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"One of the Boys" is the forty-fifth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Annoyed by his sisters' antics, Lincoln wonders what his life would be like if he had brothers instead of sisters, and Lisa eventually decides to give him a glimpse into that reality.


Lincoln and Clyde are looking through the fridge for something to eat. After finding a jar of peanut butter, Lincoln sticks his finger in the peanut butter, and sticks it in his mouth. He then attempts to stick the same finger back into the jar, but Lola notices this, and starts to yell at Lincoln to have some class. Luan arrives with Mr. Coconuts to deliver a joke when suddenly, Lincoln burps in front of Luan, causing her to tell a joke that jabs at Lincoln. When Lincoln complains that life in the Loud House is always like this, following by a flashback of the times he was not satisfied by his sisters' actions. He waits for them to finish up in the bathroom, they gang up on him and groom him to make him look perfect for hanging out with Ronnie Anne, they reject his ideas of going somewhere fun and settle on going to the mall, and they try to treat him when he gets a thumb cramp. He then wishes that he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters.

That night, Lisa, who took what Lincoln said into consideration, has made a watch that can make a portal that will transport Lincoln into the world of his dreams. Lincoln takes the watch, and Lisa warns him that he needs to return back to his original world within 24 hours, or else he'll be stuck in the new dimension forever. With that in mind, Lincoln jumps in.

Lincoln lands in the hallway, but doesn't see any (noticeable) changes. Suddenly, the sisters (who are now boys) exit their rooms. Lincoln is ecstatic at this and to his surprise, they all want to go to Dairyland (with the brothers saying that it was Lincoln's idea). After their trip, they go over to Gus' Games and Grub to enjoy pizza. They arrive back home where they greet their parents (who are wearing inverted clothes) and quickly dogpile on Dad. Lincoln discovers that what used to be his bedroom is a closet and his bed is in Lynn and Lars' (Lynn and Lucy's) bedroom. Lincoln is having such a fun time here that he decides to stay in this world forever and tosses the watch away.

The next day, Lincoln wakes up and receives two horrible punches: one from Lynn (for waking him up) and one from Lars (for scratching his coffin). Lincoln attempts to use the bathroom, but is revealed to be a pigsty to his horror. Luke (Luna) agrees that the bathroom is messy and says that he and Lincoln should clean it. But Luke's method of "cleaning" involves him using Lincoln's head to scrub the toilet. Lincoln walks out and is mocked by his brothers because of this. He then trips and hurts his thumb. Loni (Leni) then tells him to just shake it off rather than console him like his sisters. Leon (Lily) then crawls towards him. Lincoln then asks him if he wants to kiss his "boo-boo" to make it better, to which Leon responds by biting his thumb, causing the brothers to laugh even harder.

Later, while getting ready for a date with Ronnie Anne, Lincoln sees Leif and Lexx (Lana and Lola) wearing his shirts. They then inform him that because they didn't have any clean shirts at the moment, they decided to wear his shirts instead, much to his annoyance. The brothers then proceed to make fun of him for his relationship with Ronnie Anne. Lane (Luan) then pulls Lincoln's pants up to his chest, then messes with his hair, annoying him even more. The brothers then dogpile onto him before giving him a "Loud House-style Dutch oven."

Lincoln, no longer able to take this world anymore, decides to head back to his own world. With five minutes left on the clock, Lincoln looks through the garbage can where he threw the watch away, but to his horror, the watch is gone. It turns out that Lexx found it and decides to play "Keep Away" with the watch, to which the nine other brothers join in. Lincoln tricks his brothers into dogpiling on Dad again and uses that distraction to take the watch back. With a few seconds left on the clock, Lincoln opens a portal and jumps in (but not before boy-Lynn pantses him one last time).

Lincoln falls through the portal and into a dimension that he initially believes is his original world (even happily finding that Bun-Bun's okay). But just as he exclaims how it apparently worked, the ten brothers burst into his room, making Lincoln think that didn't work. However, rather than be mean to Lincoln, the brothers all have looks of concern on their faces and are asking him if he's okay. When Lincoln expresses confusion as to why the brothers are seemingly being so nice to him all of a sudden, Loni asks, "Want us to stay until you fall asleep, Linka?" It's then that Lincoln finally takes a look around and realizes that he's now in a dimension where the genders of himself and his sisters are reversed...meaning that Linka Loud is the middle child and only daughter of the eleven Loud children.

