This page shows all of Lynn Loud Sr.'s different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
IMG 2320 Various episodes Lynn Sr. wears a green robe.
S1E26B Don't these books sound a little old for Lucy?
Various episodes Lynn Sr. wears light green pajamas with green stripes.

Season One

S1E04B To Lincoln! "A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown-up table, Lynn Sr., like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. He wears a green formal suit jacket and a light green bow tie.
S1E09B Wearing tie
"Ties That Bind" Lynn Sr. is wearing his Easter tie.
S1E14B Dad is stunned "Two Boys and a Baby" While Lincoln tries to convince Rita to let him look after Lily in order to avoid visiting Aunt Ruth's, Lynn Sr. wears a green bathrobe.
S1E17A Dad in band uniform "House Music" When Luna invites Lynn Sr. to join the family band, he rips off his shirt, revealing his old band uniform.
S1E17B Lynn Sr. is sneaking over
"A Novel Idea" Lynn Sr. wears a red bandana with black stripes.
S1E18A Mom and Dad confused "April Fools Rules" He covers himself in bubble wrap and duct tape to protect himself from Luan's pranks.
S1E20A Dad with muffins "Roughin' It" Lynn Sr. wears a pink apron while holding a batch of strawberry muffins.
S1E21A Jogging "The Loudest Yard" When Lynn Sr. and his son are jogging around Royal Woods Mall, he wears a white tank, red and white stripes on his wrist and shorts, and a blue pouch. He wore this outfit again in "Suite and Sour", when he and Rita were in the hotel's gym.
S1E21A Mr. Loud and Lana in crowd When the Loud family goes to Lincoln's football game, Lynn Sr. cosplays as the mascot of the Royal Woods Roosters team.
S1E21B ..and splashes into the water "Raw Deal" When the Loud family goes swimming in the lake at the park, Lynn Sr. wears red swim shorts with Pug dogs in it.
IMG 2513
Lynn Sr. was wearing a beige vest, trousers and black boots during fishing.
Lynn Sr. wearing Rita's clothes "One of the Boys" In the dimension where Lincoln has 10 brothers instead of sisters, Lynn Sr. is wearing Rita's colors.
S1E26A Dad greets Hugh
"Study Muffin" Lynn Sr. wears a bowler hat.
S1E26A Lynn Sr. appears out of nowhere
Later on, he wears a royal guard hat.
S1E26B Dad tries to fix the TV antenna
"Homespun" He wears a red cap, similar to Lana's.

