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"Party Down" is the seventeenth episode of the second season and the sixty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


Lori throws a sophisticated party, but it backfires when her guests don't like what she has planned.


Rita tells Lori that she and Lynn Sr. are heading to the movies, and tells her to enjoy her party. Lynn Sr. offers a box of party props to spice up the party, but Lori informs them that she feels that she's too old for that type of party, and that she's throwing a sophisticated party. Lynn Sr. continues to try and use party props to see if Lori will go for it, but he eventually leaves, and Lori along with Leni and Bobby continue to set up for the party in the basement. Lori looks over the decor, and instructs Bobby on the proper way to spread the confetti. The rest of the siblings all show up, and are ready with their party supplies, such as Lola and Lana with giant bouncy balls, Lisa with a chocolate fountain, and Lincoln showing off his party tricks. The rest of the siblings love it, but Lori isn't thrilled at all, and informs them that it's going to be a sophisticated party, and that only the older siblings may attend. Lincoln attempts to make himself as one of the older siblings, but Lori denies him, and says that only Leni and Luna may attend. Luan pleads to be allowed to the party, and Lori reluctantly agrees to let her attend. Lincoln heads back to his room; upset but undeterred, he grabs a trunk from under his bed, and decides to get into the party by disguising himself.

Lincoln disguises himself in a Russian outfit, and uses an accent to trick Leni into letting him into the party. Leni says that she doesn't see him on the list, but he informs her that it's a shopping list, and she lets him in. At the party, Lori is trying to make her party great, starting by trying to get into a conversation with some of the guests. She's interrupted by the sound of Luna jamming on her guitar, and Lori forces her to stop, despite the fact that the guests were enjoying it. Luna tells Lori she was trying to liven things up, but Lori gives her a warning. Leni takes a picture of this, but Lori doesn't allow her to send it, and makes her take a sophisticated picture of herself instead. Lori then tries to get the guests attention with sophisticated party food, but the guests express silent disgust at the food she has prepared. Luan then cuts in and starts entertaining the guests with her ventriloquism. While the guests enjoy her comedy, Lori is not happy with this, and gives both her, and Mr. Coconuts a warning. Lori approaches the bored guests, and tries to get them to play charades, but eventually, Luna starts making music again with the laundry equipment and Lori is not happy with this. Luna protests that the guests liked her music, but Lori tells her to leave. Luan then continues making jokes with Mr. Coconuts, and she too is ordered to leave. Afterwards, Lori notices the disguised Lincoln entertaining the guests with his party tricks. One of the guests asks for more, but Lori grabs Lincoln, and scolds him for showing up after she told him he wasn't invited. He protests that his tricks are a hit with the guests, but she tells him it's below her sophisticated standards, and makes him leave. Lori apologizes to her guests for her siblings, but is oblivious to the fact that they find her sophisticated plans boring.

Lincoln goes upstairs and Luan sees that he got kicked out of Lori's party as well. Luna tells Lincoln to forget about it, and that they can go ahead and have their own party in the living room. Luna begins to jam on her guitar while the twins begin to dance along to it, Lynn comes in on one of the bouncy balls, Lucy is in her fortune telling outfit, and has the pets with her as she reads their fortunes. Lisa and Lily are enjoying Lisa's chocolate fountain, and Lisa is getting hyped up from the sugar. Lincoln agrees that this party is a lot more fun than the one that Lori is having in the basement, and starts to pull off his party tricks. The rest of the sisters love it, and they all have a great time with their own party.

Back at Lori's party, however, everyone is sitting around bored, while Lori is questioning why the party isn't a hit. Leni thinks the guests are having fun, but Lori brings up how one of the guests is doing his homework. Lori then tries to get everyone to enjoy themselves with line dancing, but the guests aren't thrilled with the idea. When Becky asks for a drink, Lori tells her in the form of a joke not till she gets a line dance from her, and Becky says that she has to leave. The rest of the guests soon follow, and Bobby tries to console Lori. Lori comes to the realization that her party was a bust, and tells Leni and Bobby that she wishes to be alone. Lincoln comes down to see what's up, and tells her that they're having fun upstairs, and invites her to their party.

S2E09B Everyone is dancing

Everyone is having fun with their party.

Lori goes to her siblings' party in the living room, and sees that they're having a blast. Lincoln informs them all that Lori will be joining their party, and the siblings all rejoice that Lori is now going to have fun. Lisa (who is now on a big sugar high) offers her a chocolate covered marshmallow, Lucy invites Lori to join her seance, Luan makes jokes with Mr. Coconuts, and Luna invites Lori to sing with her, as they both sing a Boyz Will Be Boyz song. Lynn and Lola are racing with the bouncy balls, when Lori decides to join in, and wins the race. Leni takes a picture of Lori having a great time, and posts it. The party guests (minus Bobby) all see the picture, and decide to head back to the Loud House to join the festivities. They all have fun, and Lori brings out the party props, as Rita and Lynn Sr. return home. Lori is worried that they're mad that she's having a wild party, but they assure her that they are thrilled that she's having a fun party, and the entire house continues to have a great time.


Teri, Dana, and Teri's boyfriend have no lines in this episode, although they were heard cheering and groaning.


