Math Club

The Math Club (also called Eggheads) is a school club at Royal Woods Elementary School. The club first appeared in "Out of the Picture".

It is one of the clubs where Lincoln and Clyde tried to insert themselves into, via photo editing. However, Lincoln abandoned uploading their edited photos, and uploaded Lola's photo instead.


  • The girl with the earrings and cowlick hairstyle looks similar to Lisa's female classmate in Kindergarten from "Making the Grade".
  • One female member looks similar to Polly Pain.
    • She also wears a green sweater that resembles Lisa's
  • One male member looks similar to Bram, from "The Dream Boat".
  • One female member looks similar to Sally Bollywood from Sally Bollywood: Super Detective, and has a dress similar to Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls.
  • The three female members have pearl earrings that look similar to Lola's.
  • One classmate (short orange hair, blue shirt) has braces that look similar to Hattie's.

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