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The Mall Cop Captain is a minor character in The Loud House.


He is the captain of the mall security guards and Bobby's boss.


For Bros About to Rock

His first appearance is in "For Bros About to Rock". He keeps Lincoln and Clyde in custody in the mall jail after they was arrested by an undercover cop for buying scalp tickets for the SMOOCH concert. When Luna appears disguised as her mom to free the boys, the captain believes that she really is Lincoln's mother, until Bobby gives her away, making the captain arrests Luna.

After hearing Luna's flashback about her first concert, the captain is touched, and decides to let the three out and he gives them spare tickets for the concert, but when the kids leave, the incarcerated lady on the scooter flees, and the captain pursues her, and calls Bobby to help him to capture her, but they can't.

Cover Girls

In "Cover Girls", he prevents Leni from entering the Mall, because she was dirty.


The captain is a heavy man with black hair, and a gray mustache. He uses a mall security guard uniform that consists of a blue police cap, white short sleeved shirt, black tie, blue pants with a black belt, and gray shoes. He also has a two-way radio to communicate with other guards.



  • His Polish voice actor also voices Kirby.