S1E05A Lucy scares Lincoln

A running gag in this series has Lucy Loud startling someone, or some people, with her presence whenever a crow caws or an organ pipe plays offscreen. This is a list of each time she does so, sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.



  • She appears further down the hallway while Lincoln is running to the bathroom and asks him if he's ready to hear her poem.

Season 1

Left in the Dark

  • The first time, she scares Lincoln when she's sitting on the sofa when he believes he has preoccupied all his sisters so he can watch his show.
  • The second time, she scares him when she's right behind him in the dark when he does a headcount.
  • The third time, she scares all her siblings at the very end.

Get the Message

  • She scares Lincoln inside the vents as he tries to sneak into Lori's room.

Driving Miss Hazy

  • First, she scares LincolnLori, and Lisa by appearing right behind them to present to Lori her poem dedicated to Bobby as thanks to Lori for driving her to the cemetery.
  • Then she scares Lincoln and Leni when she wants to help them with the driving lessons because she can't write any more Bobby poems.

Project Loud House

  • She appears right behind Lincoln to greet him a good morning and asks for a word that rhymes with "choose".
  • She appears twice in the hallway when Lincoln is skating down it; the second time, before she can ask for a word that rhymes with "blame", he gives her some suggestions without being startled.
  • She is right behind Lincoln and starts reading her poem called "Failure" to him.
  • She appears next to him outside his room after he changes shoes after stepping in Lily's dirty diaper and continues reciting her poem.
  • She appears behind him to continue her poem until he tells her to stop and go to the car.

Sound of Silence

  • She appears in Lincoln's room to tell him about a dream she had the previous night.

Undie Pressure

  • She pops her head out of the fireplace and scares Luna, telling her to keep it down while she's working on her poetry.
  • She startles all her siblings when she blames Leni for easily losing; this eliminates her from the bet.

Linc or Swim

  • She appears in the pool floating to see if she's a witch, which startles Lincoln.

Changing the Baby

  • She scares Lisa during everyone fighting over who gets Lily; however, this happens off-screen.

Sleuth or Consequences

  • She sneaks up behind Lincoln in his room twice; the first time is to join him in his quest to find out who clogged the toilet, and the second time is to thank him for taking the rap for her.

Butterfly Effect

  • She reveals to be on the sofa watching the news report about what happened to the rest of her sisters before revealing she had become a vampire.

Along Came a Sister

  • She sneaks up behind and scares the exterminator to throw him off his trail by saying Frank ran into the bathroom.

Chore and Peace

  • She closes the fridge door behind Lincoln to tell him that she washes the dishes with Luan and Lynn.

For Bros About to Rock

  • She, along with all her other sisters sans Luna, appear outside of Lincoln's room to warn him not to let Luna find out about the SMOOCH concert.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

  • She pops up towards Lincoln when he finds the second clue to the money.

Out on a Limo

  • She, along with all her other sisters, appears not only right behind the front door but also right behind Lincoln outside to scold him for ditching them and not taking them to Burpin' Burger.

Raw Deal

  • She appears next to most of her siblings to inform them that Luan's fortune had come true.

Dance, Dance Resolution

  • She, along with all her other sisters, confronts Lincoln when he gets home to find out if Ronnie Anne asked him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance.

A Fair to Remember

  • She pops up next to Lincoln, Bobby, and Clyde and startles them when presenting Lori's thank you gift to Clyde for going with her to the fair.

One Flu Over the Loud House

  • She slams open the door to the Loud parents' room after Lincoln tries to use Lisa's chicken soup blaster to give Rita some soup. Lincoln is especially scared because Lucy was supposedly infected.

Study Muffin

  • She appears out of the darkness in the attic and startles Lincoln and Hugh to recite her poem dedicated to the latter.


  • In a flashback, she startles Bobby while he is in the bathroom by popping up in the hole in the floor.

Season 2

Baby Steps

  • She pops up in front of Lincoln in the kitchen to ask about a word that rhymes with tomb.
  • She startles Clyde from the air vent to ask him about meeting a soulmate.
  • She appears behind Clyde in Lincoln's room to ask him where the latter is.

Suite and Sour

  • When Lincoln was looking for a ghost, Lucy pops up in front of him to ask him what he's doing.

Back in Black

  • She pops up behind Lincoln while he's working on his model of the solar system.
  • She startles Rocky right after he finds her container of fake blood in the refrigerator.
  • Lucy herself is startled when she finds Rocky standing beside her right after she closes the refrigerator.
  • Both Lucy and Rocky spook Lincoln and Rusty when they're bringing their project to school.

L is for Love

  • She appears next to Silas on the stone wall in the cemetery to see if he's the one who sent the first love letter, causing him to fall off.

Out of the Picture

  • Lucy and then Haiku spook Lincoln and Clyde when they try to sneak into the Morticians Club group photo.

Spell It Out

  • She scared her siblings when they paint the bathroom pink.
  • She scared her siblings in the bathroom again, only when they're brushing their teeth, and their voices didn't make screaming sounds.

Read Aloud

  • She scares Lola from behind her to get her to read her vampire romance novel for the contest.

Season 3

No Place Like Homeschool

  • She scares Lincoln at the beginning while waiting in line to use the bathroom.

Fandom Pains

  • She herself got startled by Lori and Leni.

Head Poet's Anxiety

  • She pops up at Luan numerous times to get advice for her theater performance.

The Mad Scientist

  • She scared Lisa to ask her about checking her pulse.


Listen Out Loud

  • In Lola's Podcast, Lucy scares Lynn and Lana, and she says that she moves around the universe by popping up someplace.