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Episode Information

"No Guts, No Glori" is the sixth episode of The Loud House.


When Lincoln is tired of Lori bossing everyone around when their parents are out, he decides to be in charge.


It's Friday night, and Mr. and Mrs. Loud are going out on a date. This is bad news for the Loud kids since Lori is in charge, and apparently takes glee in bossing them around. She won't let Luna rock out, Lana make mud pies, Leni talk on the phone, or Lincoln play his new video game. Dressing up as a military drill sergeant, she instructs them that they will have a very boring evening, to which they obey.

Lincoln invites his other sisters to sneak into his room and suggests a plan to overthrow "The Queen of No". After distracting Lori, the others ambush and tie her to a chair. The other sisters vote for Lincoln to be their new babysitter and, despite her warning that Lincoln won't make a good leader and that the house will fall apart without her, they confine Lori to her room with Lola on guard duty.

However, Lori's warning proves to be true; in under five minutes, the kids mess up the house with their roughhousing and destructive antics. Lincoln attempts to get them to stop, but they refuse to so, derisively calling him Lori. Realizing that Lori is the only one who can stop the chaos, he tries to get Lola to release her but she instead knocks him out with a golf club and ties him to a chair.

S1E03B Linc and Lori gaming

Lincoln and Lori playing video games together.

Upon using Geo to free himself, Lincoln makes his way into Lori's room through her window and begs her to help him. She refuses at first, but expects the help. The two make their way downstairs, and Lori uses glitter to distract Lola and the warning that Mom and Dad will be home in ten minutes to get the other sisters to cease their madness and clean up the house, and they have to do it fast since she gets a call saying that they will be home really soon. Under Lori's authority and through Luna's cleaning montage, the kids manage to clean the giant mess just as their parents get home. Lori joins Lincoln in playing his new game, both having learned that you can't say "no" all the time, and all is well until Dad notices his broken golf club which Lola used to knock out Lincoln earlier, as Lori and Lincoln stare at each other in shock, knowing that they're in huge trouble.


Luan has no lines in this episode, but was heard both obeying Lori's command with her other siblings, and laughing when she chases Leni.


  • Friday the 13th
  • 6:00 PM - Lincoln calls everyone
  • The episode takes place on Friday the 13th, a day often considered to bring superstitious misfortune. Coincidentally, this episode premiered in the US on a week that had a Friday the 13th.
    • The calendar only has 28 days, which indicates that this episode takes place in February.
  • This is the first title card where both Lincoln and Lori are seen.
  • This is the first episode where one of Lincoln's sister's names appears in the title.
  • Luan chases Leni with a fake spider, which she would do again in "Along Came a Sister".
  • It's revealed that Lola really likes glitter.
  • It's revealed that Lori's the only Loud sibling who can keep the house from ending up in a pile of rubble or ashes.
  • It's revealed that when Lola is not wearing her pink gloves, her finger nails are painted pink.
  • This is the second episode to take place only at night, following "Left in the Dark".
  • So far, this is the only episode where Lola has said the word "sorry" (not counting "Heavy Meddle" where all the sisters are heard attempting to apologize to Lincoln in unison).
  • This is the first time Luan appears without any lines of dialogue.
    • As a result, she never tells a pun or joke in this episode.
  • It is revealed that the Loud family also own 4 pet fish.
    • So far, this is their only appearance.
  • During the scene where the sisters sneak past Lori's room into Lincoln's room, Lana is wearing the shades she had in "Get the Message".
  • Cristina Pucelli doesn't appear in the end credits for this episode, despite the fact that Luan is heard laughing when she is chasing Leni.
  • Lincoln, Lori, and Lola were the only Loud siblings not to cause any disasters.
    • This is because Lori is originally put in charge, Lincoln takes over for her when he overthrows her, and Lola stands guard to Lori and Leni's room.
  • The situations made by the Loud sisters:
    • Leni and Luan: The former being chased while on the house phone by the latter's fake spider.
    • Luna: Playing her music too loud.
    • Lynn: Pouring dirt and using a water hose for her dirt bike.
    • Lucy and Lana: Having a food fight.
    • Lisa: Doing her weird science experiments.
    • Lily: Running around without her diaper on.
  • Moral: Iron fist rule is necessary sometimes, but not all the time.


  • No Guts, No Glori - The title is a portmanteau of the phrase "no guts, no glory", and the name "Lori".
  • Street Fighter - The title screen for Lincoln's game is in a similar font to the popular Capcom fighting series.
  • Futurama - The premise has some slight similarities to the episode "Brannigan, Begin Again" in which Fry and Bender are tired of Leela being such a stern captain, then plot a mutiny, and then need to make Leela captain again, when they are in a jam, and need her to get them out of it.
  • NES and Nintendo 64 - The game console Lincoln has seems to have some similarities with the Nintendo Entertainment System, in terms of its design, but the game cartridges for it, look more like Nintendo 64 games.
  • AC/DC - Before Luna starts to jam on her guitar with her numerous amps setup. She says "For those about to rock" which is a reference to the song For Those About to Rock We Salute You. This being the first time a AC/DC song was referenced in the show, before "For Bros About to Rock", and "Cereal Offender".
  • Beyoncé - When Lincoln and Lori were in the living room, the song "Who Run The World, GIRLS!" by Beyoncé in the scene.


  • When the Loud siblings are carrying Lori while she's tied up in the chair, her slip-ons are black instead of blue.
S1E03B Lori laughing mainically

Lori's shoes, and eyelid are colored wrong.

  • When Lori starts to laugh at Lincoln being left in charge, her eyelid is her skin tone, not the color of her eye shadow.
  • When Lori pulls out the schedule of the evening, the title up top says "Lori's Rules" instead of "Lori's Schedule".
S1E03B Lori's rules

Lori's Schedule is spelled wrong.

  • In one of the behind the scenes gifs, Lincoln's skin turns red while shaking angry, and rushes to stop, but in the episode, he did shake with anger, his skin turns red, and he didn't rush to stop his sisters.
  • In another one of those behind the scenes gifs, Lana is grabbing all of the meatballs from the bowl, but in the episodes, she didn't grab all of the meatballs from the bowl, but she was holding some.
  • Luan has camouflage on her, but when Leni comes in Lincoln's room for the meeting, the camouflage disappears.
  • Lincoln got hit by a slice of pizza and waffles in Lucy and Lana's food fight, but in the next scene, Lincoln doesn't have food on him.
  • Right after Lincoln takes away the whistle from Lori and broke the string, the string of the whistle is somehow fixed.
  • In another one of those behind the scenes gifs, the colors of the explosion smoke from Lisa and Lily's room used to be black, but in the episode, it was green.
  • Lincoln's hands are shown in this episode, but in another one of those behind the scenes gifs, his hands aren't shown.
  • When Lincoln said "No guitar playing!" to Luna, her eyelashes are missing.
  • When Lisa's creature grabs Lily with its tentacle in the scene where the sisters clean up, Lily is shown to be giggling but no giggling sound is heard.
  • In the Latin American version, all of the siblings (including Lana) says "Ma'am, yes ma'am!". So, it wouldn't make sense for Lori to glare at Lana for addressing her properly like how she did in the English version when she called her "sir".

Running Gag

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