S1E23A Sisters hug Lincoln

Lincoln is happy with his ten caring sisters, instead of ten abusive brothers.

Lincoln suddenly wakes up, realizing that the entire ordeal was just some strange nightmare that he was having. The sisters, who heard their brother screaming, barge into his room and ask if he's okay. Lincoln assures them that he's fine and expresses his thankfulness on having sisters instead of brothers (confusing his sisters until he claims that he was talking about nuns). When Leni finds a watch on the floor and asks Lincoln if he knows who it belongs to, Lincoln mistakes it for the portal watch from his dream and quickly destroys it. But as it turns out, the watch actually belonged to Lori who, naturally, is mad that her brother destroyed her watch. When she claims that Lincoln's going to pay for it, he at first thinks this means that Lori's going to give him a swirlie, but she explains that she means he'll literally pay for it (as in, buy her a new watch with his own money).

After his sisters leave his room, Lincoln tells the viewers that he loves them for who they are, and that he's glad that his sisters are nothing like his brothers. However, Lynn comes back, and pantses Lincoln, causing him to annoyingly remark "except for Lynn," who acts the same way whether as a boy or a girl.


Luna, Lucy, and Clyde's female counterpart have no lines in this episode.


  • It is shown in this episode that Lori has a habit of having "health food-kicks".
  • Lola makes a quick cameo at the beginning outside of the house, having a tea party with some of her stuffed animals.
  • When Lincoln asked Clyde if he was imagining Lori on the beach again, there was a jar in the fridge that was labeled "DO NOT OPEN -LISA".
  • Lincoln sounds much higher pitched because this the first episode where Lincoln is voiced by Collin Dean, due to Grant Palmer hitting puberty after the previous episode.
    • Lincoln did not get an alternate girl voice because Collin Dean's voice is naturally very high in pitch.
    • Lincoln's voice remains the same in other international dubs.
  • The counterparts of the 4 oldest Loud siblings are voiced by the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actors: Seth Green (Leonardo (Seasons 3-5)) as Loki (Lori's male counterpart), Sean Astin (Raphael) as Loni (Leni's male counterpart), Greg Cipes (Michelangelo) as Luke (Luna's male counterpart), and Rob Paulsen (Donatello) as Lane (Luan's male counterpart). However, since they're unrelated, it's not the same in other international dubs.
    • As for the other 7 Loud siblings, their counterparts each share the same voice actor/actress as them.
  • Although Luna and Lucy don't speak in this episode, their male counterparts (Luke and Lars) do.
  • Luna's voice actresses didn't work in this episode (although the Polish dubber did), but Lucy's voice actresses did already work there (although not for the Brazilian dub case).
  • In the dimension where Lincoln has ten brothers instead of ten sisters, all ten of the brothers have the same interests as the sisters do, but in terms of personality, they all seem to be the same unsophisticated ruffian and have no individual traits. In other words, Lincoln having ten brothers is basically like having ten Lynns.
    • Unlike his sisters, who while they can be harsh and kind of mean to Lincoln at times, but still care deeply about him, his brothers are all even worse and don't seem to show any sort of love or concern towards Lincoln (including the younger siblings, for some reason), and are only nice when they're having fun. For example, Lexx at one point calls Lincoln a loser, which is an insult that none of his sisters have ever called him (although Lynn does call all of her siblings that in a later episode).
    • However, the dimension with Linka Loud seems to be more or less exactly the same as Lincoln's original dimension, as the brothers are shown to be just as caring and protective of their sister as the sisters are of Lincoln.
    • Then again, this was all just a dream, so whether or not any of this is actually true, is open to debate.
  • Most of the brothers are disrespectful towards their father, as they dog pile onto him whenever they have a chance.
  • Leon was the only Loud brother who didn't participate in dogpiling Lynn Sr. and Lincoln. He also didn't take part in the "Loud House-styled" Dutch oven directed towards Lincoln either.
    • This is most likely because Leon is an infant.
  • Lynn is Lincoln's only sister whose male counterpart shares the same name as her, mostly because Lynn is technically a unisex name (although it is more common as a girl's name).
    • In fact, Lynn's male counterpart is pretty much the same as herself, only harsher.
  • Ronnie Anne is mentioned in this episode, but doesn't appear physically. It is unknown what the name of her male counterpart is in the world with Linka Loud (assuming there is one).
  • This is the first episode to feature another world, the other being "White Hare".
  • This is the second episode where everything was a fantasy, the first was "Butterfly Effect", and third one being "White Hare".
  • From this episode onwards, Leni's sleeping mask is now blue and features a pair of closed eyes.
  • This is the third time Lincoln was naked onscreen, after "Making the Case" and "In Tents Debate".
  • With this episode, Grey Griffin is the voice actress who interpreted the most characters in one episode.
  • When everyone is waiting in line for the bathroom, Lynn and Lisa are in their pajamas while everyone else is in their bathrobes.
  • Lane and Leif (Luan and Lana's male counterparts) are the only brothers who were not referred to by name.
    • Leon (Lily's male counterpart) is the only brother whose name is mentioned more than once. Both Levi and Lincoln call him by his name once each.
  • This is the second time that Lincoln is teased because of him dating someone (he was teased by his brothers), the first time was in "Save the Date" (he was teased by his classmates).
  • In the Latin American dub, when Lars says "Luke flushed him", he says it in an innuendo form ("Duerme con los peces", which means "He sleeps with the fishes").
  • 4th Wall Break: Clyde pops his fantasy balloon of Lori in a bikini at the beach.
  • Irony:
    • Lincoln experienced in his nightmare, Lynn taking his pants off soon before Lynn did it again in the real world. Lincoln could have expected this and grabbed his pants to prevent it.
    • Lola, Luan, and Lisa all find Lincoln gross and disgusting in the beginning. Despite the fact that two of their siblings (Lynn and Lana) does gross things more often than Lincoln.
    • In both realities, Lincoln's siblings were caring only if he was the only sibling of the opposite sex.


