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"Not a Loud" is the forty-forth episode of the second season and the ninety-sixth episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln discovers the first page of his baby book is blank, he worries his parents are hiding something.


Lincoln and Clyde are in the attic, trying to find Lincoln's baby book, because his class is requiring the students to do a report about their birth story, and Lincoln is going to do his the next day. After some digging up, Lincoln finds his baby book, but to his discovery, the page detailing his birth story is blank. Lincoln asks his parents if they know the story, but they both exchange inaccurate information. Thinking his parents are hiding the truth about his birth story, Lincoln and Clyde decide to do some investigating to find the truth.

  • First, Lincoln asks Lori if she knows his birth story, and Lori says that while Pop-Pop was watching the girls, a scientist came in, holding the infant Lincoln. Lincoln and Clyde admit that it doesn't make much sense, but Lincoln theorizes that he wasn't born, he was made. Digging through his DVD collection, he compares himself to a movie character that was built by a scientist. Despite not having any characteristics of the character, Lincoln and Clyde decide to do a field test. First, Lincoln tries to see if he has super-strength by trying to support a ton of items, but to no avail. Second, Lincoln tries to see if he has super speed, but as he runs, it turns out he's slower than the max speed of Scoots' scooter.
  • Second, Lincoln and Clyde ask Leni is she knows his birth story, and Leni, claiming she knows it, says that Lincoln was carried in by an eagle. Lincoln realizes that he could be like a character on one of his DVDs that's half human/half eagle. Thinking he doesn't have the characteristics of an eagle, Lincoln and Clyde propose another field test. First, Lincoln tries to see if he can fly, but falls immediately after jumping. Second, Clyde tries to feed Lincoln worms, but upon eating a worm, Lincoln gets nauseous, and vomits nonstop.
  • Third, Lincoln and Clyde ask Luna, and says that while Mom and Dad were bringing the infant Lincoln into the house, a bunch of men in black surrounded the house. Clyde thinks that Lincoln could be an alien due to one of his DVDs, and once again, propose another field test. Lincoln tries to see if he had alien powers by trying to open the bathroom door telekinetically, but as he tries, Lana opens it at that exact moment. When Clyde says that aliens are able to regenerate chopped off limbs, Lincoln, not wanting to endure that, immediately declares that he's not an alien.
  • Fourth, Lincoln and Clyde ask Luan, and Luan states that they were expecting another girl. When Lincoln questions why they think they would've had another girl, Luan states that his room was already decorated like a girl's room, and thought they had brought home the wrong baby. Lincoln realizes, that just like a character on one of his DVDs, he might have been switched with another family's baby, and proceed to do some research. After going through all of the birth records, Lincoln and Clyde proceed to investigate on different families to see which one has Lincoln's characteristics.

After turning down a family where the members are tall, a family with rather large noses, and a family with red hair, Lincoln and Clyde arrive to a house where the parents have white hair. If that wasn't surprising, they discover that their daughter has hair shaped exactly like Lori's, plays guitar like Luna, and likes spicy subs (just like Lynn). With this information, Lincoln comes to the conclusion that those are his real parents, but decides to have a chat with his quote-unquote "parents".

Back at the Loud House, Lincoln confronts Rita and Lynn Sr., saying that a family with white hair has a daughter that has the characteristics of a Loud, and chews them out by saying that they knew they were going to get another girl, so they paid a doctor to switch babies with another family so they can get a boy. However, Rita and Lynn Sr. laugh at that concept, because according to them, it's false. Rita and Lynn Sr. decide to tell Lincoln the story of his birth: 11 years ago, Rita was pregnant with Lincoln. Suddenly, Rita's water finally broke, prompting her and Lynn Sr. to head off to the hospital (but not until calling up Pop-Pop to watch the sisters). However, during the trip to the hospital, Vanzilla broke down, and while Lynn Sr. was trying to grab attention so he and Rita can hitch a ride, a limousine pulled to the side. To Lynn Sr.'s surprise, the ones in the limousine were the President and the First Lady. After explaining their predicament, the President offered to take them to the hospital. During the ride, Rita was about to give birth to Lincoln before they could make it to the hospital, prompting the President to deliver him himself, but passed out in the process, prompting the First Lady to deliver Lincoln herself, and the delivery was a success. After explaining the story, they tell Lincoln that the reason why they never told him about his birth story sooner was because the President was heading to a secret safe house in Royal Woods that day, and state that they signed an agreement to never talk about it to anyone.

