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Episode Information

"Picture Perfect" is the thirteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln tries to take a family photo for his parents' anniversary gift, but he has a hard time making it "perfect".


Lincoln has created a homemade coffee mug as an anniversary gift for his parents every year, but his sisters believe it to be a lame gift, with Lola accidentally blurting out that Mom and Dad put his "mugs" in the attic. When he goes into the attic and finds this information to be true, a heartbroken Lincoln worries about what he can give to his parents now. Luckily, he finds Dad's old camera, and gets the idea to take a family portrait to give to his parents.

Lincoln gathers the girls in the backyard for the photo shoot and they all hold a smile, as Lincoln sets the automatic timer. However, they get bored after a few seconds and go do their usual antics, as the picture gets taken, much to Lincoln's frustration. Feeling the photo isn't "perfect", Lincoln uses various methods to convince his sisters to take part in a new photo. As he does, he alters their appearances, stifles their natural habits, and puts matching sweaters on them.

As the timer is set, Lori asks Lincoln what was wrong with the other photo and he nervously admits that he thought they acted too much like themselves. The girls are deeply offended by his thoughts of them, so they put on "perfect" smiles for the camera out of spite for him. After the camera takes the picture, the girls leave Lincoln, apparently in a flash. As Lincoln walks through the house looking at the new picture and observing his sisters' true personalities, he sees how happy they are and begins to feel guilty about the way how he viewed them.

S1E07A sisters embrace Linc

Lincoln and his sisters sharing a group hug.

When the time comes to give Mom and Dad their present, Lincoln ends up giving the old photo instead of the "perfect" one. They love it so much that they decide to hang it above the mantle for all to see. Lincoln apologizes to his sisters, saying that their true selves are perfect enough for him, and they embrace in a group hug. However, as a final rub-in, Lincoln tells them they might as well put their gifts in the coffee mug box since their gifts will pale in comparison to his, which gets them all arguing with him... just the way he likes it. The episode ends with Lily throwing her diaper at Lincoln. 



  • It is revealed that Lincoln gives his parents a homemade coffee mug for their anniversary every year.
  • Both Leni and Lisa's glasses are shown to fit well on one another, despite their size differences.
  • This is the first time Leni's cell phone is seen.
  • This is the first episode where Lisa is seen without her glasses, the second is "Cover Girls", when she is dressed up as Luan, the third is "Raw Deal", and the fourth is "Making the Grade".
  • Moral: Accept your family as they are.


  • The Simpsons - The premise of this episode is vaguely similar to the Tracey Ullman short "Family Portrait".
  • Peanuts - The music played during the title card is reminiscent of "Peanuts".


  • When the siblings are smiling for the first picture, Lola appears to be missing one of her lower teeth.
  • Lincoln's chipped tooth is missing when they smile for the second picture.
  • When Lynn says that the "Coffee mug" is a pencil holder, part of her hair is missing.
  • After Lincoln makes Lucy smile for the second picture, Lily's pacifier is different.
  • When the kids shout out "Happy Anniversary!", Lucy was on the left side, but then she appears on the right side.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln calling his coffee mug one of his sisters' insults.
  • Lincoln repeatedly adding new elements to his image, annoying and/or frustrating his sisters.
  • Lincoln trying to change his sisters for who they are, in terms of behavior, and/or appearance.

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