S1E14A Wrath of Lola

This is a comprehensive list of Lola Loud's mean moments sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.



  • She threatens Lincoln into playing fashion photographer with her, or else she'll tell Mom that he was reading comics in his underwear on the roof again.

Slice of Life

  • She fights with her siblings for the last slice of pizza.

Season 1

Get the Message

  • She, along with Lana, practices hall monitor duties in the hallway in their house, writes up anyone who disobeys the rules, and sends the biggest offenders to jail, one being Luan for telling bad jokes.

Heavy Meddle

  • Her idea for payback against Lincoln's bully who she thought was a boy is to invite him over to their house for a tea party and make him use the chipped cup. She then comments on how her evil nature can scare even herself.

Making the Case

  • She permanently uninvites Lincoln to her birthday party for uploading his embarrassing video.

No Guts, No Glori

  • After being given direct orders not to let anyone into Lori and Leni's room or Lori out of it, she refuses to let Lincoln in and knocks him unconscious and ties him up the same way they tied Lori up.

The Sweet Spot

  • A flashback shows her fighting with Lana when they don't stop staring at each other.
  • She fights with her siblings over the Sweet Spot.

A Tale of Two Tables

  • She fights over a jumprope with Lana and joins her in beating up Lincoln after he cuts it in two when they can't share it.

In Tents Debate

  • When Lincoln says he needs more time to decide on the vacation spot, she prepares to attack him, only for Lori to stop her.
  • She suggests to her teammates that they show Lincoln the negative sides to Dairyland.

Sound of Silence

  • After finding out about Lincoln's earbuds, she comes up with a plan to get back at him for ignoring her and their sisters by having them tell fake stories about what she did to them over minor accidents.
    • The Pudding Incident: She popped Lynn's soccer ball for eating the last pudding.
    • The Tiara Crisis: She gave away all of Leni's stuff for free for breaking her tiara.
    • Sneeze-ageddon: She cooked Lori's phone for not saying "bless you" when she sneezed.
    • The Frog Fiasco: She killed and buried Lana's frog, Seymour, for prematurely croaking and making her ruin her makeup.

Undie Pressure

  • When she's (presumably) the last sister in the bet to take on Lincoln, she shows off her makeup-smeared face in a darkly lit atmosphere with empty pupils and a sinister grin, all while trying to make Lincoln strip down to his underwear.

Ties That Bind

  • When her dad suggests getting rid of the "pink one", she vows that he will pay for his decision.
  • When Lincoln says that he'd turn his sisters' rooms into arcades and his things, Lola says "It was nice knowin' ya!", presumably meaning that she'd let Lincoln leave.

Sleuth or Consequences

  • Laughing at Lincoln for his make shift Ace Savvy costume.
  • Accusing him of clogging the toilet without any proof, and constantly telling on him.
  • Being smug towards Lincoln about the Princess Pony reveal, and relishing in his misery.

Butterfly Effect

  • She, along with Lynn, turns to a life of crime after her face gets mutilated.

Chore and Peace

  • She chases Lincoln around the house to get back at him for making her dress in garbage and lose the title of Miss Cute and Mean.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House

  • Lola and the other sisters were fighting with Lincoln over a quarter he found under the couch.
  • Lola blames Lincoln for getting everyone in trouble, and makes him volunteer to clean the attic's back area.
  • Later, Lola and the other sisters kicked Lincoln out of their rooms, while searching for the money.

Toads and Tiaras

  • An image of a demonic Lola with hell fire, and a cultist choir chanting is shown when Lana reminds Lincoln of what Lola's capable of should she find out if someone posed as her.
  • She finds out about Lincoln's plan to dress Lana up as her, and enter her in the Miss Prim and Perfect pageant and angrily prepares to assault him for putting her pageant career on the line.

Attention Deficit

  • She swipes Lisa's fork while she's eating dinner.

April Fools Rules

  • When the girls need to get more food and suggest drawing straws to see who would have to go out and suffer Luan's pranks and Leni concedes at being a terrible artist, Lucy tries to correct her, but Lola silences Lucy and wishes Leni good luck.

Cereal Offender

  • She, along with the rest of the sisters, demands a treat like Lincoln and tries to keep his cereal away from him.

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

  • In a flashback to when her dad told her a bedtime story, she woke up and demanded more stories.

Roughin' It

  • She wanted to kill Lucy because she ruined her dress.

The Loudest Yard

  • She agrees to help Lincoln get out of playing Football by running over his foot with her car and immediately beats him up for making her crash when he changes his mind at the last second.

One of the Boys

  • Lexx took Lincoln's watch and then he ran.

A Tattler's Tale

  • When she isn't allowed to join their secrets club, she eavesdrops on their conversation and uses their secrets against them by threatening to tell them to their parents if they don't comply with her demands.

Snow Bored

  • She threatens Patchy Drizzle after he seemingly skips saying that Royal Woods is not getting a snow day.
  • When Lisa tells her siblings that she'll try and get them to go to school, Lola angrily yells at her.

One Flu Over the Loud House

  • When sick Lana drinks from the juice carton, she tells on her. Lana sneezes on her, and she tells on that, only before becoming a zombie.

Study Muffin

  • She, along with her other sisters, flirt with Hugh and tries to get his attention when Lincoln needs him for his study sessions.

Season 2

Brawl in the Family

  • She makes Lincoln pay for new shocks for her Princess car for being the reason that Luna and Luan were fighting, making sister fight protocol is even worse.
  • She was bickering and fighting with her sisters.

