The Noise-B-Gone 2000 earbuds are a top-notch noise remover that appeared in "Sound of Silence".


Noise-B-Gone, as the name suggests, blocks out any, and all unwanted commotion by inserting the earbuds into one's ears. It can tune out all noise with the serene sound of birds, crickets chirping, wind chimes, water trickling, or ocean waves. This gives one the ability to enjoy a little personal time, and not worry about anymore disturbances. Of course, the one drawback is that you cannot hear what anyone is saying when they wish to speak to you.


One day, Lincoln got a new comic, but couldn't read it, because his sisters were causing too much of a commotion and disturbing him, thus disallowing him a moment's peace. When he saw the commercial for the product on TV, he was immediately convinced, and sent out for a same day delivery of a pair. At first, it worked very well to his favor as it was able to let him get some peace and quiet that he had been yearning for all day. His sisters wanted to talk to him about a few things and, not knowing what they were saying, Lincoln just agreed with their words to avoid any conflict. The worst case of all was when Lola wanted to talk to Lincoln about whether or not she was using too much mascara. Since he couldn't hear anything she was saying, he just agreed with what she was saying, thus confusing her. However, she found the package in the wastebasket and told the other girls, except Lisa, about the earbuds. She then came up with a plan to get back at Lincoln for ignoring them.

The next day, Lola told Lincoln to do something for her by 3:00, but Lincoln didn't know what she was talking about. All throughout the day, Lincoln was put through some menial tasks that he presumably promised his sisters. He sparred with Lynn in kickboxing, helped Leni with her latest fashion design, and was used as a footrest for Lori. Since Lincoln was wearing the earbuds, he didn't hear what they wanted his help with. They all told him that if Lola gets mad at him for forgetting his promise to her, she will do something horrible to him, just like she did to them. When 3:00 came, Lola was furious at Lincoln, and he confessed that he didn't hear her, because of the earbuds, but Lola calmed down, and said she knew about it all along, and got the others to be in on a scare tactic to teach Lincoln a lesson about ignoring them. However, Lisa was the one and only sister that was not aware of this, and told Lincoln that he forgot to help her with an experiment. Lincoln thought she was in on it, but she didn't know what he was talking about. Seeing the earbuds, she grabbed them, plugged them in, and hid under his bed, while her experiment gone wrong causes an explosion that deafens the remaining siblings.

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