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Mick Swagger is a recurring character in The Loud House. He's a famous singer, and the leader of a rock band (whose name is still unknown). He has had his rock career for 40 years. Luna is a big fan of him, and sees him as her hero.

Mick is first mentioned in "Making the Case" by Luna, where she was imitating Mick's rock pose, ripping her pants in the process. He makes a brief cameo in "Sleuth or Consequences", being pursued by Luna to obtain a lock of his hair during a concert. This was his first physical appearance on the show, but his first official on-screen appearance is in "Butterfly Effect".

Pre-series History

Years before the beginning of the main series, Mick gave a concert when Luna was in the 7th grade. She assisted to the concert, which also was her first concert, and witnessed Mick on stage singing and calling out to her. She took the stage with him, and suddenly found that the world of rock was where she was meant to be. Since then, she has seen Mick as a hero in her eyes for giving her the inspiration to rock on.


Although he is a very famous (and possibly rich) rock star, he doesn't appear to be vain or selfish, instead he is a gentle and friendly man. He says that the most important about rock and roll is not being the best, is having fun. He likes to search for young talents, as seen in "House Music."


Mick is a tall man with white skin. He has long brown hair that covers his eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt that has a red circle print on it and a purple jacket, white pants and black shoes.



S1E13A Mick Swagger and transformed Luna

Luna's inspiration to be interested in music.

Mick Swagger is Luna's inspiration for being the rock girl that she came to be. She also looks to him as a hero and idol since she met him during his concert, as seen in "For Bros About to Rock". Luna often listens to his songs and imitates his rock poses as shown in "Making the Case". In "House Music", he and Luna established a good relationship as he gave her some helpful advise of having fun with her family.


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Total episodes: 7

Season 1

Season 2


S1E10B Mick Swagger cameo

Mick's cameo in "Sleuth or Consequences"

  • His name is a reference to the rock singer, songwriter, and actor Mick Jagger, who is also the leader of the band The Rolling Stones.
    • His appearance also bears resemblance to the singer.
  • His rock career has lasted 40 years.
  • According to Luna's Instagram Q&A, his favorite foods are bangers and mash.
    • In "Fed Up", Luna says his favorite dish is shepherd's pie.


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