Lincoln Vlogs Q&A About Family, Pets & More! The Loud House Nick02:35

Lincoln Vlogs Q&A About Family, Pets & More! The Loud House Nick

Lincoln Vlogs is a web video where Lincoln Loud answers questions from the fans of The Loud House.

Questions and Answers

Question #1

  • Q: What do you think you and your sisters will do when you grow up?
  • A: I can't speak for my sisters, but I'm going to move into a place with my own bathroom.

Question #2

  • Q: Do you have any hidden talents? What are they?
  • A: Removing my underwear without my hands.

Question #3

  • Q: What's your favorite TV show?
  • A: ARGGH!

Question #4

  • Q: What's your favorite color?
  • A: It's orange, as you can see. [Bell rings as Lincoln smiles awkwardly and arrows point to his arms]

Question #5

  • Q: Why did you name your dog Charles?
  • A: He's named after a great cartoonist. In fact, all four of our pets are.

Question #6

  • Q: How did you get Charles?
  • A: Same way we got all our pets, Lana found him and cried 'til we got to keep him.

Question #7

  • Q: What's the spookiest thing Lucy has ever done?
  • A: [clip of Lucy kissing her fictional crush "Edwin" from "Making the Case"]

Question #8

  • Q: What's the strangest food you've eaten?
  • A: Couch Bagel!

Question #9

  • Q: Describe a recurring dream?
  • A: Ha! You think I can sleep in this house? It's a good thing there's a lot to keep me busy.

Question #10

  • Q: What are your favorite hobbies?
  • A: Playing video games, watching ARGGH!, reading comics in my underwear, Clyde keeps trying to get me into baking, but that's a no-go.

Question #11

  • Q: What nicknames do you have?
  • A: L-Train, Linky, Loudie, and Stinkin' Lincoln, but I'm really trying to get rid of that last one.

Question #12

  • Q: What's your favorite Luan pun or joke?
  • A: You don't want to egg her on. Uh-oh, did she hear that? Now she's going to throw an egg at me. I'd better scramble! Oh no, now I'm doing it!


  • Some of the answers to the questions have been featured in some episodes.