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"Out on a Limo" is the thirty-second episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln successfully wins a ride in a limo, but the high life experience begins to change him.


Lincoln has won a limo ride for eating his weight in fancy mustard, and his sisters are excited to ride with him. However, Lori claims that Lincoln should have fun with the limo himself, and he promises them that he'll pick them up to take them to the Burpin' Burger at 5:00 P.M. As Lincoln goes around town, he encounters another limo containing Lord Tetherby, heir to the tetherball fortune, who believes that Lincoln is another heir and befriends him.

Lincoln and Tetherby go around partaking in various activities with their limos. When 5:00 nears, Lincoln wants to pick up his sisters to take them to the Burpin' Burger but Tetherby advises him not to, saying that it's "not what people who own limos do". As Lincoln continues to have fun with Tetherby, his sisters angrily wait for three hours before Lincoln comes home. When they confront him, Lincoln rudely gives them the brush-off, saying that Tetherby has invited him to a party in his honor, where he will be welcomed into an exclusive club of limo owners.

On the way there, the limo gets stuck in traffic, and Lincoln horribly mistreats his chauffeur, Kirby. Suddenly, Lincoln's designated rental time expires, and Kirby kicks him out onto the highway. As he tries to get to Tetherby's mansion on foot, Lincoln gets attacked in an alley by stray dogs, gets his clothes torn, and gets hit with mud by a passing car. When he finally arrives at the party, Tetherby dumps him because he doesn't have a limo anymore, so he has security kick him out of the gate, and into a trash can.

S1E16B Limo sing-a-long

The siblings enjoying the limo ride while eating burgers.

Feeling guilty about his past behavior, Lincoln apologizes to Kirby, who agrees to let Lincoln ride in the limo for another day. Lincoln also apologizes to his sisters for how he treated them, and invites them to go to the Burpin' Burger with him, which they accept. After going through the drive-thru and picking up the food, Lincoln runs into Tetherby again, who invites him back to his exclusive club without his sisters now that he has the limo again, but Lincoln, not wanting anything more to do with him, refuses the offer, and he and his sisters spray him with mustard. As they drive off, they sing the Burpin' Burger jingle one last time.


Papa Wheelie has no lines in this episode.


  • The news reporter from "Butterfly Effect" returns in this episode.
  • Papa Wheelie from "Hand-Me-Downer" makes a cameo appearance, while drinking a Flipee at Flip's Food & Fuel.
  • All ten supporting characters were absent.
    • However, Rita was mentioned.
  • There are nine dollar signs on the title card.
  • Lord Tetherby popping the balloons that look like Lincoln is a visual representation of the phrase "bursting your bubble".
  • The positions of the glaring sisters when Lincoln arrives back home is similar to how they barged into Lincoln's room to find money in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", with the exception of Leni.
  • This is the only episode of Season 1 where Burpin' Burger appears in.


  • Out on a Limo - The episode title is a reference to the phrase "Out on a limb".
  • Grey Poupon - The multiple references connecting fancy mustard to limousines and other stereotypically "wealthy" pursuits pay homage to a popular series of 1980s commercials for the mustard depicting tuxedo-clad, English-accented gentlemen in limousines enjoying "life's finer pleasures" with the tagline "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"
  • Antonio Vivaldi - The limousine's horn is the classical music composition "The Four Seasons - Spring".
  • METRO - The logo on the bus at the right says METRO when the limousines pass by a crossing road. METRO is the other word of a transit center in urban areas.
  • Regular Show - Tetherby's appearance resembles both Pops and Maellard.


S1E16B Girls charging out

Lori and Lisa's missing bodies.

  • When the sisters are rushing out of the house to Lincoln's limo, Lori and Lisa's bodies are missing, showing them as just floating heads.
    • Also, Lily was inside the limo with her siblings, despite not being carried in by one of them.
  • Lola cannonballs into the pool without any problem, but in episodes like "Linc or Swim" and "Raw Deal", she only gets in the water when she wears protective wrap.
  • The watch where Lincoln sees the hour appears out of nowhere during the limo's parachuting scene, as well as Tetherby's watch, when talking with Lincoln in the yacht.
  • When the siblings are singing the Burpin' Burger jingle while riding in the limo and eating their food, Lynn's eyelashes were missing.
  • While Lincoln was looking out his window waiting for his limo to arrive, a newspaper delivery car passes by - some features on the vehicle (bumpers, windows, door handles, general outline of the car, and panels) were left uncolored, appearing completely black.
  • Possible: When Lincoln goes to Tetherby's party, he is wearing his "fancy clothes", which were ruined on the way, but the next morning he has them back. Possibly he got up earlier to convince Kirby to have the limo that extra day.

Running Gags

  • The siblings singing the Burpin' Burger jingle, followed by a loud belch.
  • Lincoln repeatedly getting injured on the way to the mansion, after getting kicked out of his own limo, and saying "The joke's on you!"
  • Lincoln calling Lord Tetherby different kinds of vegetables.
  • Someone mentioning mustard.
  • Someone saying "It just isn't done."

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