This page describes all of Lily Loud's relationships with her family and friends.


Her siblings


S2E25A Lily dancing with the toy

Lily's siblings are happy for her playing with the toy.

Since Lily's the baby of the family (literally and figuratively), her siblings tend to her every need, and take the best care of her. She is always happy to be around them, and is able to tell when something is happening, like in "Cover Girls", she knew to cry at the right time to distract their parents before they noticed Lincoln missed his curfew.

Sometimes, things happen to her, or it appears that something has, due to their conflicts and antics, they would then put Lily first in solving the problems they caused, as shown in "Chore and Peace", when Lily going missing in the mess.

In "Changing the Baby", her siblings try to implement their interests on her, because they had nobody that shares their likes.

In "Potty Mouth", her siblings become worried about being a bad influence on her when they hear her say something that sounds like a swear word, and try changing their behavior so Lily has something better and more positive to imitate. At the end of the episode, when Lily curses, all her family were in shock.

In "The Crying Dame", her siblings give Lily a demon toy in order to stop her crying, but it soon drives them crazy, but when they get rid of it, they dance for Lily to make her feel better again.

Out of all her siblings, Lily is closest to Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, and Lucy.


S2E03A Lincoln being a good bro

Lincoln caring for Lily.

She and Lincoln really love each other. Lincoln is one of the siblings who often carries Lily, changes her diapers, and burps her. He's very protective towards her, as he is usually the quickest to save her if she is falling, for instance, he was the one searching for her the most when she went missing and saved her from Lisa's seemingly dangerous experiment.

In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln spent his day with his sister Lily who was shown to enjoy doing so, though instead of becoming like Lincoln she instead chose to keep a hold of her blanket.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", he babysat her and learned it isn't as easy as he thought it would be. She and Lincoln are the two Loud kids who find clothes uncomfortable, which they can relate best through this.

In "Baby Steps", he takes care of her after she hurts her thumb and gives her a cookie when she heard Clyde mentioned it.

In "Room with a Feud", Lily and Lincoln become roommates, but the latter is unable to get any sleep due to the former's noise and poo from her diaper.

In "Potty Mouth", Lincoln accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Mall of Duty", Lincoln saves Lily from a train that was going to crash.

In "White Hare", Lily tells Lincoln that he is "Yincoln Youd".


S2E14B Lori and Lily texting

Lori and Lily texting together.

She and Lori have a good relationship, and likely due to their large age difference (at sixteen years), Lori tends to act more like a motherly figure to her youngest sibling.

In "Cover Girls", Lily dresses up as Lori at once point.

In "Potty Mouth", Lori accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Room with a Feud", Lori steps on Lily's phone by accident which causes the latter to post embarrassing images of the former on the Internet.

In "The Crying Dame", Lori gave Lily her old toy to cheer her up.

In "Snow Way Out", when the Loud siblings were snowed in the Burpin' Burger, Lori was the one who held Lily and kept her warm when the power went out.

In "Selfie Improvement", Lily asked Lori to change her diaper. When Lori refused, Lily got angry and threw her diaper at her.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lori reads Lily a bedtime story.


Leni playing with Lily

Leni playing with Lily.

She and Leni have a good relationship, and after Luna and Lincoln, Leni seems to spend the most time with Lily.

In "Changing the Baby," Leni tries to implement her interests on Lily, because she had nobody that shares her likes.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House," Leni prevents Lincoln from firing chicken soup at Lily, who was sick.

In "Back in Black", Leni plays with Lily.

In "Potty Mouth", Leni accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Spell It Out", Leni was seen holding Lily in the photo.

In "The Crying Dame", Leni tries to cheer up Lily when she is sad.

In "Anti-Social", Leni was holding Lily, but when they try to take their dad's phone away, they fall on the floor, and Lily sits on Leni's butt.


S2E06B Don't look Lily

Luna covering Lily's eyes.

Luna has a cute relationship with her baby sister. Lily seems to enjoy being with her. As shown in most episodes, Luna seems to spend the most time with Lily, and is the one who usually carries her when they and the rest of their siblings are on the move.

In "Changing the Baby", Luna tries to teach Lily how to play drums while performing a stage dive.

In "Potty Mouth", Luna accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "The Crying Dame", Luna carries Lily from bed in the morning.


S1E16B Peekaboo!

Luan playing Peekaboo with Lily.

She and Luan have a good relationship.

Luan likes making Lily laugh and feel happy, although Lily doesn't seem to find a lot of Luan's jokes and puns to be that funny.

Luan plays with her while wearing her Groucho glasses in "Picture Perfect".

In "Ties That Bind", Luan dresses up like a mime, to entertain Lily.

In "Changing the Baby", Luan dresses Lily up as her ventriloquist dummy, Mr. Coconuts.

In "Out on a Limo", Luan plays Peekaboo with her by messing with the partition window in the limo.

