Hello there, don't be shy, feel free to write on my message wall, I will answer your message as quickly as possible.
Lincoln Proud

The rules here are simple...Edit

You can message me...Edit

  • If you need any kind of help in this wiki.
  • If you have a question (no personal stuff please, this includes my social medias too).
  • If you want to chat with me on Discord or wiki chat.
  • If you want a drawing from me, you can also go here to ask a drawing from me.
  • If you want help doing your own signature for this wiki.
  • If you want to be my friend, there should be a reason why you want to befriend me.

You can't message me...Edit

  • If you're going to annoy me or just post hate comments.
  • If you're intruding in a conversation on my message wall, you must have a good reason to intrude in one of the conversations.
  • If you're trying to change my opinion on a episode, character, fanfiction and so on. You can try to change my opinion, but don't force it!
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