Mr. Coconuts is Luan's ventriloquist dummy. He is a recurring character in the series, a minor character in the first season, and a major character from Season 2 to present.


Mr. Coconuts is Luan's ventriloquist dummy, that she sometimes uses for her comedy material. Just like with most ventriloquists, Luan moves his lips up and down to project the illusion of speech, by talking through clenched teeth. Whenever she sets up a joke, she has him deliver it, and laughs at his punchlines. Unlike Colonel Crackers, Mr. Coconuts does not have a voice of his own. He has never been seen moving when he is not being controlled by Luan.


Mr. Coconuts has big eyes with over-exaggerated pupils that look like coconuts, hence the name, orange hair in a pompadour, and enlarged dimples with painted freckles. He wears a yellow barbershop hat, a light blue buttoned jacket, jeans, yellow shoes, and a red bow tie.

Alternate Versions and Alter-egos

S1E23A Male Luan appears
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"Mrs." Coconuts appears as a female dummy in the episode "One of the Boys".


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