This page shows all Mr. Grouse's different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E25A Never heard of night fishing? "The Price of Admission" He wears his green sweater, orange boots, a fishing hat, and a coat to fish during the night.

Season Two

S2E01 Mr. Grouse returns home "11 Louds a Leapin'" He wears a blue coat, a lighter blue scarf and mittens, and a reddish-brown snow hat when retrieving his newspaper.
S2E01 Mr. Grouse would like to say something He wears a green vest with dark green diamonds that Leni made for him (which was made from his window curtains).
S2E01 Lisa's photo of Santa He disguises himself as Santa Claus.
S2E01 Lincoln thanks Mr. Grouse He wears the same reddish-brown snow hat, light blue mittens, and a brown coat when heading off to meet his family.
S2E07B Mr. Grouse finished eating lasagna "The Whole Picture" Mr. Grouse dresses as Santa in order to help Lincoln restage his childhood photos.
S2E16B Good thing I brought a log "Job Insecurity" Mr. Grouse wears a wig while impersonating Lynn Sr. for an IT job.
S2E18A Mr. Grouse recites the states again "Change of Heart" While gardening, Mr. Grouse was wearing a straw hat, a white shirt, and dark blue overalls.

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