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Luna Loud is a main character in The Loud House


Luna is 15 years old, making her the third oldest of the Loud children, while also being the middle child of the older siblings. Her most annoying habit is speaking in a British, or Swedish accent.

Early life

S1E13A End of Luna's story

Luna at her first concert.

Luna's passion for rock music developed when she was in the 7th grade. She was still trying to find her own calling at the time. She went to her first concert, and witnessed the lead performer, Mick Swagger, on stage singing, and calling out to her. She took the stage with Mick, and suddenly found that the world of rock was where she was meant to be. Since that day, she has viewed Mick as a hero, because he gave her the inspiration to rock on.


Luna is a wild, caring, and joyful girl. She's considered the loudest sibling of the entire family. What she likes most is singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family. Along with Leni she is one of the most caring and helpful siblings.

After her first concert, she developed an interest in rock music. She is a big fan of several rock groups and her dream is to become a rockstar. She owns and plays an electric guitar, with which she has proved to be a very good guitarist. Her skills aren't limited to just the guitar though. She also plays the drums as well as other instruments as seen throughout the series, like a violin in "Overnight Success". She tends to speak in a British accent when she listens to music; something that her siblings consider to be an annoying habit.

Most of the time, she can be found practicing with her guitar, or listening to rock music. She rarely gets angry, but she will get upset if someone turns off her music, and in some cases, she will get agitated by her siblings. She gets depressed when her family isn't with her, or when she upsets her siblings. This was most prominently seen in "House Music".

Nick Description

"Luna Loud loves music so much, she speaks in song lyrics! With a boisterous, free-spirited attitude, she is always ready to crank up the volume and rock out. Luna enjoys helping her siblings when they're in need, but she definitely puts the LOUD in Loud House!"


Luna has short brown hair styled into a pixie cut. She also has freckles on her cheeks, and wears light purple eye shadow.

Her original design showed her with a black shirt, red skirt, and white boots, before her color scheme was transitioned to purple. In her final attire, she wears a purple t-shirt with a skull on it, a plaid purple skirt, a grey belt, and high purple boots. A distinguishing feature of hers is her paperclip earrings. She also wears three black bracelets on each of her wrists.

Her nightwear consists of a purple t-shirt with a skull on it and matching slippers. For swimwear, she wears her signature shirt with matching bikini bottoms. Alternatively, she also wears a purple Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

In "For Bros About to Rock", she revealed that she had a completely different wardrobe before becoming a rocker. Originally she had longer hair that went down to her shoulders, extra eyelashes, a girlish light purple shirt, white earrings, the same square-patterned skirt, black Mary Jane shoes, and white socks worn high.


S1E17A Luna strums

Luna playing a note on her guitar.

Her guitar has a purple color scheme, similar to Luna's wardrobe, and it also comes with a purple guitar pic. As seen in "No Guts, No Glori", she can plug it into numerous amps.

Her guitar seems to be a hybrid of a Gibson Firebird, or Epiphone Explorer (with their iconic slanted body), and a Gibson V-Factor (with its iconic inward indent) resulting in a slanted 'X' body.

Alternate Versions and Alter-egos

Luke Loud

Main article: Luke Loud
S1E23A Luke jamming

Luna as Luke.

In the alternate dimension of the episode "One of the Boys" where Lincoln has brothers, instead of sisters, Luna is a boy named Luke Loud. Like his female counterpart, Luke is an aspiring rocker; however, he is shown to be rude, and abrasive toward Lincoln, which completely contradicts how Luna is very caring towards Lincoln, as he uses his head for cleaning the toilet. It is also mentioned that he flushed Bun-Bun down the toilet.

Luke eventually ceases to exist when the whole adventure was revealed to be a dream, and Lincoln wakes up from it at the end of the episode.

Night Clubs

S2E11B Cards The Night Club Cropped

Luna interpreting Night Clubs.

In the minicomic Deuces Wild!, Luna interprets the superheroine called Night Clubs, who is also one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. She uses an electric guitar with which she can produce powerful shock waves, and a jetpack to fly. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy (played by Lincoln) alongside the rest of Savvy's deck (played by the rest of her sisters) to help him and One-Eyed Jack (played by Clyde) to defeat the gas monster. After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster.

