Loud Lines, Who Said It? is an online game based on The Loud House. It was released on April 20, 2017.


The game is an online quiz. Here, a line from an episode will appear on-screen, and two characters will appear under it. The player must choose which character said that quote in the show before. After finishing the quiz, the player will see if they know a lot about the dialogue or if they need to re-watch some episodes to memorize them.

When a character is selected, a check mark will appear over it and the answers will be highlighted. The incorrect answer will be highlighted red, and the correct answer will be highlighted green.


"Hubba hubba."

"Peanut butter, peanut butter, where's the peanut butter?"

"Two words: shark attacks."

"I just won the Noble Prize for inventing a car that runs on apple juice."

"Has anyone seen my phone? I need to live tweet my show."

  • Lori (Right Answer)
  • Leni

"What did one plate say to the other? Lunch is on me!"

"I know poop when I see it, and that's definitely some poop."

  • Lana (Right Answer)
  • Lily

"Hey, hook me up with some pudding."

  • Luna (Right Answer)
  • Lincoln

"I only know how to give 110%."

  • Lynn (Right Answer)
  • Lisa

"You poor, fragile Homo Sapiens."


  • Lily (Right Answer)
  • Leni

"Eyes forward, chin up, tushie clenched!"

  • Lori
  • Lola (Right Answer)


You need to study up!

0 to 6/12

Close, but you have some more studying to do! We recommend a ketchup sandwich while watching 2-3 episodes of The Loud House a day.

You know your Loud Lines!

7 to 12/12

You know the Louds so well, you could audition for the family! Maybe you could be another sibling...or pet.


  • The bad results screen shows Lincoln studying from "Study Muffin", and the good results screen shows the kids reminiscing the first time Bobby came to the house in "Homespun" (Lori is shown remembering that time while her siblings laugh).
  • This quiz game is a lot like Test Your Loud House Know-how, where the objective is to answer a certain part of the show. In this case, it's guessing who said the following lines before, while the other is general knowledge.