Lincoln reminds them of the inaccurate information his sisters provided, such as his room being decorated like a girl's, the men in black, the scientist, and being carried like an eagle. They clear those details up by saying that the room looking like a girl's is because they were just using some of the items owned by their first five children, the men in black was secret service, the scientist was actually the First Lady wearing equipment from the limousine's first aid kit, and the eagle was actually a blanket given to them by the President and the First Lady. Excited that he now knows his birth story, Lincoln decides to use that information for his school report, but his parents remind him that they have an agreement to never speak about it in public.

As Lincoln and Clyde read comics in the former's room, happy that they now know the whole story, Clyde is still perplexed as to why Lincoln has white hair. When Lincoln realizes that he could be just like a character on one of Lincoln's DVDs, he and Clyde prepare to do another field test.


The President and the First Lady have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the last episode to air before Chris Savino's firing on October 19, 2017, for sexual misconduct.
  • There was a popular fan theory in the Loud House community, stating that Lincoln was adopted, because he's the only boy in a house full of girls, and because he has white hair, none of which his sisters have (which he starts to question at the end). This episode was made to debunk that theory, proving that Lincoln is indeed a biological member of the Loud family.
  • This episode reveals that the First Lady of the United States was the one who delivered Lincoln, and the reason why Lincoln was never informed of this information was because Rita and Lynn Sr. agreed by contract to keep it confidential.
  • It is revealed that Lincoln has had Bun-Bun since he was a toddler.
  • Lynn, Lucy, Lisa, Lily, and Lola are absent in this episode.
    • However, Lynn and Lucy can be seen as babies.
  • Lynn is Lincoln's only older sister to be absent in this episode, while Lana is his only younger sister to appear.
  • This is the fourth episode to involve pictures/photos, with the first three being "Picture Perfect", "The Whole Picture", and "Out of the Picture".
    • This is also the first picture-themed episode to not have "picture" in the title.
  • The title sounds similar to its sister episode.
  • As shown on Lori's baby photo, Lori was born with a pointed head, no hair, and webbed feet.
  • This episode premiered on the 50th anniversary of Disney's 1967 animated feature film, The Jungle Book.
  • All of the names on the birth records are actually the names of The Loud House staff:


  • Not a Loud - The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "not allowed".
  • The Simpsons - The prologue of this episode is similar to the episode "And Maggie Makes Three", since both episodes involve the main characters questioning why a certain character's baby pictures are missing from the photo album.
  • Eddie the Eagle - One of Lincoln's DVDs, "Erik the Eagle Boy" has an extremely similar name to this 2016 biographical film.


S2E23B promo - baby luna
  • Possible:
    • Luna's baby book indicates that she was into music at a very young age, when she actually got into music at 13 years old, as shown in "For Bros About to Rock". It could be possible Luna was referring to rock music, not just music in general.
    • The fact that the siblings have baby books contradict the events of "The Whole Picture", since it was shown that all of their childhood photos were on the computer. It's possible the photos Lincoln had on the computer were also in his baby book.

Running Gags

  • Whenever one of Lincoln's older sisters tell Lincoln the story of his birth...
    • ...Lincoln would compare himself to a character on a DVD he owns...
    • ...Clyde would state "That would explain the white hair."...
    • ...Lincoln would point out a characteristic the character has that he doesn't...
    • ...Lincoln and Clyde would propose a field test, that results in failure.
  • Rita and Lynn Sr. trying to avoid telling Lincoln his birth story.
  • Lincoln and Clyde observing different families.
    • Noticing the daughter having similar traits to his sisters.
    • Then the family would show traits different from Lincoln, and the boys would say "or maybe not."