Ms. Lola Loud's 'Beauty Pageant' Song The Loud House Nick

Ms. Lola Loud's Beauty Pageant Song is a promotional video on Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It is dedicated to Lola Loud. It was released on July 31, 2017.

Grey Griffin (Lola)


Who's the girl looking in the mirror?
It's Lola Loud, and it couldn't be clearer.
Pink dress and a sparking tiara.
Other beauty prize cutie pies all fear her.
She's got more power than an army.
And you're invited to her fancy tea party.
Fiery stare and some hair so golden.
These are some of her greatest moments.
Princess makeover time!
I am a hideous monster.
Smell 'em!
Eyes forward, chin up, tushie clenched.
Go Lola! Uh uh!
She's one of eleven.
Determined to be the next Miss Cute and Mean
She's not even seven,
but you can bet that she's the ultimate beauty pageant princess queen.
She gets her way no matter the cost
And she may be a kid, but she's a boss
You can't think of another girl
more likely to take over the world.
You got that right.
Lincoln: Woo-hoo! That's my sister!


  • This is the first Loud House song to mainly focus on one of the characters.
  • In the lyric "She's got more power than an army", she takes Lisa's place in the tank in "Snow Bored".


  • At the end, Lola appeared twice. Edited onto the stage, and pulling Lincoln in.
  • The YouTube upload of this song used the outro with the live-action Nickelodeon stars rather than the outro with Nicktoon characters.

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