent Lily from saying the "D" word.
  • Lynn Sr.'s reaction to his ties.
  • The Loud siblings having their faces red when they are saying the "D" word.
  • A sound is played to block off the swear word.
  • A picture frame falls down and breaks.
  • Lincoln and Lana singing "Jingle Bells".