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"No Place Like Homeschool" is the seventh episode of the third season and one-hundred-eighth episode of The Loud House.


Thinking it looks like fun, the other kids try to get in on Lola's home-schooling.


Lori reminds her siblings that they need to get ready for school. As the siblings wait for Luna to finish up showering, Lola is shown to be the only one not getting ready. It turns out that Lola is being homeschooled, since it's pageant season, and needs more time to practice. The siblings are complaining about the fact that they have busy schedules as well, yet they still have to go to regular school. Lincoln, in the form of a presentation, is seeking permission from Rita and Lynn Sr. if they can be homeschooled. They agree, but on one condition: they need to get their work done, or else they'll be forced to go back to regular school.

Now that they're homeschooled, the siblings are free to do whatever they want all day. However, Lola keeps reminding her siblings that they need to work on their assignments soon. The siblings attempt to get some work done, but they can't get through the first page of their workbook without getting distracted. At night, the siblings are getting themselves ready for bed, but Lola reminds them that they need to take a test tomorrow, because it's required to make sure they studied, much to their horror.

In Lori and Leni's room, the siblings are panicking, since they made no effort in studying. Lisa's initially not worried, but to her discovery, her test will involve an arts and crafts project, which she is not good at (due to stubby fingers). Lincoln insists that they pull an all-nighter to study, and everyone proposes to do it in Lisa's underground bunker. Upon entering, the siblings are irritated at the distractions they cause. Realizing that studying by themselves isn't the best solution, Lincoln insists that they ask Lola for help, despite the fact that she needs eight hours of sleep, or else she won't function. Despite that, they decide to ask Lola for help, and Lola reluctantly agrees. The next day, the siblings take their tests, and they all end up passing, except for Lola, whose lack of sleep resulted in her leaving her test unfinished. As a result, Lola is forced to go back to regular school the upcoming Monday. This leaves the remaining siblings feeling bad for Lola.

S3E04B Siblings hug

Homeschool is only for those that need it most.

On Monday, as Lola gets up to get ready for school, the remaining siblings are shown to be waiting in line for the bathroom. Lola is confused as to why her siblings are up so early, and they explain that they're going back to regular school, because they told their parents what happened, and agreed to give her a second chance. Happy with their sacrifice, Lola engages in a group hug, only to be cut short when they hear the bus outside. Rushing outside, it turns out to be a vintage CD Mr. Grouse recently bought that made the sounds of a bus, much to their annoyance.



S3E04B Script

The episode's released script.



  • When Lola learns that she has been given a second chance at being homeschooled, she's wearing her pink gloves. But when she engages in a group hug, she's not wearing them anymore.
    • Also, in some parts of the scene, her right eyelashes are missing.

Running Gags

  • The siblings slacking off instead of doing their work.
  • Lola reminding her siblings to get their work done.
  • Mr. Grouse playing his vintage CDs that easily distracts the siblings.

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