  • One of the Boys - The title of this episode might be a reference to Katy Perry's 2008 album with the same name.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The episode is similar to the episode "The Algae's Always Greener".
    • Malcolm in the Middle - The episode is also similar to the episode "If Boys Were Girls".
    • Dexter's Laboratory - The episode is also similar to the episode "Oh Brother", which Chris Savino co-directed.
      • Levi (Lisa's male counterpart), looks similar to Dexter as well.
  • Elvis Presley - Luke (Luna's male counterpart) has a hairstyle similar to Elvis Presley's hair.
  • GAP - At the Royal Woods Mall, a store that is having a sale is called Bap, which is a parody of the chain of retail clothing stores.
  • Shrek - Lane (Luan's male counterpart) resembles Pinocchio.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Luan's line, "It's cloudy with a chance of you're disgusting", is a reference to the book and 2009 film.
  • The Dark Side of the Moon - In Loki and Loni's room a poster of the Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of the Moon, can be seen.


  • Lincoln only had 24 hours to leave the dimension, which began and ends at 10:30. When he only had five minutes left, instead of being 10:25, it was 10:30 on the clocks on the second floor.
    • Also, when they were playing "Keep Away" the clock marks there's only 1:20 minutes left, and the living room clock marks 10:30.
    • Also before, when Lincoln ask to Leif and Lexx (Lana and Lola) why they were using his shirts the clock in the living room was in 10:30, just in the limit time.
  • When Leif said "Bye Mom!" to Rita, he spoke in Lana's voice.
  • When Lincoln came out of the portal after leaving the brother dimension, his silhouette shows that he has his normal hairstyle instead of his Linka hairstyle.
  • When Lynn is waiting for the bathroom, she is in her pajamas, but when she comes out she's wearing her bathrobe. However, it's possible that her bathrobe was already in the bathroom.
    • Also, if you look closely when she comes out of the bathroom barefoot, it shows that she has two left feet instead of a left and right one.
  • Normally, Lynn sleeps in knee-high socks, but in this episode, her socks are ankle socks.
  • In the Latin American dub of the episode, three lines are silent: "Clear!" (Lisa), "Will you be joining us, Lincoln?" (Levi) and "Say uncle!" (Luke).
  • In the Italian dub, two lines are silent: "62! Hut!" (Boy Lynn), and "Will you be joining us, Lincoln?" (Levi).
  • In the credits, Linka is missing.

Running Gags

  • Lynn punching Lincoln and pulling his pants down.
  • The Loud brothers insulting and making fun of Lincoln.
  • The sisters annoying Lincoln.
  • The Loud brothers dogpiling on Lynn Sr. and shouting "Say uncle!".
  • Lincoln mentioning his sisters, leading to another character being confused at this and him replying that he was referring to nuns. (Leni and her male counterpart, Loni)

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