As demonstrated in "Homespun," Luan understands Lily's babbling and can easily translate it to English.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Lily make raspberry sounds after Luan told one of her Christmas-themed puns.

In "Brawl in the Family", Luan reads Lily a story.

In "Potty Mouth", she, along with Lucy, are the only Loud siblings who does not swear in front of Lily.

In "Rita Her Rights", Luan uses Lily as a "sawing someone in half" act.


S2E19B Lynn stacks more than Lily

Lynn and Lily stacking blocks.

She and Lynn have a good relationship.

In "In Tents Debate," Lynn plays with Lily while they discuss their dislike toward Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds.

In "Potty Mouth", Lynn accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Spell It Out," she, Lily, Lana and Lola play canoeing.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lily is stacking blocks, and Lynn turns it into a competition and stacks more blocks higher.


S1E08A Lily laughing

Lucy and Lily having fun in the sun.

She and Lucy have a good relationship.

In "Linc or Swim" Lucy took care of Lily by rubbing her body with sunscreen.

In "Changing the Baby," Lucy tries to make Lily a goth because no one else shares her interest.

In "Potty Mouth", she, along with Luan, are the only Loud siblings who does not swear in front of Lily.


S2E12A Lana accidentally cursed

Lana is shocked that Lily heard her curse.

She and Lana have a good relationship.

In "Changing the Baby", she fights with Lola so Lily can play with Izzy.

In "Potty Mouth", Lana accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "The Crying Dame", Lana drives Lily around. Later, Lana tries to cheer Lily up, by building a fort.

In "Pipe Dreams", Lana carried Lily in the opposite direction downstairs.


S2E14A Lola hugs Lily

Lola hugging Lily.

She and Lola have a good relationship.

In "Changing the Baby," Lola wanted to have a tea party with Lily.

In "Potty Mouth", Lola accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Out of the Picture", Lily takes a picture of Lola on her tablet. Lola finds the perfect picture and she hugs Lily for helping her.


S1E08B Lisa experimenting on Lily

Lisa using Lily in one of her experiments.

Lisa has a good friendship with her, as the both of them share the same room.

In "Changing the Baby" Lisa tries to use Lily on an experiment that appears to be very dangerous.

In "Study Muffin", Lisa reveals she tutors Lily for finger painting.

In "Potty Mouth", Lisa accidentally swears in front of Lily.

Her parents


S1E12B parents arrive with Lily

Rita holding Lily.

Her parents take excellent care of her, and they make sure she doesn't get into any trouble.

In "Chore and Peace", they take her with them to get her out of the garbage caused by the kids' strike.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", it's revealed that her father is the one who usually looks after her while the rest of the family goes to visit Aunt Ruth.

In "Future Tense", she is the only Loud sibling not forced by her parents to do an extracurricular activity due to her being an infant.

In "The Crying Dame", they comfort Lily when she was crying when her siblings were figuring out why. They tell their children that sometimes babies cry for no reason.

Lynn Sr.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", it reveals that Lynn Sr. looks after Lily while the rest of family goes to Aunt Ruth's.

In "The Crying Dame", he and his wife comfort Lily when she was crying.

In "Anti-Social", they build blocks together.


S1E19B Rita handing the blanket to Lily

Rita giving Lily her blanket.

They have a good relationship. Rita protects Lily as shown in "Chore and Peace", when she and her husband take her out of the garbage.

In "Come Sale Away", after Rita washes Lily's blanket, she gives it back to her.

In "Potty Mouth", Rita was worried Lily not getting accepted into the Academy, and when she got approved, Rita was happy.

In "The Crying Dame", she picks up Lily and she and Lynn Sr. comfort her.



S1E08B Clyde Lily hug

Clyde (in a baby costume) cuddling Lily.

Clyde and Lily seem to get along pretty well whenever they interact with each other. Just like Lincoln and his sisters, he can't resist the baby of the family.

In "Changing the Baby", Clyde fears that Lily will replace him as Lincoln's new best friend and tries to win Lincoln back by dressing up as a baby. When he realizes how cute Lily is, Clyde admits that he can't stay mad at her and decides to spend some time with her.

In "Overnight Success", Clyde was playing with Lily for a little while as Leni was shampooing his hair.

In "Two Boys and a Baby", Clyde helps Lincoln babysit Lily, thinking it would be an easy task, only to find out that it's much more difficult than intended. Lily at one point tears off strands of Clyde's hair, while she throws a tantrum.

In "Baby Steps", Lily wants Clyde to read her a story, which the latter contentedly agrees.

Teddy Bear

S2E12B Lily hugs the teddy bear

Lily with her "crush".

Despite being an inanimate object, Lily loves her teddy bear, both in a friendly way and a romantic way. It's justified in that Lily's still just a baby and probably does not have a full understanding of the concept of romance.

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