  • In this episode, Luna reveals she's a bit of a smart-mouth with her line, "What's item 5? Put everyone to sleep?" (she probably learned this sarcasm from Lori) when Lori was lecturing her the first time she tried entertaining the guests with her music.
  • Eric Acosta, the writer of this episode, is well known for being one of the staff writers for the critically acclaimed Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty.
  • On the title card, Lincoln's image is inverted due to his mirror reflection on the balloons. Also, Lincoln's reflection is shown eight times.
  • Dana, Teri, and Teri's boyfriend from "Cheater by the Dozen" appear as party guests.
  • Like "No Guts, No Glori", the episode begins with Rita and Lynn Sr. leaving the house under Lori's care and returning in the end.
    • Also the siblings are worried they will be upset.
  • Lynn, Lincoln, and Lola dance like they danced in "Come Sale Away".
  • It is revealed that Lucy can read the past.
  • This is the fourth time that Lori doesn't wear her regular outfit for the entire episode. The first time was "Linc or Swim", the second was "Save the Date", and the third was "The Waiting Game".
  • Luan holds Mr. Coconuts throughout the whole episode.
  • Lincoln calls Becky "Babushka", which means "Grandma" in Russian.
  • In the Polish dub, Luna makes a Polish song reference "Śpiewać Każdy Może", written by Jonasz Kofta.
S2E09B Board to Final Comparison

Storyboard: Cheerful.
Final: Strict.

  • In the storyboard of Lori telling Luna not to play loud music according to her magazine, she has a cheerful expression, but in the final version, she has a more strict one.
  • In the United Kingdom, instead of Lori putting chocolate on her head, it was cut and replaced with a shot of her dancing, to avoid kids imitating it.
  • Irony: Lori feared her parents will be mad at her because she behaves in an unsophisticated way. However, in reality, that's what they expected from a teenager like her (which is why they wanted her to use the party props and joining in the fun).


  • Party Down - The title is likely a reference to the phrase "party on", or the 2009-2010 TV series of the same name.
  • Big Bang Theory - Luan/Mr. Coconuts said "Bazing" at the end of a joke in the episode, which is possibly a reference to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's catchphrase "Bazinga" which is used in a similar context.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The episode's plot is very similar to the half hour episode "Party Pooper Pants", as both episodes involve one of the main characters throwing a party, and the guests aren't having fun due to the host going by the rules and schedule.
  • AC/DC - The first riff Luna plays resembles "Let There Be Rock" by AC/DC.
  • We Bare Bears - The party Lori made that was sophisticated and mature, and eventually became carefree and exciting, is similar to the party the Bears made in the episode "My Clique".
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas - When the siblings are all having their party, there's a moment where Lisa is doing a repetitive dance that resembles a dance seen in the Charlie Brown special.
    • This is the second time we've seen that reference in the series, with the first being in "Two Boys and a Baby".
S2E09B Parents wearing lampshades

Lynn Sr. and Rita's Season 1 moment.

  • Season 1 - Near the end of the episode, when Lynn Sr. and Rita joined the party, they place lampshades on their heads, covering their faces. It is a reference to the show's first season, where their faces were never seen, due to them being animated like this.
  • Garfield - Joey looks like the titular character's owner, Jon Arbuckle. They even have similar names.
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - Chaz resembles Gunther Magnuson, Kick's best friend and sidekick, from the animated series directed and produced by Chris Savino.
  • Percy Spencer - Lisa's idea to have a chocolate fountain may possibly be a reference to the invention of the microwave oven.


  • Possible:
    • When Tad was leaving the party and said Becky was his ride, he calls her Rhonda. This could be that he didn't know her and that he just wanted to leave fast.
    • When the guests rang the doorbell, everyone else stopped what they were doing, but Lincoln kept dancing. Probably because he was enjoying the party.
  • After Rita and Lynn Sr. wear lampshades, his left arm is missing a patch.
    • When everyone watches Lincoln do the dance, Lynn Sr.'s sideburns next to his nose are missing when he pulls up the lampshade.
  • In the Brazilian dub credits, Tad is accredited as Tag.
  • While Luna and Lori are singing Boyz Will Be Boyz, their eyelashes were missing (only when their eyes are close).
    • Lori's eyelashes were also missing after she crossed the finish line during a bouncy ball race.
  • While the siblings and guests were enjoying the party after receiving party props, Lynn's eyelashes were missing.
  • The chocolate fountain is still filled after Lori poured it on herself.

Running Gags

  • Lori correcting her guests about behavior on the sophisticated party.
  • Lori reading the rules of throwing a sophisticated party.
  • Lori telling her siblings to stop their nonsense and leave.
  • Guests getting bored at Lori's party.
  • Guests enjoying the entertainment provided by Lori's siblings, only for Lori to ruin it.
  • Lincoln performing amazing party tricks.
  • Lynn, Lana, and Lola jumping on red bouncy balls.
  • Lisa feeling ecstatic after eating hefty amounts of chocolate.
  • Luna performing music to entertain everyone.
  • Lucy reading people's past and future through her fortune telling.
  • Joey doing his homework during Lori's party.


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