Season Two

S2E01 Loud Parents face reveal
"11 Louds a Leapin'" Lynn Sr. wears a Santa hat.
S2E01 Chow time in five, people
Lynn Sr. wears a white apron over his regular outfit, and he wears it when he cooks the figgy pudding.
S2E04A Lynn Sr. with a fedora hat "Suite and Sour" Lynn Sr. wears a tan fedora with a green-striped band and a large red feather.
S2E04A I'm so sorry Lynn Sr. wears a mint and white bathrobe. He also wears a leather belt with coin dispensers on it.
S2E04A Inflatable float is ruined "Suite and Sour" and "No Such Luck" Lynn Sr. has white sunblock on his nose. He wears blue swim trucks with lime green rims and a pink waistband.
S2E05B What's that glorious smell? "Vantastic Voyage" Lynn Sr. wears the same light green pajamas, except he wears a nightcap of the same color.
S2E05B For shame! Lynn Sr. wears a beaded vest over his normal outfit.
S2E07A The Loud parents are excited "Lock 'N' Loud" Lynn Sr. wears a pale blue button-up shirt, and an orange tie. He also wears black and white tap-dancing shoes.
S2E07A Now they lock the door He wears a navy blue hoody sweater, with a green shirt underneath.
Lynn Sr.'s L baseball cap "No Such Luck" At Lynn's game, he wears a baseball cap with an L on the front.
IMG 2324 He wears his swim trunks from "Suite and Sour", but also has a pair of shield sunglasses.
S2E09B I've been kicking myself if I didn't at least ask
"Party Down" Lynn Sr. wears a red-yellow-blue beanie cap, with a white fan.
S2E09B Parents wearing lampshades
At the second party in the Loud House, Lynn Sr. wears a lampshade on his head.
S2E10A Thank you, Geo
"The Whole Picture" and "Fed Up" He wears the same pink apron, just like in "Roughin' It".
S2E12A Not a bad influence on Lily
"Potty Mouth" Lynn Sr. wears an orange tie with a royal guard on it he likes.
S2E12A Rita and Lynn Sr. waiting
During Lily's interview, Lynn Sr. wears a bland tie he doesn't like.
Lynn Sr.'s royal guard hat "L is for Love" Lynn Sr. wears the same royal guard hat, just like in "Study Muffin".
Young lynn sr
A younger Lynn Sr. wears a white shirt with a lips graphic on it, blue shorts, a black belt, orange wristbands, and an orange headband, white socks, with stripes, and reddish brown shoes.
S2E12B First date On the first date with Rita, Lynn Sr. wears a tuxedo shirt.
S2E16A Someone toss me my checkbook "Fool's Paradise" Lynn Sr. and Rita were wearing and testing the Prank-Me-Not Poncho.
S2E16A Luan places the magazine He and Luan wore brown robber hoods.
S2E16B Lynn Sr. doing the dishes "Job Insecurity" and "Legends" When working at Aloha Comrade as a dishwasher, Lynn Sr. wears a plaid green shirt and an apron.
S2E16B Lynn Sr. as figure skater "Job Insecurity" In Lola's fantasy of him becoming a figure skater, Lynn Sr. wears a light blue jumpsuit, a matching headband, and white ice skates.
S2E16B Lynn Sr. as soccer goalie In Lynn's fantasy of him becoming a soccer goalie, Lynn Sr. wears a red jersey, red pants, white gloves, white shin guards, and white cleats.
S2E16B Lynn Sr. as beat poet In Lucy's fantasy of him becoming a beat poet, Lynn Sr. wears sunglasses, a black beret, a black turtleneck, black pants, and black shoes.
S2E16B Back to work Lynn Sr. wears an apron over his regular clothes, and a chef's hat.
S2E18B Lynn Sr. and Rita lazing on the sofa "Health Kicked" When lazing around the house, Lynn Sr. wears a gray sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, and a pair of white socks.
S2E18B Lisa is showing her parents Tai Chi When practicing Tai Chi, Lynn Sr. is dressed in a traditional, white-colored Tai Chi outfit.
S2E18B Lynn adjusting her helmet When rock climbing, Lynn Sr. wears a yellow helmet, blue elbow pads, dark gray shorts, a white sweatshirt, gray climbing shoes, and a pillow strapped to his back with a yellow rope.
S2E18B Lynn Sr. smashing the guitar Lynn Sr. wears a white sweatshirt, a pair of blue shorts, and white tennis shoes.
S2E18B Not tonight! Lynn Sr. wears his old SMOOCH sweater, black slacks, and black shoes.
IMG 2228 Lynn Sr. wears a dark green bathrobe and slippers. He's also wearing a towel on his head.
S2E18B Parents stuck Lynn Sr. wears a green sweatband, a green tracksuit, and white tennis shoes.
S2E19A You look dandy, and I'm not lion "Future Tense" While gardening, Lynn Sr. wears a teal long sleeved shirt with a dark blue vest.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 6.58.15 PM 3 Lynn Sr. is wearing a yellow traffic vest.
S2E19A Lynn Sr. with a pineapple
Lynn Sr. puts bandages on his hands as a result of feeding an endangered snapping turtle.
S2E22A Linc and Lynn Sr. as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack
"Legends" Lynn Sr. wears an One-Eyed Jack costume while spending time with Lincoln. However, the costume was small for his size.
S2E22A Lincoln and Lynn Sr. as Orange Iguanas When leaving to Orlando, Lynn Sr. shows up in Lincoln's room wearing an Orange Iguanas costume.
S2E22A Diving together After another failed attempt to spend some time together, Lincoln and Lynn Sr. come back home wearing diving suits.
S2E22A Auditioning for the show For their 5-hour submission tape, Lynn Sr. wears an Olmec mask, while Lincoln wears an Olmec head costume.
S2E23B Pregnant Rita "Not a Loud" In the flashback to Lincoln's birth story, Lynn Sr. wears a dark green T-shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes.

Season Three

S3E03A Luna and Lynn Sr
"Roadie to Nowhere" Lynn Sr. wears the Aloha Comrade uniform.
"Fool Me Twice" Lynn Sr. wears a mugger disguise so he and the Louds don’t get pranked by Luan. The disguise involves a green beanie, sunglasses, a black coat, and a white shirt with a black square on it. He also holds a plant in a vase.
S3E06B Parents make it inside
"Pipe Dreams"
S3E06B Parents begin remodeling
S3E06B Lynn Sr. decides to respond to Lola

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