This page shows all Lynn Loud's different attires she has used throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
S1E23A I almost forgot something
Various episodes At times, her sleepwear consists of a tanktop and red shorts.
S1E06A Lynn screaming in horror
Other times, her sleepwear is a longer version of her jersey used as a nightgown. Both sets of sleepwear have socks.
Lynn in Winter Clothes
Lynn wears a red jacket, red pants, a white scarf, gray gloves, and brown shoes.
S1E05A Lunatic Lynn
"Project Loud House", "Space Invader", and "Rita Her Rights" She wears a red, black, and blue Lucha Libre mask, and calls herself "Lunatic Lynn" when she wears it.
S1E05A Lynn skates uncontrollably into the van
"Project Loud House", "Lock 'N' Loud", "Fed Up", "No Place Like Homeschool", and "Rita Her Rights" She wears a helmet with a yellow star on it, and her black roller skates for roller derby.
S1E08A Lincoln has an idea
"Linc or Swim", "Raw Deal", and "No Such Luck" She wears a surfer shirt and red swim trunks.
Lynn Costume 1 "Intern for the Worse", "No Such Luck", and "L is for Love" Lynn wears her baseball outfit in this episode which includes a red t-shirt with a yellow line across the torso, and yellow lines on the sleeves, red shorts, and big red baseball cap with a big white section in the front.

Season One

S1E03B Lori warning her sisters
"No Guts, No Glori" When riding her bike in the house, Lynn wears a colander as a helmet.
S1E04B To Lincoln!
"A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown up table, Lynn, like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. Her outfit consisted of a white top with red sleeves, a locket, and red gloves.
S1E05B Team Tippy giving Lincoln a massage
"In Tents Debate" Like Luna, Luan, Lana, and Lisa, she wears an udder hat to represent their choice of Dairyland for their family vacation, and encourages Lincoln to pick it.
S1E07A actually pretty perfect
"Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings and the pets, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture.
S1E10A Lynn with trophy
"Hand-Me-Downer" She wears a BMX track suit, with elbow pads, knee pads, and a red helmet.
S1E11B Frozen water
"The Green House" When wasting energy by freezing a pool with the freezer to play ice hockey, she wears a hockey jersey, helmet, and skates.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks
Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack when the house is without power.
S1E12B Lynn catches plate
"Chore and Peace" When she was doing the dishes with Luan and Lucy, she was wearing a football helmet.
S1E15A Lynn as Lisa
"Cover Girls" While video chatting with Pop-Pop, she disguises herself as Lisa to cover for her. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings they covered. Lynn had to continue training with her baseball team but couldn't hit the ball due to wearing Lisa's glasses, giving her a visual handicap.
S1E18A I'm not getting pranked this year
"April Fools Rules" Lynn is wearing protective sport attire to protect herself from Luan's pranks.
S1E20A You've gotta lift with your legs
"Roughin' It" She is wearing a red and white headband with red running tights, while also having a pouch.
Lynn in her football uniform
"The Loudest Yard" Disguised as Lincoln, she wore his football uniform which was a red helmet with a yellow line that had the Royal Woods Rooster logo on it, followed by her wearing a red football with the number 1 on it and wearing white pants and white shoes identical to Lincoln's.
S1E21B Girls fishing
"Raw Deal" Lynn was wearing khaki trousers and black boots during fishing.
S1E23A Lincoln enters the bathroom
"One of the Boys" During a flashback, Lynn was wearing red bath gown with a white collar, white handcuffs and white belt. She also had a greenish towel on her head.
Maid Lynn
"A Tattler's Tale" Serving as Lola's maid, Lynn wears an old fashion brown maid dress with a bandana on her head.
S1E24A Lynn about to throw the watermelon
"Funny Business" When working for Luan, Lynn wears black clothes with white markings.
S1E26B Luan, Lisa and Lynn in western wear
"Homespun" In the flashback, when the Loud kids are pretending to be pioneers in the time of the Wild West, Lynn is dressed like a cowboy, wearing a white cowboy shirt, a blue cowboy vest with a sheriff star, a red bandana, blue cowboy pants, with a black belt holding it, white cowboy boots, and a tan cowboy hat with a red band.