Back in Black

  • She blamed Leni for taking her perfume.

Making the Grade

  • She and Lori kicked Lincoln out of Vanzilla after Lisa puts the blame on Lincoln for getting her out of the geology game when Lincoln changed Lisa from being smart to average, and the same reason goes when she and Lori did get mad at Lincoln for making them lose the chance of winning free passes to the Royal Woods Day Spa, when Lincoln has done absolutely nothing to them.

Vantastic Voyage

  • She refuses to help the rest of the siblings when they have to push Vanzilla both times and instead practices her pageant waves.
  • When Lincoln tries to tell her and Lana they don't need to sing their song as their Dad has decided to buy a van, she tells Lincoln they had been practicing for four hours and orders him to sit down.

Cheater by the Dozen

  • When Lisa points out that they have no evidence that Bobby is cheating on Lori, Lola suggests they should plant some.

No Such Luck

  • She banned Lincoln from coming to her pageant thanks to his "bad luck" and also sprays him with her hairspray.
  • She pushes Lincoln's head back outside and tells him that he cannot come to the beach.
  • She told Lincoln to put the squirrel mascot head back on before their family gets stung by a jellyfish.

Kick the Bucket List

  • She, along with Lana, beat up Clyde after he accidentally wrecked their sandcastle.

Fed Up

  • After Lincoln explains to her that he tries to use a coin to hypnotize himself to taste a different food, Lola attempts to steal the coin away from him to do the same.
  • She tells Lynn that her brain's been blended for suggesting protein shakes, which she dubs barf.
  • When Lynn accidentally knocks the smoke alarm off the wall, it destroys Lola's cake, prompting her to attack Lynn and Luna.
  • She does not intend to keep her promise to never complain about her father's cooking ever again.

Pets Peeved

  • When Lana showed her siblings that she found Watterson, Lola mistook him for earmuffs and yelled "GIMME!" to Lana.
  • She and her siblings fight over who Watterson is sleeping with.

Potty Mouth

  • When Lana re-enacts the moment she said the "D" word in front of Lily, Lola smugly tells her twin that she has to do it again because of Lily getting distracted by Cliff.
    • Later, when it's Lola's turn, Lily pays attention to Charles instead, and Lana returns the favor as revenge.

L is for Love

  • When Luna says that she bailed on Sam, Lola angrily orders her to avoid quitting, and says that even the blondes would kill to stay in the game.

Room with a Feud

  • Lana stole the hair from Lola's doll, making her angry.
    • Later, she and Lana fight, which is stopped by Lori.
  • She helps Lori manipulate Bobby into wearing a shirt that Lori gave him.
    • She also agreed to let Lori help her confront a pageant judge that gave her a low score.

Fool's Paradise

  • When the family gets a key for Room 1A, Lola grabs it, insisting "Princesses first!", but she ends up going into a broom cupboard disguised as Room 1A, and gets skunked as a result.

Job Insecurity

  • She, along with Lana, tried to grab Leni's breakfast sandwich, but got stopped by Lori.
  • She yells out horrific words on the phone with Sergei to get her dad fired from washing dishes.

Garage Banned

  • Lola asks Lori to brush her hair. When she pulls it unintentionally, Lola yells "NOT LIKE A GORILLA!".
  • When Bobby is calling Lori on her phone, Lola answers saying "She'll call you back, Boo-Boo Bear" and hangs up, then she prevents Lori from answering her phone after Bobby calls again, but fails.
  • After Lisa causes Lola to go bald, Lola grabs Lisa's collar in anger.

Health Kicked

  • Lola blamed Lincoln for their parents forcing them to do exercises.

Future Tense

  • When the person slammed the door on her and Leni, Lola shouts "I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!"

No Laughing Matter

  • She, along with the other siblings, complained about Luan's comedy. She also called the latter's jokes obnoxious.
  • She reveals that she reads Luan's diary.

Mall of Duty

  • When Lincoln is watching Rip Hardcore's survival show and tells her about what he does, Lola threatens him to put her show back.
  • When Lincoln tries to entertain his sisters with a game of 20 Questions, Lola's response to the question "Dead or alive?" is, "Alive...for now, but he's pushing his luck!"
  • After Lincoln finds her inside a princess palace, Lola orders other kids (who are her minions) to send him to the dungeon.
  • Lincoln tells Lola that there's another queen outside who is more powerful than her. Lola goes outside to have her head, but gets mad when she discovers that Lincoln lied, but is impressed that Lincoln managed to fool her so easily.

Read Aloud

  • She refuses to participate in the Reading Challenge with her family.
  • In Lincoln's flashback, Lola is seen fighting with Charles over a slice of pizza.
  • When Lincoln has her cornered in the library, Lola starts attacking him.

The Crying Dame

  • When the kids become annoyed with Fenton, Lola says "You guys, I hate to say it, but we have no choice. THE FOX MUST GO!" before adding with an evil smile, "Actually, I didn't hate saying that."


  • When Lori passes on Lynn Sr.'s instructions for Lola to finish her homework, Lola's response comes in the form of three raging flame emojis.

Season 3


  • Lola insists on breaking up Pop-Pop and Myrtle as a solution to get Myrtle to stop smothering the siblings.

Head Poet's Anxiety

  • Lola shows her siblings how to properly roast someone by telling Lucy that she's more moved by Lynn's farts than her poetry, she smells weird, her hair is wrong, and would not recommend her to her friends.