The Loud House - Let's Play 'Name that Loud!'02:20

The Loud House - Let's Play 'Name that Loud!'

Name That Loud is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released in September 2016.


The video is in the style of a game show setup. The rules are simple. The host will ask the viewer certain questions to test their knowledge of the show. The viewer must then respond as loud as they can if they know the answer. A timer is then shown to give the viewers a few seconds to guess the correct answer. When time runs out, the answer is revealed, followed by an incorrect answer as a joke.

Question 1: Who is this?
Correct answer: Lisa
Incorrect answer: Bob the janitor

Question 2: Which Loud said this?
Quote: [babbling] Hi!
Correct answer: Lily
Incorrect answer: A kangaroo

Question 3: Which Loud would be wearing these shoes?
(The shoes are flip-flops with bows)
Correct answer: Leni
Incorrect answer: A grilled cheese sandwich

Question 4: What character can be seen holding this?
(The object is a comic book)
Correct answer: Lincoln
Incorrect answer: Kaw-kaw-kaw-kaw-kaw (the host assumes the player is a bird)

Final question: Whose room is this?
Correct answer: Lana and Lola's
There is no incorrect answer as the host states that it is in fact both their room.

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