Season 2

Lynn belt "11 Louds a Leapin'" Lynn adds a leather belt and black leggings to her outfit while searching for presents with Lucy.
Lynn Dressed as Her Dad
"Suite and Sour" Hoping for their parents to take them to a resort, the kids put on a show, and Lynn dresses as her father.
S2E05B Lynn cooking
"Vantastic Voyage" While she prepares pancakes in the shape of a van, Lynn wears a kitchen apron and a chef hat.
Lynn Kimono "Lock 'N' Loud" Lynn is wearing white karate gi, white trousers and white belt.
Lynn The Whole Picture Costume
"The Whole Picture" She's wearing a red and white striped sweat headband, and a blue wrestling suit with a white belt while doing her lunges.
"No Such Luck" She wears a red outfit and baseball helmet.
S2E11A The Strong Suit
"Pulp Friction" She cosplays as "Strong Suit" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy.
Lynn Room with a Feud Costume 1
"Room with a Feud" Lynn wears a rugby outfit, which consists of a yellow helmet, and a red t-shirt, with a horizontal yellow stripe.
Lynn Room with a Feud Costume 2
Lynn wears a hockey outfit which consists a red helmet, a white padded shirt, and red pants.
S2E14B The sisters moved back to their original rooms
Lynn wears a navy back brace over her pajamas.
S2E15B Rita boxing
"Spell It Out" Lynn wears boxing gloves, while punching her punching bag.
S2E16A Lynn in a hammock
"Fool's Paradise" While sleeping in a hammock at a motel, Lynn wears her regular outfit without shoes.
S2E18B Lynn adjusting her helmet
"Health Kicked" Lynn was wearing a red t-shirt with a white stripe, red shorts, grey shoes, and a red helmet.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.36.44 PM 4
"Future Tense" Lynn wears a yellow traffic vest.
Vector nerdy lynn by toaackar-dbo0p41
Lynn was wearing black Mary Jane shoes, white knee high socks, brown cargo shorts, a white long-sleeved collar shirt, with a red sweater vest, and glasses.
S2E19B Lynn comes riding past Vanzilla
"Lynner Takes All" Lynn was wearing a red helmet while chasing Vanzilla on her sick bike.
S2E19B Lynn tears her jersey off
Lynn was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with red number 1 after she destroyed her jersey to express her satisfaction from another victory.
S2E20A Lynn Promo
"Yes Man" Lynn wears a SMOOCH outfit.
Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 8.16.20 AM
"Mall of Duty" From "Room with a Feud", Lynn wears her rugby uniform.
S2E24 Lynn with a chainsaw
"Tricked!" Lynn wears a movie killer outfit for Halloween.

Season Three

S3E02B Siblings with sweaters
"Insta-gran" Lynn wears a pink sweater that says Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran.
S3E02B Linc fell on the floor
Lynn wears a black and red ninja outfit while trying to retrieve the picture from Pop-Pop's room.
Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 10.21.16 AM
"A Fridge Too Far" Lynn is covered in blue paint.
S3E04B Lana getting dirty
"No Place Like Homeschool" Lynn wears a white and red sports shirt with a 5 on it and red shorts as pajamas.
S3E06A Lynn developed Idea
"Net Gains" Lynn wears a red jumpsuit with a white collar and a nametag as her uniform for the Turkey Jerkies basketball team.
"Fool Me Twice" In order to avoid getting pranked by Luan, Lynn wears a green jacket, blue beanie, blonde wig, blue shorts, and sunglasses.

Other Media

"Deuces Wild!" She cosplays as "Strong Suit" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy.

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