Night Club made another appearance in "Pulp Friction", in the comic Lincoln was writing for the Ace Savvy contest. In that appearance, she used her loud music to knock back the thugs into a hole dug by the Eight of Spades.


Main article: Character appearances

Season 1

Season 2


  • Luna was named after one of two pet Dachshunds Chris Savino once owned.
  • Luna is Chris Savino's favorite character in the show.[2]
  • Luna is the first Loud sister to get an episode centered entirely around her.
  • A running gag in the series is that she has a tendency to quote song titles and lyrics.
  • Luna Loud says to Lincoln in his daydream "You can never go back dude." Which is a reference to the song "You can never go back" By the Foo Fighters.
  • It is revealed in "The Sweet Spot" that Luna sleeps with headphones on while playing loud rock music.
  • Lincoln, Lori and Lana occasionally ask Luna for "a little music" depending on the situation, to which she responds by saying "You got it, man/sis! 1, 2, 3!"
  • In "The Sweet Spot", it is revealed her singing gives Lisa tinnitus.
  • In "Get the Message", Luna censors Lincoln and Lori's swearing with her rocking solos.
    S1E01B Lincoln rants; Luna rocks out

    Luna censors Lincoln's swearing.

  • Luna is the sister most frequently seen carrying Lily when all the Loud siblings are together or on the move, along with Lincoln, Lori and Leni.
  • She often calls her sisters and Lincoln "dude" or sometimes "bro" to the latter.
  • Her hair is the darkest shade of brown of the brunette sisters.
  • Luna is one of four main characters to have freckles. The other three being Lincoln, Lynn, and Clyde.
  • She is one of four Loud sisters to wear earrings (in her case, paperclip). The other three being Lori, Leni, and Lola.
  • She is one of two sisters to wear eye shadow (in her case, purple). The other one being Lori.
  • She is the only Loud sister to wear boots.
  • Luna, along with Lynn, has more than one trophy according to "Making the Case".
  • Luna is the loudest of the Loud siblings.
  • She is the only Loud sister with revealed origin story.
  • Her name is the Spanish word for "moon".
  • Her amplifier, Sterrett, is named after comic strip artist Cliff Sterrett, the same comic strip artist Cliff is named after.
  • In "For Bros About to Rock", it is revealed that Luna insists on going to her siblings' first concerts, trying to make it a good experience for them, only for her to ruin it. Lincoln's first concert was her first success.
  • Luna's ideal superpower is to be able to play superpower chords.
  • Her Polish name is Harmonia, with the nickname "Harma."
    • This name is derived from the word "harmony".
  • Though not necessarily a tomboy, because of her punkish attire, she is probably the fourth most masculine and tomboyish Loud sister after Lana, Lynn and Lisa, but she does display some feminine characteristics, such as wearing a skirt, sensitivity and a kind, maternal demeanor (which is something she shares with Leni).
  • Luna, along with Lynn, are the only siblings to have a logo on their shirts (in her case, a skull).
    • Luna having a skull, while Lynn has a large Number one.
  • Luna is strong enough to carry Lynn, as seen in "Linc or Swim".
  • Luna's Swedish dubber, Mikaela Ardai Jennefors, also voices Leni.
  • Luna's Polish dubber, Agnieszka Mrozińska-Jaszczuk, also voiced Liam in the episode "Making the Grade".
  • Luna's Russian dubber, Natalia Frankova, also voices Luan and Lynn.
  • In the Latin American dub of the episode "Dance, Dance Resolution", Luna is voiced by a different voice actress.
  • Luna has many guitars, but the purple one is most likely her favorite.
  • Luna is one of three siblings who caused a blackout. She caused one in "A Tattler's Tale", while the other two are Lincoln in "Left in the Dark" and Leni in "Overnight Success".
  • According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation Podcast, Luna's favorite movies are School of Rock and This Is Spinal Tap.
  • As seen in "Making the Case", Luna appears to be somewhat flexible, as she can easily go into a drop split.
  • According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram:
    • 3 best words she could use to describe herself are "Rock and Roll"
    • Her secret that anyone doesn't know is that she sometimes rock out to elevator music.
    • If she could go any where in the world, it would be Top of the Charts.
    • His biggest pet peeve are people who lip sync os stage.
    • Lincoln likes some of her mix-tapes.



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